Elizabeth & Elaine vs. Torah & Jigumo is a battle between Elizabeth and Elaine and Torah and Jigumo of the Assassin Knights of Malachia.


Drole splits up the combatants the fighters into groups of two. Elaine and Elizabeth are paired up against Torah and Jigumo.


Torah and Jigumo start the attack with no hesitation. Torah tries to stab Elizabeth with a dagger, but Elaine push him away with Soyokaze no Gekirin.

Then, some smoke screen balls are thrown. Hidden by the smoke, Jigumo "bites" Elizabeth in the shoulder with his Poison Snake Whip. Believing that Elizabeth is out of commission, Torah sneaks behind Elaine and tries to stab her. Elaine, who could read their minds, easily evades the assault and counter attacks with Konjiki no Gekirin wounding the brothers.

Then, Elizabeth appears, surprising Jigumo who was certain that the poison should have killed her. Elizabeth ignores him and ask him to move aside. While holding Torah, who was heavily wounded, the princess cures him completely with her magic. Elizabeth reveals the relationship between the kingdoms of Liones and Malachia, and that she is the daughter of the Liones king.

Being clearly victorious, Taizoo declares the girls team as the winner.


The Malachia brothers intends to reach an understanding with Elizabeth, but they are cut short when a big hole appears right below them, making them fall. Gloxinia states that there is no place for losers in the tournament and then it is proceeded to the next fight.



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