Diane, King, & Gowther vs. Mod & Ganne is a battle fought between Diane, King and Gowther of the Seven Deadly Sins and Mod and Ganne, the two vampire brothers and royal members of the Vampire Clan.



Diane and King are pushed back by Mod and Ganne who praises their own combination of magical and physical power. Diane worries about what to do since the vampires still have a third ally who doesn't join the fight for some reason. King affirms that even if the two vampires are strong, they are nothing the two of them could not defeat and that the true problem is that both of their strengths are completely sapped. The two Sins think that it is because of the vampires' power, unaware that it is Ban, who is having fun causing them difficulties while drunk.

As the vampires manage to put Diane and King at a disadvantage, Mod gives King a hit of his Black Whirlwind, declaring his desire to drink King's blood while Ganne intends to drink Diane's. However, to the surprise of both vampires, Ganne suddenly crushes Mod with his hand. There, Mod cuts Ganne's head in half without any of them understanding why. The third vampire is revealed as the one responsible and Mod asks about the reason for their betrayal, only to notice that he doesn't actually know who they are. The killer is then revealed as Gowther, who has altered everyone's memories to believe him a vampire and then using Jack to control Mod and Ganne's bodies against their will. As the vampires die, Mod curses Gowther for deceiving them.


Twelve years later, Gowther revealed Ban's little stunt on King and Diane that nearly put them in danger during the mission at Edinburgh, prompting the two to inflict mutual payback on the dismayed immortal.



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