Derieri vs. Nerobasta is a battle between Derieri of the Ten Commandments and Nerobasta, a goddess.


As the Ten Commandments move to take Castle Liones, Denzel arrives, and allows the goddess Nerobasta to use his body as a vessel. Enraged at the sight of a goddess, Derieri says she will kill her alone.


Upon entering Denzel's body, Nerobasta states her name and rank, and ask what mission she has been tasked with. Upon seeing demons, and specifically, Derieri, she becomes enraged that the seal on the Demon Clan has been broken. When Deathpierce explains the situation, she refuses to help and attempts to flee, killing a red and gray demon on her exit with her move Ark. The onlooking Monspeet muses that the usage of light magic is typical of the Goddess Clan and the opposite of the Demon Clan's own darkness.

Derieri takes to the skies and Nerobasta attempts to kill Derieri with her Ark as well, but she negates the attack with her darkness, merely having most of her hair disintegrated. Nerobasta then attempts to behead Derieri, but she uses her darkness to cover her neck, breaking the blade.

Nerobasta, realizing she's outmatched, attempts diplomacy, stating she understands why Derieri might hate her and her people for breaking the treaty and killing demon children, but before she can finish, Derieri bifurcates Denzel's body, killing her.




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