Doni「ドニ」 was a Holy Knight of the Kingdom of Edinburgh who was transformed into a vampire along with the entire population of the kingdom by the Vampire Clan. He served as a messenger to subjugate kingdoms under the Vampire King's army.


Doni is a tall young man with short combed hair and a mole beneath his lips. He wears a regal knight uniform with gauntlets and armored mail added with a long hood he wears. After being turned into a vampire, he grows a pair of fangs.


Doni retains an arrogant personality, having believed that he was fast enough to evade Zaratras' attacks and avoid his power of Purge. As a vampire, he is brainwashed to support the Vampire King's agenda of conquering other kingdoms. Upon returning to a human, Doni thanks the Great Holy Knight for freeing him before dying in peace.


Edinburgh's VampiresEdit

Zaratras kills a vampire Holy Knight

Doni killed by Zaratras

After Edinburgh was conquered by the vampires, the entire human population was either massacred or turned into vampires. Doni was sent by the Vampire King to the Kingdom of Liones in order to infiltrate the country and take out King Bartra Liones. Immediately after he converted two Liones Holy Knights into vampires, the Great Holy Knight Zaratras intervenes and returns the two back to normal. Realizing the troublesome nature of Zaratras' Purge power, Doni creates distance and grows confident that his speed is more than enough to evade the human. However, he is quickly defeated with all four of his limbs dismembered, before the Great Holy Knight turns him back to a human. He thanks Zaratras before peacefully passing away.


As a Holy Knight of Edinburgh, Doni is relatively powerful. Upon becoming a vampire, his powers may have increased, including enhanced speed and the ability to cling onto walls as well as turning others into vampires through biting.


Vampires of EdinburghEdit

Zaratras vs. Doni: Lose



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