Diane vs. Helbram is a battle fought between Diane of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Holy Knight, Helbram in Vaizel.


When Meliodas was knocked out by Helbram with the help of Hendrickson, Helbram moves closer to the injured Meliodas until Diane appears and protects Meliodas from Helbram, while wielding her Sacred Treasure, the Warhammer Gideon.


Upon arrival, Diane sees the defeated Meliodas and goes into a deep thought until she grows furious at Helbram for what he has done to Meliodas, and begins swinging her Gideon at Helbram. While this is all occurring, Hendrickson tells Helbram to retreat. After several missed strikes, Diane uses Gideon to crash the area around her to form Mother Catastrophe, to which also forms a giant floating mountain atop of them. Helbram tries to retreat with the help of the flying creature he traveled on, but they are killed along the way by the attack. Helbram, then, wonder if this was the Seven Deadly Sin's true power with their Sacred Treasure as he witnesses Diane's technique Mother Catastrophe, winning the battle.


While Diane went back to her friends with the injured Meliodas, Helbram reveals that he is still alive and holds Meliodas' Broken Sword, which he revealed is the key to unsealing the Demon Clan.



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