The Demon King arc is the eighteenth arc in the series, lasting from the 307th chapter to the 334th chapter.


With their curses broken, Meliodas and Elizabeth return to Liones along with the Sins but they soon find out that Elizabeth's curse has mysteriously reactivated and Meliodas realizes that the Demon King hasn't been destroyed, by taking Zeldris over as his new vessel to survive. To save his brother, Meliodas rushes to Lake Salisbury to stop his father once and for all, but can he stop him before he loses his younger brother forever?

Fights and EventsEdit


Story ImpactsEdit

  • Gelda is freed from her seal by Meliodas.
  • Elizabeth's curse is reactivated and Meliodas realizes the Demon King isn't destroyed and has taken a new vessel.
  • Cusack is revealed to have killed Chandler so he could use the Commandments to save Zeldris' life, unknowingly allowing the Demon King to possess his second son.
  • Meliodas and Elizabeth go after the Demon King to save Zeldris, while the rest of the Sins later join the fight.
  • Mael gives Escanor back Sunshine in order to help his friends.
  • Diane and King become engaged.
  • Ban re-obtains Courechouse.
  • Meliodas gives up his godly power to destroy the Commandments and his father permanently.
  • Zeldris and Gelda are reunited and head off on their own.
  • Escanor dies after overusing Sunshine and gains a farewell kiss from Merlin, scarring her face.


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