Eastin Amabyllis「イースティン・アマビリス」 is an original character made for Grand Cross mobile game. She is a member of the Seven Disasters.

Apparence Edit

Eastin is a young woman with light skin, long tourquise hair, pink eyes and wear a crown-like tiara.

Personality Edit

Eastin is a very arrogant and self-centered person, usually seeing herself as superior, underestimating her opponents and putting them down when they demonstrates some weakness. She's also a bit impatient, as she easily get annoyed with energetic people like Roxy and Valenty. Lilia also stated that Eastin is someone full of attitude.

Despite this, she already demonstrated that cares for her friends, visible in her concern with Valenty when the scientist let herself stay behind in order to distract Merlin while she and Mono invavded the Temporal Rift in order to rescue Lilia.


At her original world, she was the heiress and the next leader of a family of nobles called the 'Amabyllis family'. However, at some point of her life, people from her world, feared of her magical powers, attempted to kill her by throwing her at the ocean, however, she managed to survive the murder attempt and killed the people who tried to drown her, this event ended up living her title as the 'Ruler of Seas' and creating on the noblesse a desire to conquer the world and become the ruler of all.

Years later, Eastin was summoned to Britannia by Lilia with the magic crystal obtained by Valenty in Balleno. However, due to distortions on the space-time, the summoning wasn't properly completed and Eastin was teleported to the margins of a lake near to Balleno instead of Lilia and Valenty's location. There, the Ruler of Seas meets Ban, confusing him as one of her family's mine slaves.

Later, after reuniting with her future teammates, the noblesse agrees on helping Lilia and joins the Seven Disasters. Some time after Lilia gets caught by Merlin, Eastin and Valenty starts their plan to rescue her leader. During their mission, Eastin managed to summon a new ally that would help to cut through the space-time prison where Lilia was trapped, the Human Weapon Mono and, with her new ally's help, she's able to break into Lilia's prison. There, she and Mono are surprised by Ban and Gowther, who where waiting for Lilia's friends to ambush and capture them, however, Lilia suddenly escapes from Merlin and reunites with her teammates .Eastin, them unite her powers with Lilia and, together, manage to defeat both Sins and escape once again.

Abilities and Equipment Edit

As a member of the Seven Disasters, Eastin is very powerful. Specialized in water magic, she attacks her enemieis with powerful water vortexes and tsunamis. She also posses a very decent level of summoning magic since she was able to sucessfully summon Mono without any trouble.

Abilities Edit

  • Quebra「ケブラール Keburāru」: The user surrounds and attacks their enemies with multiple whirlpools.
  • La Sed「ラ・セッド Ra Seddo」: A spell that enhance the targets' attacks.
  • Triste Fin「トリステ・フィン Toristure Fin」: The user launches a powerful tsunami forwards its targets.


  • Eastin might be based on the fourth and second disaster of the Benevolent King Sutra's and Lotus Sutra definitions respectively, "flood", due to her water-based powers.
  • Eastin is the youngest member of the Disasters.
  • Eastin is the only character who isn't a member of the royalty to posses a surname.
  • According to Grand Cross data:
    • She's a fan of coffee and focaccia.
    • She appears to have a crush on Ban.
    • The person she wants to destroy the most is Meliodas.


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