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Derocchio「デロッキオ」 is a member of the Demon Clan and part of the Six Knights of Black.


Derocchio resembles a muscular anthropomorphic lion. He also has facial features identical to that of an Orange Demon.



3,000 years ago

As a member of the Six Knights of Black, Derocchio fought in the ancient Holy War against the Goddess Clan and the other races.

The Six Knights of Black were part of the battle against the four races in the Sky Temple, where an Indura brought destruction. When the victory of the Demon Clan seemed certain, the Great Oshiro appeared and defeated the Indura, allowing the Goddess Clan to seal the Six Knights of Black, the Indura and other Demons within the Egg Rock.


The Seven Deadly Sins: Prisoners of the Sky

After 3,000 years, when the seal of the Egg Rock fall apart, the Six Knights of Black were released from their imprisonment. Derocchio starts to kill the Celestials with fire and ice to collect their souls that were been used by Atollah in the ritual to release the Indura.

Derocchio attack Hawk and Vaness, destroying the statue of the Great Oshiro, causing Vaness to attack him with Ark, without any effect. Derocchio turns her apart with Blaze Storm, and Hawk decides to face him using his Monster Block. After shocking a Sand Crawler Hawk with lightning, he release his Ice Meteo on him and Vaness when trying to escape, but both are saved by Merlin. There, Merlin decides to fight Derocchio and manages to overwhelm his elemental defenses with her Fake Ball and Absolute Cancel, forcing Derocchio to retreat.

While escaping, he cross paths with Galla. After receiving a power boost from her, Derocchio confronts Merlin again, just to be easily surpassed and defeated by Escanor.

His soul along with his companions's are later sacrificed to the Indura by Bellion.

Abilities and Equipment

As a member of the Six Knights of Black, Derocchio is stronger than an average Demon. He have dominion over different elemental magics including fire, ice, wind and lightning.


  • Blaze Storm「ブレイズストーム, Bureizu Sutōmu」: Derocchio catches his opponent inside a miniature twister. [1]
  • Ice Meteo「アイスメテオ, Aisu Meteo」: Derocchio launches a rain of ice shards over his opponent. [2]
  • No Fire炎無効ノーファイアNō Faia; literally meaning "No-effect Flame」: Derocchio creates a barrier that nullifies any fire-based attack.[3]
  • No Freeze氷無効ノーフリーズNō Furīzu; literally meaning "No-effect Ice」: Derocchio creates a barrier that nullifies any ice-based attack.[4]
  • Four Element - Zero Barrier四大元素フォーエレメント無効の盾ゼロバリアFō Eremento Zero Baria; literally meaning "Four Element - No-effect Barrier"」: Derocchio creates a larger barrier that nullifies any fire, ice, earth, or air elemental attack. [5]


  • Staff: Derocchio wields a wooden staff that he employ for the use of his elemental magics.



Prisoners of the Sky

  • Hawk & Vaness vs. Derocchio: Indecisive
  • Merlin & Escanor vs. Derocchio: Lose


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