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From Purgatory「煉獄より, Rengoku yori」 is the 1st episode of Season 4 of The Seven Deadly Sins anime.


Ban searches in Purgatory for his best friend and captain emotions meanwhile in Camelot the assault force tries to stop Meliodas from becoming the new Demon King and the rescue team finds Elizabeth´s life is at stake.


In Purgatory a fox type and lonely soul is wandering recklessly and directionless. Once it reaches a lava lake he begins to recall his past memories from the Fairy King Forest and the woman he loves Elaine. Suddenly the soul reverts to Ban, who acknowledges he was very close to becoming a damned soul then he cries out in desperation for Meliodas as he is not sure how much time he has been there.

Back in Liones the rescue team that consists of King, Tarmiel, Sariel and Derrerie; keep tracking Elizabeth unbeknown to them they are being followed by Gowther who is trying to fulfil his own mysterious agenda. They end up in a celestial theater's ruins where an insane Estarossa is about to kill Elizabeth. As a result they battle him in order to save the princess.

Meanwhile in Camelot the assault force: Merlin, Escanor, Ludociel (still inside of Margaret Liones), Gilthunder and Hendrickson enter inside the dark sphere cast by Meliodas with Ludociel's Sanctuary. As they approach the castle the archangel warns them the only way to win is killing Meliodas but Merlin reminds him they can also talk with Meliodas and change his mind as an alternative solution.

There they find Zeldris along with Cusack and Chandler who were waiting for them. Zeldris' master and Meliodas' turn to their demon forms as they know they are in front of strong adversaries and Ludociel is thrilled to meet Zeldris for the first time. A fight ensues; Merlin tries to use spells on Cusack and Chandler but notes their power is too high and they need Ludociel power. During the fight Hendrickson protects Ludociel from an attack as he is trying to prevent Margaret from being injured.

Back in Purgatory Ban continues his quest for Meliodas, he wanders off until he fights some souls who try to attack him. After falling from a summit he draws a big and aggressive dragon soul who fights him for decades. As they rest Ban talks about his plans for his return to Britannia and how he wants to see once again her true love. He hears a familiar voice and when he opens his eyes he notes is beside Meliodas' emotions. He was the dragon all the time and when he sees Ban, he cries on his best friend' shoulder.

Characters in Order of Appearance

Manga/Anime Differences

  • In the anime, Ban and Meliodas' emotions are wearing pants in Purgatory, while in the manga they are completely naked.
  • In the anime, Chandler and Cusack transform in front of the Assault Force, while in the manga they are already transformed.
  • As a result of the anime's modification of the plot continuity, when the rescue team find Estarossa and Elizabeth he is already transformed and about to kill the princess unlike the manga where Elizabeth and Estarossa share a brief talk.
  • Ban' search for Meliodas is extended in the anime and it takes place around the same time the assault team begins its strategy and when the rescue team battles Estarossa.
  • In the manga when Meliodas sees Ban for the first time he initially believes him an illusion before being told he is real. In the anime he instantly hugs and cries on Ban.



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