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Elgin「エルギン」 is a Holy Knight serving King Arthur Pendragon of Camelot and member of the Dark Talismans.


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Elgin is shown to be overconfident and sadistic in battle, enjoying making his enemies suffer rather than finishing them off quickly.



Dalflare Range arc

Elgin and his companions argue that their other fellow Knights have all failed to deal with Percival and the rest. When a magic bolt goes at them with Tamdhu as a target, he tries to use his spear to defend himself, but the attack passes through and hits him. Seeing that it had no effect on him, Tamdhu creates a bluff and prepares to use his power again. However, his spear ends up piercing his partner. Being under the control of Gowther's Jack, Tamdhu begins to launch his spears left and right at his companions. Tamdhu demands that Fiddich do something, to which he kills him by cutting him to pieces with his sword.

Entangled Forest arc

After tracking their targets to the Entangled Forest, the Dark Talismans notice that their magical trails have dispersed. Assuming they are separated to fight one on one, the Talismans split up to go after them.

Elgin soon discovers that he was following one of Percival's mini-golems, then being ambushed by its creator and his three companions. Demanding to know which of them is Percival, he shows up being blocked by his companions. Determined to eliminate him, Elgin quickly shoves Anghalhad and Nasiens out of the way, sending them tumbling into the void. Elgin threatens Donny telling him to give him ten seconds to run away, but Donny refuses using his magic to float Anghalhad and Nasiens. The four then attack Elgin at the same time with his weapons, although he manages to avoid the damage.

Elgin comments on his impression of each of his opponents, save for Donny, as well as his combo. Saying that they dug his graves when facing him alone in that place, Elgin throws his Epicurean's Slaver and after sticking his sword in the branch that everyone was on, it begins to shatter. Donny manages to use his magic to hold it, but Elgin does great damage to him and Percival with a few small blows. Nasiens notices the debilitating properties of magic from him, Wither.

Elgin then attacks him with his sword and manages to give him a big punch. However, Nasiens reveals to have nullified the effects of his magic thanks to the drug he made with the horn of Cernunnos. Nasiens then throws his Misty Rain on Elgin. He claims that he cannot evade him in such a tight space, but Nasiens manages to cut his sword and arm with his weapons. Asked how Nasiens managed to mimic the effects of his magic, Percival reveals that Nasiens can replicate whatever poison they use against him, just before giving Elgin a big slash with his sword.

Percival uses his magic to prevent Elgin from falling to his death, claiming that he don´t want to kill anyone.

Upon awakening, Elgin rejoins his teammates who were confronting Percival's group and is healed by the Hyper Recovery Spell. The four decide to eliminate Sin first, with Elgin noting how he was able to anticipate the effects of his magic so that Percival and Nasiens would avoid its effect on their weapons. After locking themselves in a Perfect Cube, the four attack Sin at once, but Sin evades them and kills Elgin by shooting arrows at his pressure points.



  • Wither劣化ウイザーUizā」: This power allows to generate a magical substance that reduces the strength and durability on what is applied. [1]




  • Like many of the Camelot Holy Knights, Elgin is named after the Glen Elgin distillery, a Scotch single malt whisky distillery in Fogwatt, Moray, Scotland, founded in 1898.


  1. Chapter 43 (4KOA) , Page 14


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