Diane & King vs. Drole & Gloxinia is a battle fought between Diane and King of the Seven Deadly Sins and Drole and Gloxinia of the Ten Commandments.


After trying to become stronger in vain by growing his wings and learning the sacred dance respectively, King and Diane are abducted by Gloxinia, who puts everyone within the Fairy King's Forest under an illusion in order not to be noticed. After regaining their awareness, King and Diane are confronted by their precursors. Confused about how and where they were brought here, King and Diane prepare for the fight against the predecessors of their respective Clans.


King and Diane attacking Gloxinia and Drole

Diane and King attacking their opponents.

The fight begins with King launching into Gloxinia using Form Two of his True Spirit Spear Chastiefol, Guardian. Gloxinia however, complementing his opponent for his efforts, uses his weapon Basquias and strikes Guardian into the next wall with ease, as to which King is confused about the building's stability. Gloxinia then goes into the offense and uses Form Two: Guardian, of his Spirit Spear. Upon hearing his command, Basquias transforms into a giant insect with a sting and starts attacking King, who evades the attack at first and shortly after uses Form Five: Incrase, to counter it, after which he is left extremely exhausted. Gloxinia then comments on King's supposed limit and slashes him from behind, covering himself in Form Five: Yggdra Armor.

Over at Diane's fight with Drole, the latter stays unimpressed at the giantess's continuous attacks, enduring every strike and Diane lands on him and even her technique Crazy Rush, which he eventually evades by dancing. Drole then fights back and beats her into the Ore Tree's wall, despite her using Heavy Metal.

Having defeated their respective opponents, Drole and Gloxinia now talk about King and Diane's flaws and weaknesses, upon which King demands to be killed instead of wasting time. Gloxinia responds the he will indeed do so, but only if they fail to meet their expectations much to the two Sins' confusion.


Gloxinia then uses Form Seven: Moon Rose's Drop of Life to completely restore the injureds' health. Upon King's request to know the meaning of their actions, Gloxinia agrees and they use a spell to let King and Diane experience their respective memories from the time they spent with Meliodas and Elizabeth 3,000 years ago in the Ancient War, manifesting the Commandments' bodies.



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