Dellaデラ」 is the daughter of Zalpa, the man who saved Matrona's life after she was fatally poisoned by the Holy Knight Gannon. She lives with her father, her brother Sol, and Matrona, who she treats like her mother.

Appearance Edit

Della is a small girl with light hair. Similar to her father, she wears a spotted dress.

History Edit

Sometime after Zalpa met and saved Matrona, he had Della with his now-late wife.

She now lives with his father, brother, and Matrona.

Plot Edit

Great Fight Festival arcEdit

After Matrona rescues Diane from the Ten Commandments, she brings her back to Zalpa and his family. Della plays the tambourine while Matrona performs Drole's Dance. She's later seen with her dad as he's catching fish after teasing Diane of her poor performance of Drole's Dance

The next day, when fishing with his sister, Sol and Della are injured by a Blue Demon. Zalpa tries to mend their wounds, but fears they are too great, prompting Matrona and Diane to join the Vaizel Fight Festival in hopes of healing them.

After the festival, Della and Sol are healed by the princess Elizabeth Liones. Matrona devides to move along them and Zalpa to the Fairy King's Forest to protect them from the demons.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

Della is a skilled musician, playing the tambourine for Matrona as she performs Drole's Dance.[1]

References Edit

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