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Donny「ドニー」 is a member of the Katz Street Troupe.


Donny as a toddler.png
Donny as a kid

Donny is a tall teenager, with long red hair and is a bit burly.

Donny wears a white button-down shirt, which leaves part of his chest uncovered, and black pants with some kind of pockets on the sides, and a pair of light-colored boots.


At first, Donny comes of as a self-loathing coward who cares mainly about himself, showing little to no interest in anything other than getting money for his shows with Katz and Elva, and even being selfish enough to steal from someone he thought was an abandoned child and run away. His better side is shown when he protected Percival from the attack of a wolf monster and even told Percival to run when the monster attacked again, despite being the more injured one and in more mortal danger.

Donny is one of the more caring and compassionate members of the group, as shown when he refused to use his dagger because he didn't want to make anyone bleed. He cares a lot about other people, almost to the point of selflessness, and even when he feels like there's nothing he can do to help those he cares for, he always puts in his best.


Donny used to train as a Holy Knight apprentice under his uncle Howzer alongside his friend Edlin. However, seeing that he lacked the strength to become a Holy Knight, Donny dropped out of training and joined the Katz Street Troupe alongside Katz and Elva.


Percival arc

Donny was without much interest on his part with Katz and Elva, rehearsing their performances. At that they are interrupted by Percival who applauds them for their performances. Donny tells him that he should pay them for the show, to which Elva reproaches him that he only saw them negotiate. Percival tells them that he doesn't know what money is, to which Donny asks him to take it from his bag and then offers to show him his performance by making him float in the air. The group escaped in their wagon with the bag to distract him, leading Elva to reproach Donny for it. When Kaltz wonders who it is, Donny says it must be a lost orphan. However, Percival manages to catch up with them and run past them. Donny returns his bag and Percival tells them that he is looking for his father Ironside who killed his grandfather. After offering to take him to a nearby town, Donny asks if he has anything to add to his show. Percival tries to show them his archery, shooting Donny by accident.

Donny belittles Percival's amazement at his tricks during the journey, saying they are no real power. In that, two villagers ask for help from the Holy Knights for a wolf that attacks their town. Donny rushes to town hoping to get money by getting rid of the wolf until he arrives and discovers that it is a gigantic monster wolf. Donny tries to get them to escape, but seeing Percival jump to save the villagers, Donny goes to save him when the wolf attacks him saying that he felt his inner fire reignite. They all watch in amazement as Percival manages to defeat the wolf with one blow.

After Kaltz treats the wound left by the wolf, Donny joins the town party in honor of Percival. While they drink, Donny is surprised to discover that Percival is the same age. They are suddenly interrupted by a Holy Knight, Pellegarde, who starts a fight with Percival by saying that he knows his father. Despite Elva's refusals, Donny decides to intervene by making Pellegarde levitate so that Percival can escape, but the boy doesn't understand his intentions. Pellegarde unleashes a blast of fire that leaves Donny and Percival at their mercy, but there appears a fox that uses an Incantation Orb to teleport them away.

Upon awakening, Donny notices that they are in Dragon Back-Bone a mountain 30 miles from the town they were in. The fox then lets them know that he saved them, leaving Donny shocked to see a talking fox. The fox then reveals that Percival is one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse, four Holy Knights prophesied to destroy the world, and that he was sent to find them. Percival denies being such a thing and that he only seeks to find his father, to which the fox, named Sin, tells him that he is in Camelot. Donny explains that Camelot is a kingdom that was destroyed during the war against demons 16 years ago, but Sin states that Camelot still exists but that to get there they must first go to Liones. Donny doesn't believe him, but Percival decides to go with Sin and convinces Donny to join them.

Echo Gorge arc

On the way to Liones, the trio decide to stop for a meal, which Percival suggests a competition to see who catches the biggest bird prey. Donny is confused with the personality of the supposed "knight of the apocalypse" and then asks him to give him his bow and arrows. Donny fails to capture any prey with the bow, earning Sin's taunts. In that, a scream after a lost arrow leads them to meet a young giant woman. When some fairies appear talking about a boy who got into the Echo Gorge, Donny tells them that it must be Percival. Fairies explain that Echo Gorge used to be beautiful but now it's hell.

Upon entering the Echo Gorge and being attacked by monstrous animals and plants, Donny tells the fairies that it is the work of a boy named Nasiens, although Dolores denies it. After finding Percival in the company of Nasiens, Donny explains the situation to him. After Naseins revives Echo Gorge and its truth is revealed, a monstrous Ordo appears controlled by a strange fairy. Donny shoots several arrows at the fairy, missing all of them, although a different arrow manages to hit it, revealing that the fairy was a puppet controlled by Talisker.

After Percival defeats Talisker, Nasiens decides to join the group. Donny is reluctant for his attitude and for calling Percival his "guinea pig", but Percival agrees to have him join. Saying they need transportation to get to Liones, Nasiens suggests going to Sistana to get it, starting an argument with Donny.

Sistana arc

When the group stops to eat, Donny uses his magic to catch a fish. After enjoying the food that Percival cooks for them and having some roses with Nasiens, they discussing the events that Percival, Donny and Sin went through before meeting Nasiens,Donny berates Sin for not having used his only Incantation Orb to take them to Liones.

Upon reaching Sistana, a mini golem leads them to find a piece of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness buried. Hearing Nasiens and Sin saying that it is an ancient relic, Donny is excited to be able to sell it. A girl suddenly arrive and warns them to leave it and to kill them if they intend to give it to "that man".

Although Donny tries to explain that they happened to find it, Anghalhad pulls out his rapier and attacks him, managing to dodge and knock him down quickly. She then demands that Percival give her the piece and to her surprise, the boy kindly gives it to her. A maid appears telling Anghalhad that she must return for the dance that is about to begin. Anghalhad rushes to return the Coffin's piece to Percival demanding that he hide it and not let anyone see it, especially Ironside. She then leaves with her maid.

At night, the four of them stay at an inn. Nasiens explains to them that the girl is the daughter of the Lord of Sistana and Donny wonders what problem he has with them and the Coffin's piece. They then spy on Ironside's speech to the townspeople, revealing that he owns the other pieces of the Coffin. Sin reveals to them that Ironside plans to kill everyone in town to activate the Coffin magic. Sin suggests that they escape with the missing piece, but Percival sets out to save Anghalhad when she interrupts the speech. Nasiens, Sin, and Donny run to the inn, but discover the maiden stealing the piece, actually being Ironside's familiar in disguise. After meeting with Percival and Anghalhad, Donny reluctantly agrees to help them stop Ironside.

During the fight that breaks out with Ironside, Donny decides to run away upon seeing the power of the Holy Knight. As he runs, Donny sees all the townspeople suffering from Ironside's monsters, leading him to feel like a coward. Donny finally returns to battle by making a dramatic forced entrance. When wondering about Percival, several of his mini golems absorb him as Ironside use his Ragna Claw. However, a revived Percival saves everyone with his magical power, which is revealed to be the power of Hope.

Ironside launches his attacks at him, forcing Percival to fly all over the place to evade them. Donny uses his telekinetic powers to levitate the Coffin away from Ironside, allowing Percival to re-divide it. Donny then captures the Dragon Handle. Ironside claims they haven't stopped him as he just has to kill them and reassemble the Coffin and gather more sacrifices from Britannia. However, another Holy Knight, Mortlach, appears stopping him from continuing the fight and reminds him that whoever destroyed the monsters he summoned must be someone as strong as the Seven Deadly Sins, so in the face of such a threat, it is best for them to retreat.

As everyone twists after the hard battle, Anghalhad reproaches Donny for escaping and tells him that they would all be dead if it were not for Percival. Donny and the rest ask Sin who he called to get rid of the monsters, not believing him when he says they were his "forest friends".

The next day, Carden fires them thanking them for what they did. Donny asks him that he knows Ironside, revealing that he is an old acquaintance of his wife, who like him was a Holy Knight of Camelot. Anghalhad then appears and Percival invites her to join the group.

Cant arc

When the group arrives the town of Cant, Donny immediately spots a bar and heads right towards it. With the rest of the group, he receives new Castoffs that Anghalhad bought with some of their money. After that, in the bar the group meets an already drunk Howzer. Howzer then spots that Donny is holding Meliodas' Dragon Handle, and quickly snatches it away, accusing Donny of stealing it and saying that it would be very dangerous if it fell into the wrong hands. Repeatedly, Howzer makes it clear, mainly with his fist, that he does not see Donny as fit for anything, whether it be Holy Knight training or keeping the Dragon Handle safe. He then tells that Donny's mother must be disappointed that her son ended up spineless and not fit to be a Holy Knight. After Nasiens challenges Howzer to a drinking contest, he reveals that Edlin previously trained with Donny to become a Holy Knight, but is now the boss of the group of bandits that are present.

After Nasiens uses Misty Rain - Belladona to make everyone in the tavern faint, Donny escapes outside where he then meets Edlin who proposes that Donny joins him in his bandit gang where he can steal from passerby's and travelers. Edlin claims that he iss the only one who really understands Donny, to which he replies that Edlin has changed. After his former friend reveals that he has captured the rest of his group, Donny runs back to the tavern to see a giant dragon that Edlin has apparently tamed. Edlin hopes that seeing this dragon will convince Donny to join him, since now even Holy Knights can not challenge them. Donny ends up running away from Edlin, who orders some of his gang members to hunt after him, Donny only evading them by hiding under the platform by the support beams.


Donny was trained as a child by his uncle Howzer, the Great Holy Knight of Liones, learning how to handle a slashing weapons very well; although his fighting ability is usually hidden by his naive personality.

  • Telekinesis念動テレキネシスTerekineshisu」: Believing at first that was a simple power that allowed him to levitate objects and other people in the air; after receiving Sin's guidance, Donny realizes that his power could actually move people and objects freely, even allowing him to throw away a big person like Doronach like a stone.[3]
  • Quartet Attack - Slash Squall四重奏攻撃カルテットアタック - 剣撃の雨スラッシュ・スコールKarutetto Atakku - Surasshu Sukōru」:[4]


Donny wields a dagger, being able to deliver several consecutive attacks while dodging Doronach's crushing attacks causing him to bleed from multiple wounds.



Once a fellow apprentice to Howzer who trained with Donny to become a Holy Knight. Sometime after he became the leader of a gang of bandits. He tries to get Donny to join him but the latter refuses.


Donny's maternal uncle and former master. He gave the impression that he hated Donny and even said that he was glad Donny ran away from his dream of being a Holy Knight as he deserve to be one. However, this is soon revealed to be a facade. Howzer had always cared deeply about his nephew, and instead, blamed himself for not being able to train Donny and Edlin to become strong knights.



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