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Dubs「ダブズ」 is a famous master craftsman within the Giant Clan.[1]


Dubs Full Design.png
Dubs' full appearance

Dubs wears a brown apron with yellow buttons on it. He also wears a cyan and white neck hoodie and a pair of white pants underneath his apron. His hair is light blue and his eyes are amber.


3,000 years ago

Not much is known about Dubs except that it was he who, at Merlin's request, forged the Coffin of Eternal Darkness, a powerful relic used to seal away the Demon Clan as part of her plan to bring Chaos back into the world.[2] He also made many legendary weapons, including Lostvayne.

The Seven Deadly Sins: Cursed by Light

At some point in time, Dubs received the Breath of Bless from the Supreme Deity along with Dahlia. They are first seen attacking the Demon Realm in the Demon Lord and his sons' absence, and massacred large numbers of Demons, while letting one escape. They then take over the Demon Realm and dispersed the dark miasma and replaced it with an ominous light.

Dubs and Dahlia are confronted by Meliodas and Zeldris, with Meliodas being Dubs' opponent. With Dubs being the creator of Meliodas' Lostvayne, he easily turned his own creation against its wielder, and captured both Meliodas and Elizabeth in his staff. With Dahlia also defeating Zeldris, they returned to their base in the Demon world.

Dubs and Dahlia were lured outside by the Demons Zeldris had rallied, and soon after they are joined by Zeldris and the freed Meliodas. The demon brothers began their rematch with the Demon Real takers, but Meliodas and Zeldris quickly switched opponent and Dubs is quickly struck by Zeldris instead. Dubs then release his Flying Saucer and Reaper's Scythe against Zeldris, but they were easily overpowered by Zeldris. He was then knocked out with Ominous Nebula as the effect of Breath of Bless fades away from him.

Dubs and Dahlia are present at Meliodas and Elizabeth's wedding.

Abilities and Equipment

As a master craftsman, Dubs is capable of creating weapons of incredible power. Despite not being a combatant in his own right, he has at his disposal a great arsenal of magical weapons that allow him to function in battle. Dubs is able to control any weapon he has created as well as its magic, render them useless against him.[3]


  • Reaper's Scythe死神しにがみかまShinigami no Kama」: A scythe capable of being remotely controlled. It is designed to cut enemies into pieces and finally slice off their heads.[4] It was destroyed by Zeldris during their fight.
  • Flying Saucer飛翔する大皿フライングソーサーFuraingu Sōsā」: A gigantic shield able to withstand almost any attack.[5] It was destroyed by Zeldris during their fight.
  • Staff of Imprisonment監獄かんごく錫杖しやくじょうKangoku no Shakujō」: A scepter that locks the enemy in a dimensional prison within it.[6]


  • Despite being a Giant, Dubs appears in human size.
    • However it’s possible he used something similar to Minimum Tablets or magic to shrink himself to human size.


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