Denzel & Deathpierce vs. Fraudrin is a battle between Denzel Liones and Deathpierce of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky and Fraudrin of the Ten Commandments.


After being defeated by three members of the Pleiades, Fraudrin is taken to their base of operation in Zeldon, where he meets Denzel Liones, captain of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky and king Bartra Liones's younger brother.


At first, it seems that Denzel wishes to interrogate Fraudrin, a thought he mocks with a smile, only for Denzel to simply stab Fraudrin in the shoulder and tell him he expects nothing from him. Fraudrin writhes in pain and Denzel twists the blade, and explains that the sword he's using has been blessed by the Druids. Fraudrin makes some distance between himself and Denzel, breaks his chains, and grabs the sword lodged in his shoulder. Denzel takes out another sword and the two begin close-quarters combat. During a clash, Denzel uses his Dead Man Revenge technique on Fraudrin, which calls forth the souls of all of those who have died by Fraudrin's hands to take their revenge. Fraudrin sees the souls of the Dawn Roar members he killed, and is injured. He retorts that he will simply add Denzel to the souls who will haunt him and tries to use Rakan but there is a lag in the attack and Denzel easily moves out of the way.

Deathpierce then arrives on the scene, and reveals that it was his doing, using his power, Melody. Fraudrin then backs away and tries to break through the wall but is stopped. The entire castle is surrounded by Perfect Cube which Denzel's subordinates are maintaining outside. Fraudrin asks if they are feeling good about themselves, and Deathpierce replies that they are ecstatic, about to defeat one of the legendary Ten Commandments. Fraudrin then tells them that he is actually a surrogate member of the Ten Commandments and the official member is still out there, Gowther of the Seven Deadly Sins or as he was known when he was one of the Ten Commandments, Gowther, The Selflessness.


After Fraudrin reveals that he is a surrogate member of the Ten Commandments, he say that it's time for him to leave, just as Grayroad, disguised as Dogedo, breaks the Perfect Cube surrounding the area, and asks while Fraudrin is there. Now facing two of the Ten Commandments, Denzel ops to let them leave, for fear of Grayroad's commandment. Before leaving, Fraudin makes it clear he could easily kill them. As they are leaving the are confronted by Arden, Deldry, Dogedo, and Waillo. Fraudrin stabs Deldry in the gut as retibution for earlier, and then questions why he's letting any of them live, before deciding to kill all of them. He fires a massive blast that destroys their base, and then he Grayroad fly off to continue their mission.



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