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Edlin「エドリン」 is Howzer's apprentice and Donny's childhood friend.


Edlin as a toddler.png
Edlin as a kid



Edlin used to train as a Holy Knight apprentice under Howzer alongside his friend Donny. Some time after Donny left training and the kingdom, Edlin did the same. Upon reaching Cant, he joined a band of bandits and stole an egg from a dragon's nest. Using the egg as a hostage, Edlin managed to put the dragon under his command and used it to take control of all Cant. However, since the egg eventually hatched, Edlin replaced it with a replica created with his magic.


Cant arc

Edlin appears before Howzer and Nasiens after he deduces that everyone in the tavern is a band of bandits. Howzer reveals that he used to be his apprentice of him alongside Donny but is now the boss of those bandits who are dedicated to stealing their belongings from those who come to the town. Despite having no weapons, Howzer exclaims that they will not be able to defeat him. However, he falls unconscious from drunkenness as Edlin is aware of his weakness to alcohol. Nasiens then unleashes his Misty Rain: Belladonna to poison everyone in the tavern. However, Edlin creates an illusion of Percival by making him believe that he took him hostage. When Nasiens is distracted by seeing the real Percival still passed out in his place, Edlin surprises him by hitting him from behind.

Edlin meets with Donny outside the tavern revealing that he dropped out of training like him and offers to join him in his venture with the bandits. Before Donny's refusal, Edlin reveals to him that they have his friends prisoners and that he should listen to him because he is the only one who understands it, but Donny reacts furiously saying that he will not take lightly that he finds them injured. There, Edlin calls the Ancient Dragon saying that he did not change but that he discovered his destiny. Edlin tells him that with the dragon as an ally not even the Holy Knights can oppose him. Donny flees the scene and Edlin tells him that they are both dropout so they must understand each other, but Donny tells him to open his eyes. After telling the dragon to go to his nest showing him his egg in his possession, Edlin orders the bandits to search for Donny but not hurt him.

When other bandits ask him about giving the prisoners a taste, Edlin demands that they not speak nonsense and look for Donny, to which the bandits beat him for treason with a rock and take the dragon's egg. However, when the dragon appears, the bandits drop the egg revealing that it was a fake copy. Edlin tries to reason with the dragon, but it starts a furious havok.

Edlin is saved from the fall after the destruction of the place by Donny, who supports him with his magic until Edlin is held by a beam. Edlin laments that he has failed as a bandit as well as a Holy Knight. He asks Donny how his life as a traveler has done, to which Donny says that he is going to go back to training as a Holy Knight. Edlin is shocked as he quit for fear of dying, but Donny says that he now wants to protect his friends. When Percival arrives, he takes both of them in his magic while he fights the Ancient Dragon. After distracting the dragon with an illusion of Percival, Edlin escapes with the others on Anghalhad's horse, until Howzer arrives and defeats the dragon.

Seeing Edlin walking away, Howzer berates him that he intends to overlook everything he did, to which Edlin says to simply arrest him. Howzer hits him and tells him that like Donny, he did all that because he didn't think he had the strength to be a Holy Knight. He explains that a Holy Knight does not need magic to hurt others, but to protect people like he did during the battle with the dragon. Howzer reaches out his hand and offers to retrain him from the beginning, to which Edlin hugs him in tears.



  • Imitation偽物イミテーションImitēshon」: This power allows Edlin to create illusory replicas of a single target that are perfect in terms of look and feel. [1]





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