I will have your life.

— Dumbelbas to Matrona in The Young Girl Sees a Dream That Was Never Meant To Be

Dumbelbas「ダンベルバス」 is the warrior chief of the western Giant Clan.


Dumbelbas full body
Full Appearance

Dumbelbas has a scruffy beard and a bowl cut hairstyle. He wears a gauntlet embedded with metallic studs on his left arm, and an armband on his right. Like most giants, his attire mainly consists of a tattered loin cloth.


Dumbelbas is a proud warrior of the Giant Clan. He honorably fulfilled his duty of seeking for and dying in battle during his confrontation with Matrona.


Dumbelbas was hired by the savage tribe to battle the Holy Knights as he easily kills a dozen of them before facing Matrona, who was also hired by the Holy Knights along with Diane and Dolores in single combat and was eventually killed, leaving the savages defeated and the Holy Knights victorious.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Like the rest of the Giant Clan, Dumbelbas is very powerful in his own right and has mastery of Creation. He is strong enough to be on par with Matrona prior to his death in their battle.



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