Drole & Gloxinia vs. Chandler is a battle fought between Gloxinia and Drole, and Chandler.


Have coming in aid of the Seven Deadly Sins, Drole and Gloxinia saves them from Chandler's final attack and then are confronted by the "Pacifier" Demon who ask them for their reasons to help them. Not wanting to respond, the two uses their Combined Technique: Ko-ju Orudora  to trap Chandler in a large tree tower and give the Sins time to escape. King and Diane decides to stay and help them, but both kings force them to retreat in order to save their lives.


As Chandler brokes free from his prison, he delivers a huge slash with his cane-sword that Gloxinia and Drole manages to avoid. He claims that the both are comitting a grave betrayal, no longer calling them Commandments, being the giant and fairy kings. Drole and Gloxinia negates being Commandments nor kings, just a giant and a fairy. 

As Chandler charges on them, Gloxinia attacks him with Form Nine: Death Thorn, but Chandler evades the attacks with ease. Drole uses Giga Crush, but Chandler is able to punch through the rocks. Gloxinia then uses Form Two: Guardian to sting Chandler on his back giving Drole the chance to punch him.

However everything results futile, as Chandler ends killing both Drole and Gloxinia


After killing Drole and Gloxinia, Chandler goes after Meliodas and the Sins. 



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