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The Druids are a clan of humans who have powers related to light and often live deep within the forests of Britannia.


Druids mostly are a forest dwelling people who worship the Goddess Clan while despising the Demon Clan, although Meliodas seems to be the exception for being an ally. Some of them act like priests in marriage celebrations. They are insular due to living away from most other people, but are referred to as the philosophers and sorcerers of the forest. When a person dies, it is customary for them to guard the buried corpses to prevent any possession from evil spirits.


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Powers and Abilities

The druids have many secret techniques, although condemned, like the Acid power for its corrosive properties despite its diverse uses. Some techniques include:

  • Healing: By channelling their power, druids can use the power of nature to heal grievous wounds that are considered fatal. This power has the opposite effect on demons when not controlled enough, hurting them and repelling their power. This technique is similar to the Invigorate technique from the Goddess Clan, although its power pales in comparison to that of the Goddesses.
  • Purge浄化パージPāji; literally meaning "Purify"」: A secret druid technique that erases "abominable" souls, such as vampires and demons. It has also shown to be able to return human turned vampires back into human, albeit still killing them. This technique was taught to them by the Goddess Clan.
  • Shisha Shiekiしゃ使えきShisha Shieki; literally meaning "Enslavement of the Dead"」: A forbidden technique passed among the druids, having the power to resurrect the dead but can only be used twice on the same person. The soul deteriorates with each resurrection, causing severe psychological damage. It was used by Hendrickson to revive Helbram as his loyal servant, further casting him into insanity.


Throughout the story, numerous seemingly unintelligible spells have been either taught to by or cast by a druid.

Sealing Spell

Taught to Veronica Liones by Hendrickson and used to seal Meliodas in the Goddess Amber.[1]

Incantation Deciphered Text Translation




Kill. Murder. Bring down.

When Ardbeg used an Amber of the Four Archangels to seal some Demons, he used a slight variation of the spell.[2]

Incantation Deciphered Text Translation




Kill. Murder. Bring down. Collect.

Awakening Spell

Used by Hendrickson to awaken the demon blood in the new generation Holy Knights.[3]

Incantation Deciphered Text Translation



(Mezame・Nezame・Ma no Mezame)

Awaken. Rise from slumber. Awaken evil.

Time Regression Spell

Sends the target into their memories[4] or to send others into the target's memories[5]. Used by Zaneri to transfer Meliodas into his own memories for his trial and by Zaratras to enter Meliodas' memories.

Incantation Deciphered Text Translation



(Toki Modoru・Kako e Tobe・Onore Amu・Toki e)

Go back in time. Return to the past. To the time where you will face yourself.

An alternate version is used by Gloxinia and Drole to transfer King and Diane into their memories and relive their past. It was taught to them by Elizabeth of the Goddess Clan.[6]

Incantation Deciphered Text Translation



(Toki Modoru・Kako e Tobe・Sentaku no Toki e)

Go back in time. Return to the past. To the moment of choice.

Retrieval Spell

Used by Jenna to retrieve the Goddess Amber containing Meliodas's darkness.[7]

Incantation Deciphered Text Translation




Release from the vault. Come forth.

Release Spell

Used by Jenna to release Meliodas's darkness from the Goddess Amber and return it to him.[8]

Incantation Deciphered Text Translation



(Kara Yori Ideshi・Yami yo Futatabi・Modoran)

Burst open. Split open. Gush out.

Come out of the shell. Return once again. Darkness.

Nerobasta Summoning Spell

Used by Denzel Liones to summon the Goddess Nerobasta and manifest her within his body.[9]

Incantation Deciphered Text Translation
ルグツ ヨリ ロデ… 「ネロバスタ」

(Rugutsu yori rode Nerobasuta)
ニワレ カノヒリ オクシュクワ
(Niware kanohiri okushukuwa)
カノヒリ ケゾンニク ノワレ マシタイト ミヲコノ
(Kanohiri kezonniku noware mashitaito miwokono)
キタラシア ニリヨロシ ザンゲサ!!
(Kitarashia niriyoroshi zangesa!!)


(Tsurugi yori dero, Nerobasuta)
(Ware ni hikari no shukufuku o)
(Hikari no kenzoku ni ware no tamashii to kono mi wo)
(Atarashiki yorishiro ni sasagen!!)

Come forth from my blade, Nerobasta.

Bestow upon me the blessing of light.
I offer my body and soul to the being of light.
Let them become its new vessel!


  • The spells are actually transcribed by using anagrams of the original Japanese words that are used to compose the incantation.
  • Since they are still humans, they do not constitute a clan separate from the five major races in the series.
  • Elizabeth Liones is an unique Druid compared to all others. She is actually the 107th reincarnation of a highest-ranked Goddess, hence her powers are naturally stronger than those of a normal Druid, even more so than Jenna and Zaneri who are Goddesses possessing the bodies of two human girls.