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"I... made a promise. Even if you were to die... Even if I'm the only one left... I will protect the people of the kingdom from the Holy Knights."
— Elizabeth, while entering Friesia's attack to protect a child, in Dedicated Resolution

Elizabeth Lionesエリザベス・リオネス」 is the main female protagonist, the third adoptive princess of the Kingdom of Liones, an alleged survivor from the the Kingdom of Danafor[3] and a former waitress at Boar Hat bar during her journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins, [4], eventually becoming a prominent asset and healer for them. She also is the 107th reincarnation of the Goddess Elizabeth, the Supreme Deity's daughter 3000 years ago who also reincarnated in the Holy Knight Liz.[5]


Elizabeth one shot
One-Shot Appearance
Elizabeth toddler appearance
Elizabeth as a toddler
Elizabeth initial full appearance
Initial Full Appearance
Elizabeth boar hat full appearance
Boar Hat Full Appearance
Elizabeth's new outfit
Elizabeth's current appearance
Elizabeth is a beautiful young woman of slender yet curvaceous figure and regular height. She has very pale skin, large light blue eyes which can turn orange while gaining a triskele (though initially it only was her right eye), and long silver hair reaching her waist. Her bangs firstly covered her right eye but later stopped, later ending with a similar hairstyle to her original incarnation after being injured across her forehead by a Demon. Elizabeth wanted poster's image is very accurate, since she had been in the kingdom very recently.

Elizabeth always wears a blue earring with the symbol of the Liones royal family, compromising of the sun, the moon, and stars.[6]

She currently wears a light dress with long sleeves, covered by a fluffy short coat, and fluffly winter boots, all made by Merlin.

Elizabeth formerly wore a blue-white short dress, a silver armor from the Druids covered of golden designs, and matching long silver boots.

As a waitress in Boar Hat, Elizabeth wore a pink buttoned shirt with a black ribbon exposing her belly button, a dark mini skirt strapped with a pink belt, a black stocking on her left leg, and black-white heels. She later changed the design, using the same shirt and ribbon but instead purple and pink respectively, and a slightly larger white skirt.

At the start, Elizabeth wore a set of old rusted armor several sizes larger than her and a black, skintight jumpsuit underneath.

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Elizabeth is a very polite, grateful and caring individual who hates unnecessary deaths and prefers a rather peaceful, diplomatic approach, even during war. She often shows a calm yet incredible warm attitude towards others, helping them as much as she can and offering home to strangers. Despite there being several bad rumors about them, Elizabeth shows a lot of respect and trust towards the Seven Deadly Sins, even addressing them with the titles 'lord' and 'lady' at first. She is very open and tends to cooperate with others quite well, all in order to surpass their goals and return to their beloved ones. Though appearing to be fragile and frail, Elizabeth has shown to be very brave and courageous. Her selflessness and bravery are seen when recklessly tried to rescue a child from Friesia's attack, which earned her respect from the Deadly Sins.[7] She also confronted Meliodas and gave him hope when he stated being afraid of becoming evil again, to later confronting him when the time came. Furthermore, Elizabeth is very strong-willed, remaining determined to stop the Holy Knights despite Veronica's apparent death and only cried when alone to not let others see her tears and running the Boar Hat with the same as Meliodas when he died despite being devasted and hoped one day he would come back.

Elizabeth initially had relatively low self-esteem, often saying that she was just a 'burden' to the Deadly Sins since she was unable to fight back. After Liones was set free and Meliodas didn't want her to continue to travel with him for her own safety, she grew more determined to become stronger and unlock her hidden powers in order to help everyone and no longer be a burden. After fully regaining her previous memories, Elizabeth becomes much more confident in herself and is more than willing to directly participate in battle.

Despite being a princess, Elizabeth isn't so graceful, usually comically falling during missions and failing to her duties as a waitress at first, still retaining some of her antics even after her memory recovery. She also is fairly gullible and honest, always being tricked by Meliodas' antics and responding rather innocent or literal to jokes in general.[8]Elizabeth is often harassed by Meliodas but doesn't mind it after hearing his poor excuses, eventually growing more casual with his perverted antics and blushing less. She immediately becoming bashful when someone like Gowther talks about her romantic feelings for Meliodas though, which is possibly feeling a hidden key to her past lives as his deceased lovers. When Meliodas came back from death, she allows him to grope her as much as he wants, showing how much she missed him and how got used to him.

As a child, Elizabeth was a bit rebellious, often doing dangerous things to get her father's attention since she was not his biological daughter. She eventually grew curious about the mentions of other Elizabeths that were linked to Meliodas and confronted him, but was lied to the point of crying in anger. After eventually finding out the truth from Zeldris, Elizabeth was happy and relieved, even after remembering the curse. She also retains strong attachments to her current life's friends and family, but her feelings towards Meliodas dwarfs said attachments.


Meliodas carrying a baby Elizabeth

Meliodas carrying a baby Elizabeth after the destruction of Danafor

Elizabeth is one of many reincarnations of the Goddess Elizabeth, having been reincarnated 107 times since the times of the Holy War.[9] She was reincarnated as a newborn infant as soon as her previous life, Liz, had died during the destruction of Danafor. Her previous lover, Meliodas, had saved her and the Dragon Handle, both being keys to the revival of the Demon clan. The couple was found by King Bartra Liones and the Great Holy Knight of Liones, Zaratras. Meliodas was very protective of her at first, as he was still hurt over losing Liz, but eventually gave Elizabeth to Bartra and his wife Caroline, the first predicting the event but both growing quite attached to the baby and adopted her as their third child.

During her time as a toddler, Elizabeth grew very close to Meliodas, who would act as her bodyguard and missing him whenever he went on mission. As she worried that he would not come back, Meliodas promising her that he would always return to her alive no matter what.[10]

As a child, Elizabeth would often play with Gilthunder, Howzer, and her adopted sisters, Veronica and Margaret. Her eldest sister gave her an earring containing the symbol of the royal family, which she treasures even now.[11]

Ten years before the start of the story, a six-year-old Elizabeth was injured when trying to help the Seven Deadly Sins to escape the castle after they were cornered by the Holy Knights of Liones, which nearly caused Meliodas to go berserk but he was immediately stopped by Merlin, who knocked him out to avoid a disaster like Danafor. This incident is the cause of the loss of her memories about Meliodas and the Sins.

King Bartra told Elizabeth about her biological mother, but she had no memories of her. Due to this event and having a strange eye unlike her family, she was a bit rebellious when younger and thus often did dangerous things to get her father's attention. At one point, Elizabeth climbed a tall tree, leading to King Bartra attempting to climb it but falling for its great height and getting badly injured. Only noticed by Margaret, the younger princess unknowingly used her hidden healing power to heal their father. By this time, Bartra often told his daughter stories about the Seven Deadly Sins, greatly admired them despite their supposed crimes.

​​​​​After the Holy Knights staged the coup, Elizabeth followed her father's advice and escaped from the castle[12], clad in rusting armor, and began a journey to find the Seven Deadly Sins, the sole individuals she believed could match the Holy Knights' strength.[13] By the time she had reached Kaynes Village though, her armor had rusted and she was constantly disappearing and appearing, repeating delirious-like mutterings of "Seven Deadly Sins" which had led the villagers to name her the "mysterious Rust Knight".


Introduction arcEdit

Rust Knight face revealed

Elizabeth's revealed face

Elizabeth is first seen when she enters the Boar Hat, exhausted, clad in rusting armor, and muttering, "the Seven Deadly Sins". Because of rumors of the infamous "Rust Knight", Elizabeth's armor having given her the epithet, she frightens the customers into fleeing. Meliodas confronts her. She then collapses due to exhaustion, and is revealed to be female. Shortly after, Elizabeth awakes, and is asked about the reason she is traveling by Meliodas. As she begins to reveal that she is searching for the "Seven Deadly Sins", a few knights, informed by the villagers of the Rust Knight and believing him to be one of the "Seven Deadly Sins", command him to come out. While Meliodas and Hawk stall them, Elizabeth escapes from the back door, with Hawk easily defeating the pursuing knights.[14]

Elizabeth happily accepting Meliodas offer

Elizabeth happily accepting Meliodas' offer.

Elizabeth continues, explaining to the two that her search for the Seven Deadly Sins was in order to defeat the Holy Knights, who, she informs them, had orchestrated a coup d'état a few days ago, and have taken control of the kingdom. Abruptly, the portion of the cliff they have been standing on is cut off by Twigo, who arrived as a reinforcement. After Meliodas rescues Elizabeth and Hawk, Twigo, upon noticing Elizabeth's earring, realizes her being the one of the three princesses of the kingdom and begins attacking Elizabeth and Meliodas, planning to report their deaths as accidental. The young man saves her, and then again, when she decides to surrender, not wanting to involve him in her matters. Just as Twigo is about to deal the final blow, Meliodas, smiling, reveals his name and identity as the one of the Seven Deadly Sins, the Dragon Sin of Wrath. After easily defeating Twigo, he then offers for her to join him, which she happily accepts, for he also searches him former comrades.[15]

Elizabeth falling while serving

Elizabeth upset about being bad at being a waitress

Officially hired as a waitress in Boar Hat, Elizabeth is given a new set of clothing. Curious, she questions Meliodas as to why he was labeled as a criminal, doubting that he was a villain. He initially jokes, but in the end, doesn't answer her properly. The two and Hawk soon reach Bernia, a town popular for its ale made from its river. However, they find that the river has dried up completely. Upon finding a large crowd of men trying to remove a sword after entering the town, it is revealed that a Holy Knight had sealed the river's underground water source with his sword the day before, preventing the creation of the ale, Bernia's primary source of income. While the townspeople try to remove the sword, a boy named Mead starts boasting about a friend of his, who, he claims, is a Deadly Sin. However, his claims serve only to anger the villagers, who blame Mead for their crisis. Meliodas brings him to the Boar Hat to question him about his supposed "friend". Elizabeth, having been told that it was Mead who angered the Holy Knight into stopping the river, manages to get him to answer after telling him about her past. Hearing the story, Mead tells them the reason, also adding that his claim of his friend being a Deadly Sin was a lie.[16]

After Meliodas easily removes the Holy Knight, Gilthunder's, sword, the villagers celebrate at the Boar Hat[17], where Elizabeth attempts her first time at being a waitress. She makes several mistakes along the way, and her frustration prompts her to run outside, crying. She is then found by Meliodas, who, after managing to encourage her, catches a spear which had been thrown at the town by Gilthunder, in a fortress a few miles away, and throws it back.[18] After acknowledging that prolonging their stay would bring more danger to Bernia, the two decide to leave.[19]

Forest of White Dreams ArcEdit

Imps imitating Elizabeth

Prankster Imps imitating Elizabeth

After learning that even Holy Knights avoid the Forest of White Dreams near Bernia[20], she, Meliodas and Hawk enter the forest, speculating that a Deadly Sin might be hiding there. After walking in the forest for more than three hours and losing their sense of direction, the three are suddenly surrounded by multiple copies of Hawk. Meliodas quickly defeats all of them, including the original, but then discovers copies of Elizabeth. After he successfully tricks and defeats them, they, are shown to be the indigenous Prankster Imps, and retreat towards the sleeping Diane, inadvertently leading the three to her, apologizing for letting a "Holy Knight" come through, since they believe that Meliodas is a Holy Knight.[21] After she wakes up, Diane instantly grabs Meliodas, only to cuddle him when she realizes that he is her captain. When Elizabeth introduces herself to Diane as traveling with Meliodas, Diane jumps to the conclusion that she and Meliodas are a couple, and throws a tantrum. Meliodas, after calming her down, proceeds to begin a discussion about the day the Sins were framed for the Great Holy Knight's death.[22]

Elizabeth treating Hawk wound

Elizabeth treating Hawk wound

Meliodas informed them that he has almost no memories of the day, then narrates the only memories he has, which end with one of the Deadly Sins apologizing to him. This makes Elizabeth speculate about the existence of a traitor within the Sins. Diane then declares that she will rejoin Meliodas. A few brief moments later, Hawk notices a gigantic thundercloud in the sky. A lightning bolt from it then binds all of them and the assailant is shown to be Gilthunder.[23] Elizabeth immediately recognizes Gilthunder, explaining to Meliodas that he is a Holy Knight very close to her father, and a brother-figure to her. However, she quickly realizes his intentions, much to her shock. Gilthunder uses electricity to bind Diane, Meliodas, Hawk, and Elizabeth. Gilthunder unbinds her and, stating that she is insignificant, orders her to leave. She refuses, and asks him to release Meliodas and Diane instead. When Gilthunder kicks Hawk away, Elizabeth runs after the pig.[24] Later, after Meliodas' and Gilthunder's battle, Diane flings the latter out of the forest and Meliodas, Hawk, Elizabeth, now accompanied by Diane, leave the place. Meliodas decides their next destination as Baste Dungeon, where Ban is imprisoned, Elizabeth objects, pointing out his grave wound from the battle. Though affirming that the wound was not major, he soon collapses.[25]

Baste Dungeon ArcEdit

Dana treating Meliodas2

Elizabeth worrying about Meliodas as Dana treats (poisons) him.

Elizabeth, Diane and Hawk then travel to a town near Baste Dungeon, called Dalmary, to have Meliodas treated. The doctor, Dana, states that his patient being alive was a miracle in itself. Sometime afterwards, Diane decides that she will head to the dungeon on her own. When Elizabeth asks to accompany her, Diane decides to head to the dungeon herself, retorting that Elizabeth would be only a hindrance when the princess asks to join. Elizabeth replies her desire to be of use, and that Meliodas was taking on "more than he can handle". This angers Diane, her saying that Meliodas was not doing so for the princess alone, and that such was his usual personality. She continues, narrating the episode of her and her captain's first meeting, and his treatment of her at that time. As Elizabeth declares her wishes of wanting to have strength, Diane declares her own of wanting to be small. Abruptly, Hawk notices a huge swarm of poisonous insects flying toward Dalmary.[26] After Diane annihilates all of them, Elizabeth awes at her power, as the latter leaps out of Dalmary runs toward the dungeon, after handing Elizabeth the responsibility of taking care of Meliodas.[27]

Sometime afterward, she and Hawk watch Meliodas as Dana enters. Suddenly, a voice commends Dana for his hard work. To the shock of the both, Dana reveals that the medicine he had made Meliodas drink was actually a deadly poison. Golgius then appears behind Elizabeth, revealing himself to be the voice. He states that he has come to take Elizabeth and Meliodas' sword, and grabs the weapon.[28] However, Meliodas is revealed to still be alive, but with his eyes now mysteriously being colored jet black, with a strange mark on his forehead.[29] The powerful aura Meliodas is releasing frightens Golgius into fleeing. After Meliodas returns to normalcy, it is revealed that Meliodas' wound has healed, much to everyone's surprise. The three then go on to chase Golgius and find him very soon. Despite Golgius' surrendering, Meliodas notices the blades his threw, and blocks them. When Dana also finds Golgius, and the latter kills the former for censoring their deal, Elizabeth runs toward the doctor, as Meliodas blocks Golgius' attack on her. The three then escape, while Meliodas protects Elizabeth from Golgius. They enter an old building, where Elizabeth watches as Golgius falls for Meliodas' trap.[30]

Meliodas declaring he will fulfill his promise

Meliodas saying that he will fulfill his promise even if she dies.

After Golgius is defeated and sent flying into the street, the Holy Knight manages to flee on a horse. Just as Meliodas and Hawk decide to head for the Baste Dungeon, Elizabeth walks toward the dying Dana. When she cries for him, he explains that he had only wanted to rescue his daughter, Sennett, as his hand falls. Elizabeth, in sorrow, blames herself for his death. Meliodas replies that he understand her, but questions whether her resolve to protect the kingdom's citizens is as weak. He, declaring that he would fulfill his promise with her even if she were to die, proceeds to give a speech. Later, Hawk and Meliodas leave Elizabeth in Dalmary while heading for the dungeon, citing the danger the Weird Fangs pose. However, she herself joins them, declaring that while she isn't a knight, she would keep fighting for the people of the kingdom even if Meliodas were to die, mirroring his prior statement.[31]

Elizabeth protecting child from Friesia

Elizabeth protecting the disguised Ruin from Friesia's attack

While walking, they encounter Diane, who seems to have no memories of defeating Friesia and heading for the dungeon.[32] Diane now having joined them, Meliodas decides that rescuing Sennett, Dana's daughter, would be their primary priority, to Elizabeth's gladness. Suddenly, Diane attacks Meliodas, having previously fallen for Ruin's illusion abilities. Meliodas, immediately realizing that Diane was under an illusion, flees while carrying Elizabeth, with Hawk running behind them, and upon finding two civilians, one of whom is a young boy, walking nearby, takes them along, since they will be dragged into the battle. As they three, and the two frightened civilians, who are revealed to be shepherds from Dalmary Town, hide, Meliodas also falls under Ruin's hypnosis when he tries to look at Diane, which makes him see Ruin in her place the same way she sees Ruin in his. Quickly noticing that Meliodas has also fallen for the trap, Elizabeth tries to escape with the shepherds and Hawk, stating that they would die if the two Deadly Sins fight each other seriously.[33]

As the two Deadly Sins continue their battle, Elizabeth desperately yells for them to stop, which causes Diane to regain her senses and memories. The young shepherd, who had met Diane on her way to Baste, goes toward her, only for her to then be hypnotized again and continue fighting Meliodas. Seeing the civilians frightened, Elizabeth declares that she will put her life on the line to protect them. Hearing that, Friesia, testing Elizabeth's declaration, uses her bugs to attack the young boy, and taunts her as she hesitates. However, much to her surprise Elizabeth willingly enters the tornado of insects, being injured in the process, and protects the boy. The child, however, replying that while her risking injury to protect a child was admirable, reality is harsh, reveals himself to be a disguised Ruin under an illusion.[34]

Elizabeth spitting Ruin's bell

Elizabeth spitting out Ruin's bell

As Elizabeth asks him to undo the hypnosis, he pulls her with the hair and knees her in the chest, and hits her in the head with the top of his staff when she manages to get up. Telling Friesia that nothing was better than the face of a young girl writhing in pain, Ruin, in commendation for her bravery, explains to Elizabeth that the source of his illusions was his staff's bell, only to find it to have been removed by Elizabeth when she was hit with the top of the staff. He lashes out in anger, but before he can kill her, is stopped by Meliodas, who has regained his senses since the source of the hypnosis has been removed.[35] Meliodas, telling the unconscious Elizabeth that he has accepted her resolution, then fights Ruin, soon defeating him.[36] Diane, having come to her senses as well, quickly defeats Friesia also, and although initially deciding to take Elizabeth to Dalmary in order to treat her severe injuries, then takes her to the Baste Dungeon on her own request, with the princess sleeping in the giant's bag.

Characters sleeping during crossing shooting stars

Elizabeth and the others sleeping.

After the dungeon is destroyed, and everyone, including Ban, Sennett and all the other villagers imprisoned there, return to Dalmary Town, she is questioned by Diane and Meliodas as to how she is feeling. Elizabeth, however, starts worrying and questions them about the well-being others, to which Hawk retorts that she should worry about herself before others. She then requests for Meliodas to join Sennett.[37]

At night, during dinner, Elizabeth, bedridden due to her injuries, is formally introduced to Ban.[38] As the party continues, Elizabeth wishes that the moment could last forever, stating that the events in Baste reminded her all the more about the Holy Knights' frightening abilities, and the fact that only the Seven Deadly Sins could match them. In response, Diane replies that while she doesn't know, and isn't interested in humans and human kingdoms, she wouldn't mind fighting for the princess, since she was "really cool" that day, and did have powers: the power to move her and Meliodas' hearts. She also asks her whether she could henceforth address her as merely "Elizabeth", instead of "princess", and then tells the young lady to address her as just "Diane".[39] Some time afterwards, She, along with the others, awes at the sky as the shooting stars pass[40], and is later shown to be sleeping.[41]

Capital of the Dead ArcEdit

Meliodas praising elizabeth and diane

Meliodas referring Elizabeth and Diane as his "attractive waitresses"

Three days later, and after Elizabeth's complete recovery, the Boar Hat and the group, now including Ban, leave Dalmary. As Meliodas decides upon their course, Elizabeth apologizes for her recovery having caused the delay, to which Diane replies that she is too apologetic, and questions her as to how she is feeling, with the princess answering that she is fine. When Ban questions Meliodas about their next destination, the latter is cut off from answering by two Holy Knight apprentices, who, claiming to be full-fledged Holy Knights, knowing that Diane is a giant, and that the Deadly Sins were accompanied by a giant pig with a house on its back, stop them for a security check.[42]

Meliodas, stopping Ban from attacking them, lies that the Boar Hat is an ordinary traveling bar, and that Diane and Elizabeth were his "attractive waitresses". The two apprentices readily believe the lie and allow Hawk's mother to pass through, much to Ban's surprise; before the giant pig can do so, however, Diane, glad at Meliodas' comment about her being an "attractive waitress", lifts him and cuddles him. Just as the two apprentices realize that the child is Meliodas due to her addressing of him as "captain", a very fast creature eats them before then can respond.[43]

Elizabeth watches, as Ban tries to frighten the creature, which is shown to be a Black Hound, only for it to enlarge, since Black Hounds have the ability to change their size depending on how threatened they feel. After the animal runs away, Hawk states that it was only a senseless coward, contrary to the rumors that Black Hounds continue to chase their prey until they kill them, to which Elizabeth comments that the Black Hound appeared to have been frightened for a moment. As they continue their journey, Meliodas states that their next destination is the Capital of the Dead, and that they will search for King there.[44]

After they arrive at the village that Meliodas states to be the closest to the Capital of the Dead, Elizabeth asks to help with waitressing, since she wasn't bothered by her injuries anymore. Meliodas accepts, but warns her to not push herself very much, and then calls out, informing Ban the directions to the food storage room, only to discover that he has escaped, not wanting to cook food for the Boar Hat.[45] Sometime afterward, Elizabeth questions Meliodas as to what kind of person King is, to which he replies that he is somewhat of a mascot or pet of the Seven Deadly Sins. He also mentions that Ban once went through a phase of collecting stuffed animals, which Elizabeth comments to be cute, and proceeds to narrate the episode. Ban had stolen every single stuffed animal in the kingdom, justifying his "small" act by saying that he "worked hard" as a knight. This, however, greatly angered King who, after Ban finally grew satisfied and fell asleep, returned all the stuffed toys to the children. As Meliodas finishes, Elizabeth states that King has a very kind heart.[46]

The group transporting to the Capital of the Dead

The group being transported to the Capital of the Dead.

After Ban's encountering of Ellen and her brother[47][48], and his brief battle with King, Elizabeth is present when he feeds the two children in return for information regarding the location of the Capital of the Dead, and is shown to be surprised when they reveal that King has also been asking them the same, wanting to go there no matter what.[49] She watches puzzled as they explain that the village is the entrance to the Capital, but that people cannot enter it at will, since the Capital is not a grave, but a place where the deceased reside, making it somewhat of an afterlife. As Elizabeth wonders about how they could possible enter it, Ellen recites a riddle that their neighbor often told, that a priceless memory shared with the deceased would open the path to the Capital, to which Ban thanks her.[50]

When they go to the precise entrance to the Capital, Elizabeth wonders if her desire to meet her mother, who passed away when she was young, will open the path, but realizes that it will not, since she doesn't have any actual memories with her mother. Suddenly, a great amount of flowers appears around the area they are in, whose petals, when Hawk tries to eat them, wither and then transport them to the Capital, implying that someone among them has opened the path, and shares a priceless memory with a deceased individual. As Elizabeth wonders if it was her desire to meet her mother that brought them there, Ban immediately leaves in someone's chase, with King, who had quickly entered the swirling petals that transported the group to the Capital, in turn, chasing Ban; Elizabeth looks at his appearance, which does not resemble his wanted poster at all, in surprise.[51]

Hawk and Elizabeth getting away from Guila

Elizabeth and Hawk escaping.

Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk and then search for Ban and King and the pig comments the lack of any actual ghosts, to which Elizabeth states that she would be frightened if any ghosts appear, and then asks Meliodas as to why King started chasing after Ban. Meliodas replies that he is wondering the same as well, and also about what Ban started chasing in the first place, to Elizabeth and Hawk's fright.[52] As the four continue walking, Guila appears in front of them, having entered the Capital of the Dead by killing herself.[53] As Guila unsheathes her rapier, and unleashes a very powerful aura whose mere pressure pushes Elizabeth and Hawk behind, Meliodas, sensing the danger she poses, instructs the latter to escape as far as he can along with the former. As Hawk escapes with Elizabeth riding him, he states that his animal instinct had felt Guila to be more dangerous than Gilthunder. After going some distance, he then states that they should be safe there, only for Meliodas to crash on one of the crystals, that dot the Capital of the Dead, nearby, and then instruct them to run farther away, with Hawk doing so.[54]

Hawk and Elizabeth trying to pull out the spear to fight

Elizabeth decides to help The Sins fighting Guila

Sometime afterward, as Hawk and Elizabeth crash, the former stating that he is not able to run any more due to exhaustion, Elizabeth finds King, and after introducing herself, informs him about Guila having arrived at the Capital and having attacked Meliodas and Diane, and then also questions him about Ban's whereabouts. When he is reluctant to help in fighting the Holy Knight, Elizabeth, much to his surprise, instructs him to escape, and stating that she will be borrowing his spear, tries to lift it. As she states that she wants to be of use to Meliodas and Diane, Hawk, overcoming his exhaustion, also helps her in lifting King's spear; their determination soon convinces King, who then lifts the spear with his telekinetic powers, and heads to the battlefield.[55]

After King and Guila's battle ends with the latter's defeat, Elizabeth and Hawk arrive at the battlefield, Elizabeth watches in shock as the Holy Knight rises from the debris and attacks King from the back, stating that even if he guards himself, he would not come out unscathed if he is attacked at a close range. Just before her attack reaches King, however, Meliodas repels it back at her, the explosion's impact having returned Guila back to the living world. Immediately as he does so, everyone starts disintegrating. Elaine explaining this to be due to the Capital rejecting them, the living, who do not belong there. After having returned to the living world, Elizabeth wonders as to whose memories led them to the Capital of the Dead, only to be frightened at discovering Guila's half-dead body.[56]

Later, when King questions as to Elizabeth's relation with Meliodas, Meliodas initially jokes about them being a couple, and then introduces her as the third princess of the kingdom. Surprised at knowing Elizabeth's status as princess, King, wanting to present himself better, transforms into a much older and fatter form; he then returns to his ordinary appearance upon being told to do so.[57] She later praises King for having been able to defeat an opponent, Guila, whom Meliodas, Diane and Ban were struggling to fight, and watches King question his fellow Sins about their sacred treasures, his irritated response to their answers[58], and him explaining the significance of the Deadly Sins' sacred treasures to Hawk. As Meliodas and King discuss the Holy Knights, she questions the latter about her father and sisters, which, he replies, he does not know about, disappointing her.[59]

Vaizel Fight Festival arcEdit

Later, that night, Elizabeth is seen inside Boar Hat's bedroom, and then, after Meliodas enters the room, nostalgically remembers her childhood, expressing her worries about her sisters and father, but is reassured by Meliodas, that they are alright, and will be rescued by them.[60]

Griamore holding Elizabeth

Griamore lifting Elizabeth.

The next day, Elizabeth, Meliodas, King and Hawk travel to Byron, a town popular for its ceramics, trying to gather information about the other Deadly Sins, Diane and Ban having stayed behind in the Boar Hat due to her size as a giant, and his wanted poster's image's resemblance to him, respectively. As the four walk, they soon find the wanted posters of the Deadly Sins, but now accompanied by a wanted poster for Elizabeth. All the residents, upon discovering that they are the criminals in the posters, immediately and unsuccessfully try to chase them. After the four escape to a tower, Elizabeth expresses her fright at discovering a wanted poster for herself. Though Hawk suggests for them to forget about business in Byron and escape, Meliodas and King leave Elizabeth in the same tower to gather information, upon the princess' own urging.[61]

As Elizabeth and Hawk continue waiting in the tower, they hear a villager, below, pleading to Griamore, who has arrived in Byron after receiving a report of the villagers having found the fugitives, that he had really found them. The Holy Knight, however, refuses to believe that they had escaped after being found, and cruelly considering the report to be false, prepares to execute the villager. Elizabeth, unable to watch such an injustice happen, shows herself to prevent the execution of the citizen, which leads him to commend her courage and call it admirable. When she says that she wouldn't forgive his injustice, he retorts, while lifting her with a single hand, that what he had pledged his allegiance to was not the Royal Family, but is cut off from finishing his statement by Veronica's arrival.[62]

Veronica yelling at Elizabeth

Veronica scolding Elizabeth.

Veronica, stopping Griamore from hurting Elizabeth any further, then takes her to a room in Ceramic Tear Inn, where, as Griamore keeps guard outside, she scolds Elizabeth for sneaking out of the castle. Upon the latter questioning the former whether she was taken there under the orders of the kingdom, Veronica accepts so, and also states that if Elizabeth was captured by here then, she could even become the future princess. Quickly adding that she was joking, she then asks her sister to come back to the castle, since as a princess and Holy Knight, she had enough influence to "do something". Elizabeth, however, refuses to do so and then also expresses her opposition to the Holy Knights' enslavement of the citizens, with Veronica justifying it by saying that the citizens' forced involvement in military activities was for their own protection in the upcoming war.[63]

Veronica continues, saying that rumors state Elizabeth to be hunting the Holy Knights down with the Seven Deadly Sins, and trying to persuade her to cut all ties with the legendary group, informing her that they are all "despicable and evil". Their captain, Meliodas, she includes, is not a half-hearted criminal, but a "raging monster who leaves a path of destruction wherever he goes", and that his child-like appearance is nothing but a mask. Her sister opposing the statement, Veronica argues that Meliodas is simply deceiving her to use her later, and when Elizabeth refuses to disclose the Deadly Sins' location, threatens to not let her out of the room, but, before leaving Elizabeth alone, gives her a pendant of their father which he says will protect them from evil.[64]

As she waits in the room with her head facing down, she does not notice Meliodas and Griamore's very brief battle, only looking above after the former has already defeated the latter.[65] Later, when Elizabeth thanks Meliodas for saving her and apologizes for not remain hidden, Meliodas only states that he shouldn't have left her there by herself, and also informs her that they have found their next destination. Abruptly, fireworks are bursting above the town they are next headed to, as Elizabeth states that though she said that her time with her sisters was very enjoyable the previous day, she is very happy when she is traveling with the Deadly Sins, though frightening events often occur. As the both walk away, she does not notice the fact that Meliodas' shadow appears to be the silhouette of a giant monster, implying that he is not human.[66]

Diane and Elizabeth getting smaller

Elizabeth and Diane after shrinking

The next day, the group reaches a town named Vaizel, that hosts an annual flea market, in which a "weapon that no one can use" is said to be sold; Meliodas and Elizabeth speculate said weapon to be a sacred treasure. Suddenly then, Diane throws a temper tantrum at not being able to accompany the others into Vaizel. Elizabeth offers to join Diane in house-sitting, and when Diane replies that doing so will be boring, responds that she wants to have some "girl talk" once in a while, then heading into the forest with the giant to gather ingredients for dinner.[67] As they walk into the forest, Elizabeth finds a mushroom-like monster; Diane, considering it an ingredient, tries to grab it. The creature, realizing that it is in danger, releases spores that shrink both Elizabeth and Diane. The latter wears the former's clothes and jewelry, in order for them to not be lost, and then, wanting to surprise Meliodas, enters the Vaizel Fight Festival under the name of "Matrona", with the shrunken Elizabeth hiding in the shrunken Diane's bosom.[68]

Elizabeth hides in Diane's bosom during the preliminaries of the tournament[69], and then, during Diane's first battle against Griamore.[70] After Diane wins the battle, King questions her about how her body has become small, and Elizabeth's whereabouts.[71] In response to the last question, a shrunken Elizabeth, from Diane's bosom, replies that she is right there.[72] When Meliodas refuses Diane's advances, and then comforts her, Elizabeth appears to be dejected.[73] She, along with Diane and King, watches Meliodas and Ban's battle, and as Ban is about to land the final blow, pleads to the both to stop him, and then yells for Ban to stop as he punches his opponent; Elizabeth is seen to be surprised by Meliodas having won the battle.[74] Diane then explains how the battle had ended, that Meliodas' eyes were colored black, and that his forehead had a black colored mark, leading to Elizabeth wonder if said mark was the same one Meliodas had in Dalmary, during Golgius' trying to grab his sword. After Diane hurriedly hands her, and her jewelry to Meliodas, before heading for her battle against Howzer, Elizabeth is alarmed at Meliodas' perverted smirking.[75]

Meliodas thinkin on doing something perverted with Elizabeth

Meliodas toying with the shrunken Elizabeth

When Diane turns back at a cheer, and upon finding Meliodas teasing the shrunken and naked Elizabeth, is angered at him not cheering for her; Meliodas continues teasing the princess and the latter does cheer for the fighter. Meliodas then questions Elizabeth as to what was wrong, to which she states the reason she has been dejected for some time: she believes that the reason Meliodas behaves this way towards her is that he doesn't consider her to be important to him. The Deadly Sin, however, does not hear her response over the other noises, leading her to add that she was just talking to herself, and mentally state that no matter what Meliodas thinks of her, she has resolved to believe in him. She proceeds to then tell him that she was very worried about him during his fight against Ban; he replies that he will not battle like that again, but mentally adds that he will only do so when she is nearby.[76]

Hawk making a little dress for Elizabeth

A tiny Elizabeth dress made by Hawk

Elizabeth watches Diane and Howzer's battle, and as Howzer becomes serious tells Meliodas that Howzer should not become serious, since, though he is normally an easy-going person, he wouldn't stop once he has become serious. As she says this, Meliodas wonders if she her size has grown a little.[77] After the battle ends with Diane's victory, she is apologized to by the shrunken giant for her clothes, which Diane has borrowed, having been ruined during the fight.[78] During Cain and Meliodas' battle, as the audience discuss Cain's shirt bearing the crest of Danafor, Elizabeth mentally states her father had told her about her originating from the kingdom once.[79] After the battle ends, and the final battle of the tournament between Meliodas and Diane is declared, both fighters head to the ring, but not before Hawk borrows a ribbon, and with it, makes a small dress for the shrunken Elizabeth, who is left in his care.[80]

Elizabeth giving her charm to Meliodas

Elizabeth giving the Goddess Amber to Meliodas

Elizabeth then watches as Meliodas and Diane fight, and questions the Sins' actions when they suddenly threaten the civilians to leave.[81] She soon realizes the reasoning of the Sins' actions: the four had acted so to have the civilians evacuate.[82] Acting by Meliodas' instructions, Hawk and Elizabeth hide.[83] After King defeats Guila and Jericho, the two bring the unconscious Meliodas along. As Elizabeth hangs her pendant around the Sin's neck, the two are found by Veronica and Griamore, as Elizabeth returns to her normal size. Veronica notices her pendant on Meliodas' neck, in response to which Elizabeth explains that it was her who gave it to him. As Elizabeth refuses Veronica's pleading for her to return to the capital, Meliodas wakes, and stops her, trying to convince Veronica that he will protect Elizabeth. Veronica, however, triggers the pendant, which is actually a stone that will affect demonic beings, to seal Meliodas.[84]

Elizabeth tells Veronica to set Meliodas free

Elizabeth telling Veronica to free Meliodas

Elizabeth and Hawk are greatly shocked, as Veronica concludes that Meliodas was a monster, since the stone affects only demonic beings. Not believing her, Elizabeth continues to refuse to return to the capital, and asks Veronica to undo her spell. As she keeps refusing, Veronica orders Griamore to form a barrier around Elizabeth, and forcefully bring her back. Much to the three's surprise, however, Ban suddenly wakes from his unconsciousness, and takes Veronica hostage.[85] Ban is unable to do much due to Jericho and Guila's arrival and his quick defeat. Guila, noticing that her targets were under custody, extends her hand to help Elizabeth after Griamore releases his barrier around her. Veronica stops her, declaring that she will instead take Elizabeth. Guila argues, and as Veronica opposes again, dismisses the princess' authority and threatens to use force. Immediately, Griamore surrounds Guila and Jericho in a barrier. While Griamore and Veronica's attention is focused on Jericho and Guila, Elizabeth manages to flee, with Veronica chasing. Few moments later, their footsteps trigger one of Guila's explosive mines. Veronica protects Elizabeth, but suffers fatal injuries herself.[86]

Elizabeth moaning over Veronica death

Elizabeth mourning over Veronica's death

Elizabeth was shock to see the sight of Veronica in near death and told her to hold on, but Veronica told Elizabeth if she was fine, Elizabeth told Veronica that she was fine and told her that she always protected her even when they were four and not related by blood, but Veronica then told her that it did not matter if they were related by blood. Elizabeth then told Veronica that she was sorry for telling her she hates her, but Veronica told Elizabeth that she loved her to which Elizabeth tearful she loves her too and Veronica response that she knew because they are sisters. Veronica then order Griamore to protect Elizabeth and passed away. Due to Griamore sadness over Veronica death, Guila and Jericho were set free and attack Griamore. Guila then was planning to take Elizabeth to which she keeps on calling for Meliodas to save them. The Goddess Amber was then glowing darker and break apart which release dark energy and Meliodas was set free, but was now half of his body is cover in the mysterious mark.

Ban taking Elizabeth and King away from the fight

Ban carrying Elizabeth and King to a safe location

Elizabeth then watch in shock at the sight of Meliodas dark power which he used to defeat both Guila and Jericho with ease, and cut Ban in half, Meliodas then went to see Elizabeth who was being protected by Hawk at the moment. Meliodas then start smelling Elizabeth which confused the girl. Meliodas then sense great power coming toward where King was fighting and use some dark matter to form a wing and fly away which left Elizabeth and Hawk confused. Elizabeth and Hawk watch in horror as Meliodas was defeated by Helbram, Ban grab King and told Elizabeth Ban taking Elizabeth and King away from the fight Ban taking Elizabeth and King away from the fight that they had to retreat. Elizabeth refuse to retreat and leave Meliodas behind, but Ban grab Elizabeth and told her it was too dangerous to be around, and run away from the fight.

Elizabeth promise to stop the Holy Knights

Elizabeth promising Griamore that she will stop the Holy Knights

Later Diane found Meliodas and end up crushing Vaizel while Ban and the rest were running away from. After Diane saved Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk watch in shock what happen to Vaizel to which Ban told them it was too dangerous for them to be around. Later, Elizabeth ran happily to the saved Meliodas, but Meliodas was then punch by Ban due to being cut in half by Meliodas. Elizabeth then walk to the wounded Meliodas and hugged him for being alright, Meliodas was happy and told Elizabeth that she needed some underwear while grabbing her butt, leaving Elizabeth embarrassed and Diane upset. Elizabeth then saw Griamore shielding the now dead Veronica, Griamore was crying due to fail to protect Veronica and did not even try to protect Elizabeth. Elizabeth walk calmly toward Griamore and told him about a lake called Pernes where Veronica and her used to play in when they were kids, and told him to bury her there since it was a place her sister loved. Griamore was surprised to see how strong Elizabeth had become and then reveal that Elizabeth is crying over her sister's death but then stating that she will stop the Holy Knights for sure.

Elizabeth was then shocked to be told that Meliodas's Broken Sword was stolen, but Meliodas acted like he doesn't care. Elizabeth told him that the sword was something important to him and asked if it was really fine, to which Meliodas stated it is not fine, and it is a dire situation. This surprised Elizabeth, but then Meliodas stated that if Elizabeth is alright, then losing the sword wasn't a big deal which made Elizabeth blush heavily. Elizabeth and the others treat each other's wounds and then head to the next location to find either another Deadly Sins member or the sacred treasure.

Armor Giant arcEdit

Elizabeth sick

A sick Elizabeth walking out of the Boar Hat

After the Boar Hat stop at an unknown location, Elizabeth looks out to a field and told Veronica that she should rest in peace and doesn't have to worry over herself. Elizabeth then told herself that she will return the Kingdom back to it is old days when the sound of children running and people laughter. Diane then found Elizabeth and told her she shouldn't worry about it, and she is free to use their powers since they are comrades. Diane and Elizabeth later met up with Ban and King who went to see Meliodas when they were shocked to see him looking back through the mountain he sliced up. Later that day, Elizabeth get sick, and was resting at the Boar Hat until she overhears that Meliodas, Ban, and King were about to go to the Ordan forest to find Gowther to which she requests that she wanted to help, but Meliodas tells her she should rest since she is sick which make her blush heavily, remembering what he told her in Vaizel, but Meliodas thought she was having a high fever.

Elizabeth serving Cain with a drink

Elizabeth discussing with Cain about Meliodas' past

As the Deadly Sins headed to the forest, Elizabeth wonder why she is blushing so much since Vaizel and wondering if it was this cold she has. While Elizabeth starts to wonder when the Deadly Sins would come back, she hears a knock at the door. Thinking it is a customer, Elizabeth put on her uniform and go to greet the customer who turn out to be Cain Barzad from Vaizel. Cain is shocked to see Elizabeth and then yell out Liz name, thinking Elizabeth is the latter from Meliodas' past. Elizabeth let Cain in and offers him a drink while he talks about how much she looks and feel like Liz. Elizabeth ask if she was his daughter but Cain said Liz was Meliodas' lover which made Elizabeth speechless. Cain talks about how Meliodas met and saved Liz, and she became closer to everyone in Danafor, even Meliodas. Cain then mentions that Meliodas was a simpleton to which Elizabeth said he isn't a simpleton but really kind which made Elizabeth blush.

Elizabeth taking Liz sword

Elizabeth bringing Liz's Sword to Meliodas

Cain then told Elizabeth the reason Meliodas never use a real sword and that Liz offer him a sword but regret it since he believes he would kill someone with a sword. Later Cain then senses a large power coming from the forest to which he told Elizabeth to stay behind, but Elizabeth got Liz's sword and ran into the forest where the power is coming. Elizabeth manages to get to the battlefield and toss Meliodas Liz's Sword and told him that Liz does not want him to keep on fighting but to keep on living, and told him that she will share his sins whatever it is. Meliodas took Elizabeth words and slayed the beast. Elizabeth is introduced to Gowther, and Elizabeth welcome him and ask if she could use his strength which Gowther refuse to her shock, but tells her that this is not the first time they had met since she met all the Deadly Sins when she was a kid. To her surprise she realizes she met Meliodas before as well. Later during the party, Elizabeth asks Meliodas something. Gowther then reveals to everyone that Elizabeth is in love with the captain, due to her voice seeming to be higher in pitch and her heart beating faster when around Meliodas, much to her embarrassment.

Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

Vivian kidnapping Elizabeth

Elizabeth being kidnapped by Vivian

After Meliodas mentions his plan to return to Kingdom of Liones and everyone refuses to come along to retrieve his sword, Meliodas went under Elizabeth's skirt for comfort, and she comforts him. Later, Meliodas explains the Broken Sword's origin and it was one of the keys to revive the Demon Clan. Hawk wonders why they are after Elizabeth until a mysterious Holy Knight wielding a staff appeared out of nowhere and reveals that Elizabeth is the last key to open the gate, and she teleports along with Elizabeth out of the bar.

Elizabeth in Liones dungeon

Elizabeth in a prison cell in Liones

Elizabeth was then teleported to an unknown underground dungeon of Liones where Elizabeth wonders where she is. The Unnamed Holy Knight appears and tells her she is in Liones. Before Elizabeth could grab for her, the Holy Knight disappeared. Elizabeth heard a strange sound which scared her, but realizes Hawk was taken as well and that Hawk still needed to go to the toilet. Hawk smashes through the door not wanting his pride to be ruined before Elizabeth, who told Hawk there is a toilet in their jail. Elizabeth and Hawk then tried to escape until one of the guards found them, Elizabeth then told Hawk that they should hide, but Hawk attacks the guard, knocking him out cold. Elizabeth realized that they were in an underground dungeon and called out for her father and Margaret, and then heard Margaret's voice.

Elizabeth discovering Margaret imprisoned

Elizabeth talking with Margaret

Elizabeth went to Margaret jail and ask if she is alright, which the latter claim she is fine, but both Margaret and King Liones were very worried about Elizabeth. Elizabeth told them she was fine, but started to tear up when thinking about Veronica and started to blame herself for her death. Margaret told Elizabeth she knew about Veronica's death and still couldn't believe it, but told Elizabeth she shouldn't tormenting herself since Veronica wouldn't want that. Elizabeth calm down a bit and told Margaret they should escape together, but Vivian appears to stop them. Elizabeth was shock and angry at the female Holy Knight and told her to set Margaret free, but the female Holy Knight told Elizabeth that Margaret choose to be imprisoned on her own free will which Elizabeth doesn't believe her. As the Holy Knight was about to take her to a safer location, Hawk stop Vivian with an attack and claim to protect the princess no matter what, but the Holy Knight enraged at Hawk for being a pig and teleport him to a off. Elizabeth was knock out due to the shock wave of the teleports.

Elizabeth reuinited with Baltra

Elizabeth reunites with her father

Once Elizabeth woke up, she finds herself no longer in the dungeon, but in a room with Vivian. Elizabeth ask what happen to Hawk and Margaret, but was surprised to see her father, King Liones in the same room. Elizabeth run and embrace her father, so did the latter with joy to see each other again. But, the female Holy Knight told them that it wouldn't be long until the ritual will start soon. However, a loud noise was coming outside of the room which was revealed to be Slader who wish to have a meeting with the king. Elizabeth stood and hear Slader forcing his way to the King door, but was protected by Perfect Cube while her father begged Slader to stop. Vivian went to see Meliodas battle against Gilthunder which surprised her as Meliodas was overpowering Gilthunder and when Vivian said Meliodas name, Elizabeth grew happy to know Meliodas came for her. The Masked Woman told Elizabeth not to get too happy as Meliodas will be defeated soon, but Elizabeth told her that Meliodas will not loose. After the battle gotten much more intense, Vivian went and help Gilthunder and Hendrickson, leaving Elizabeth and King Liones alone for the moment.

Elizabeth hugs Meliodas

Elizabeth hugs Meliodas after being freed

Bartra asks Elizabeth if she is scared, but Elizabeth responds that she is not as Meliodas will come to save her and her father is with her. Bartra is glad to hear her answer, but responds that they will be separated soon, at which Elizabeth is surprised. Bartra proceeds on to explaining his ability, Vision and informs her that he will be saved by a Crimson Pig, leaving Elizabeth clueless and thinks of Hawk. As the Deadly Sins and Holy Knights were teleported to the Royal Chamber thanks to Merlin, Elizabeth overhear and was happy to know that everyone is here, even Meliodas. Merlin then easily erase Perfect Cube from the chamber by using Absolute Cancel, Elizabeth and Bartra were set free. Elizabeth quickly embrace Meliodas as she had missed him to which the latter comfort her by touching her chest which annoyed Bartra. Elizabeth was worried over Diane wounds until Diane revealed that she was saved by King and was glad she was fine. Meliodas point out that they have defeated Hendrickson and freed the king, and ask Dreyfus what would he do now. As Dreyfus admitted defeated and was crying to know Griamore is alive, Meliodas happily declare that everything was fixed.

Hendrickson flying off with Elizabeth

Elizabeth being taken by Hendrickson

After the situation, Bartra started to cough blood which alarm everyone until Merlin came and offer to heal him back in Camelot along with Arthur. Elizabeth beg Merlin to heal Bartra right away which she agreed, but before they go, Arthur went to Meliodas and offer him the rank of Great Holy Knight of Camelot which Meliodas agreed to which made Elizabeth depress to hear. However, decided to stay behind to restore the kingdom along his Boar Hat. After Arthur and Merlin left with her father, Elizabeth came and ask Meliodas if he was really planning on leaving her someday, but before he could answer, the castle was cut in half, making everyone falls down. As everyone saved each other, they witness that the New Generation are turning into hybrid Demons, including Jericho and Guila. As Jericho transform in a Demon, Diane and Gowther keeping Guila and Jericho calm, King fighting against the enslaved Helbram, Meliodas and Gilthunder went off to fight Hendrickson who summon Vivian to take Elizabeth and Margaret hostage. Hendrickson ends up stabbing Meliodas and Gilthunder when they back were turn to Elizabeth shock. Not wanting anyone to die for her, Elizabeth ask Hendrickson to take her for Meliodas sake which Meliodas try to stop her, but Elizabeth smile, saying she wants to save Meliodas life once in a while until Ban and Hawk appeared in the battlefield.

Elizabeth bleeding to death

Elizabeth mortally wounded

As Hendrickson summon a black matter wing, Elizabeth told Meliodas to think about their promise and was taken by Hendrickson to an unknown location to Meliodas dismay. When the two landed in Merlin ruin castle due to Diane fight against the Holy Knights, Hendrickson said that they were getting close, until Elizabeth grab a dagger and offer to kill herself to stop the Demons from rising. Hendrickson was unfazed and was trying to get rid of the dagger. However, a shield was formed around Elizabeth arm and Hendrickson turn around to find Griamore in causal Holy Knight clothes, intending to save Elizabeth from Hendrickson much to the latter shock. Dreyfus appeared and helped Griamore in his battle against Hendrickson. While battling against Hendrickson, Dreyfus was preparing for a powerful attack until he slipped and hit up hitting Elizabeth which caused her to bleed to death. Elizabeth remained unconscious after suffering a serious injury, unable to witness Dreyfus' death and Griamore's defeat at the hands of Hendrickson. She is later swiftly rescued by the timely arrival of Meliodas and was taken to safety by Hawk while the Dragon's Sin of Wrath immediately battled the Great Holy Knight.

Elizabeth eyes revealed

Elizabeth's powers awaken

As the Holy Knights surrounded Merlin's old castle, Elizabeth is treated by a Holy Knight with healing powers as Margaret and Hawk stayed by her side. Suddenly, Hendrickson re-appears after gaining the power of the Gray Demon, and instantaneously annihilates all the Holy Knights. Noticing all the pain being suffered, Elizabeth desperately stands up and begs everyone to run away whilst breathing heavily. Quickly afterwards, Hendrickson incapacitates all the Holy Knights and Deadly Sins, except Meliodas who defends Elizabeth from the fatal attack. She looks up, observing as Meliodas collapses onto the floor. As Meliodas pleads her to escape, the latter refuses, leading Hendrickson unleash Dead End. When all hopes are seemingly lost, Hawk suddenly appears to save the paralyzed Meliodas. Elizabeth immediately begs him to move out of the way, crying as the pig is consumed by the attack. Realizing that he was gone, she tries to recollect her memories with him, shedding tears and screaming painfully. The rest of the Deadly Sins are equally flabbergasted, until a pillar of light shines in the middle of the battlefield. Margaret reveals to Gilthunder about Elizabeth's incredible powers of healing mortal wounds, having saved the lives of both her father and sister in the past. Hendrickson is straightaway annoyed, noticing that the blood of the Druid mediums that flow through her has awakened. With her hair not longer covering over her right eye, a mysterious symbol is observed together with a pair of wings.

Elizabeth healed Meliodas

Elizabeth healed Meliodas

As Elizabeth stare at Hendrickson, she revealed that she is upset and disappointment at Hendrickson action, saying that her father had high hope for him when he enters the rank of Great Holy Knight and wanted to know his reason for his betray which Hendrickson did it to release the Demon Clan and summon Dark Nebula to kill everyone, but Elizabeth unleash her powers which nearly covered Liones in bright light that healed nearly everybody, including the Deadly Sins. But, to Elizabeth shock, she can't revive those who had been dead, like Hawk which she broke down in tears and collapse into Margaret arm. As Meliodas fell back down from his battle against Hendrickson, Elizabeth came rushing to his side. As the two got closer, Bartra cough and told them to be kept separated as he return from Camelot after being healed by Merlin. Meliodas and Elizabeth greeted the two from their return and after Bartra forgive the Holy Knights for their crime and cleared the Deadly Sins name, Elizabeth, however was still depressed as Hawk was still dead from protecting Meliodas. For unknown reason, the black matter on Hawk body started to fade, revealing that Hawk has been revived, but shrunken to smaller size, but this still greatly bring joy to the Deadly Sins, especially Ban. Elizabeth than put Meliodas face into her chest which is something she never done, but end up healing Meliodas with her rune eye while still tearing for joy as Meliodas and Hawk are still alive. Meliodas than embrace the princess, ending their adventure in Liones.

Post-Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

Meliodas beg Elizabeth to wake up

Meliodas beg Elizabeth to wake up

As Liones was being rebuilt due to the battle, Meliodas and Hawk watch over the injured and unconsciousness Elizabeth as she rests in her bedroom as she didn't heal herself due to being worried about the others then to heal herself. As the two were about to leave her alone, Meliodas realize that he forgot something and went back to Elizabeth room while Hawk yelled at him that he shouldn't do something weird to Elizabeth while she sleeps. When Merlin and Margaret appeared in front of Elizabeth room, Meliodas step out of the room with a grin which made some of them worried that he did something weird, until it was revealed that Elizabeth is up and healed for unknown reason. Hawk was overjoy to see Elizabeth standing again, but wondered why she is moving again. Merlin seems to know what Meliodas did as it was revealed that Meliodas held her hand and told her that he can't live without her which made her wake up. The next day, Elizabeth told Hawk that the Deadly Sins and the latter will be getting an aware ceremony for their effort and Elizabeth wondered about Meliodas new outfit which he happily wore and planned on wearing from now on to her joy as the rest of the Deadly Sins got new uniform as well, expert for Merlin. The Deadly Sins end up celebrating the festival while working in the Boar Hat along with everybody else.

Liones Princesses

Elizabeth with Margaret and Veronica

During the award ceremony, Elizabeth stood next to her father and was surprised when Meliodas called for objection to the award bestowment as he called out to the Holy Knights who complained behind his back and have a voice in the matter, revealing three of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky: Deathpierce, Waillo, and Dogedo. After her father reluctantly granted Deathpierce's request to battle the legendary Seven Deadly Sins as proof of their strength in their very own eyes, Elizabeth tries to protest but nonetheless Meliodas faces Dogedo and won. The next day, Elizabeth ran toward the Boar Hat while wearing a new waitress outfit and ask Meliodas if she could work there since they are going to Camelot on a mission by Bartra orders. However, Meliodas refuses to take her as her father would be mad for letting Elizabeth work as a waitress, but Elizabeth told him she doesn't care and wanted to run the bar together with Meliodas as promise. Meliodas revealed that he didn't make a promise to Elizabeth like that and since they saved the kingdom, there was no need for Elizabeth to work.

Meliodas harrassed Elizabeth

Elizabeth being harassed by Meliodas

When Elizabeth question Meliodas being aloof toward her, the latter start to harassed her like usually to prove he isn't being aloof until Hawk came and tied Meliodas up. Elizabeth then went to see Griamore, Gilthunder and Howzer off on a journey with Margaret and Veronica who came back alive to the kingdom. Elizabeth then came across the shrunken Diane who shrunk herself thanks to the Minimum Tablets Merlin made and the two chatted. Diane revealed that she was looking for King as he disappeared after the festival and revealed she was mad for leaving her the second time which puzzled Elizabeth. As the two chatted, Diane ask Elizabeth if she loves Meliodas which the latter blushed, but admit she does love him, but doesn't know how to tell him which Diane beg Elizabeth to tell him as she regrets not telling King how she feels as she revealed her background story of her and King. Diane started to shed tears, leaving she is worried that King left forever without telling him how she feels and that she is in love with King.

Albion arcEdit

Estarossa appearing in Elizabeth's dream

Elizabeth dream of Meliodas

After Diane crash through Merlin's door, begging her to find King, Elizabeth calm the depressed giant until she spot Meliodas and ran away in embarrassment as the princess know that Meliodas will only love Liz. While Diane trying to cheer Elizabeth, the two waitress came across a confused and puzzled Zeal who doesn't even remember who he is. Diane spot Guila and Gowther who quickly rush over them to help Zeal, but Guila doesn't even remember who her little brother is. A confrontation with Gowther soon after reveals that Gowther had manipulated both sibling's memories; Guila's memory manipulation occurring during the battle between Ban and Meliodas. It is during that battle, Gowther had noticed that both Ban and Meliodas (who despite suffering heavy injuries), increased in power level. After coming to the conclusion that feelings of love are what caused this change, Gowther switches from studying friendship, to love, using Guila as his makeshift lover. Gowther attempts to convince Diane that the memory manipulation was necessary, as it is what helped suppress the Demon Blood within Guila at the time. Revealing that he has made Guila's memories a much happier one, Gowther asks Diane and Elizabeth which set of memories Guila would be happier with. Diane disagrees with this, asking Elizabeth to go get Meliodas and Merlin. Gowther attempts to stop Elizabeth, but is stopped by Diane.

However, Elizabeth was soon knocked out cold by Gowther's Black-Out and ends up dreaming of the time she was on the quest to find the Deadly Sins and spot an older version of Meliodas. This dream soon ended when Meliodas woke her up, worrying over the latter. Elizabeth and the others found Diane winning over her match against Gowther while the latter is sulking in his defeat. After the short scuffle has been settled for now with Gowther returning Guila's old memories as well as Zeal's including their breakup of their relationship, Meliodas and the others returned to the bar where Slader agree to join with them for a while and Elizabeth wanted to join, but Meliodas shut her down coldly to avoid her getting hurt by the Ten Commandments to the displease of others. When Slader appeared to comfort her, Elizabeth revealed she understood the reason for Meliodas acting cold towards her, but still wanted to be of use to him since he helps her so much. However, Merlin got a call from Arthur who was under attack from an Albion and teleported to Camelot to battle the giant.

Elizabeth Arthur and Hawk in Perfect Cube

Elizabeth, Hawk, and Arthur being protected

After the giant golem was defeated, Elizabeth was amazed to see Meliodas Sacred Treasure, Lostvayne and his ability to copy himself. However, while the group chatted, a member of the Ten Commandments, Galand appeared and easily destroyed most of Camelot without the need of his magic. Meliodas was shock to see him and Galand revealed that he knew Meliodas and was surprised he didn't age at all for the last three thousand years, but still attack them. Meliodas protected Elizabeth, but soon Elizabeth, Hawk, and Arthur were place in Perfect Cube and watch helpless as the Deadly Sins were easily defeated and led to be killed by Galand, until it was revealed to be a illusion from Gowther.

Istar arcEdit

After the battle, Elizabeth looked after Meliodas as he was healing until he woke and Elizabeth soon embrace him, telling him she was worried. Elizabeth soon took Meliodas where the others are healing and were saddened about losing to Galand. However, Meliodas soon lift everyone's spirits by stating to train more to get stronger and a strategy, even Arthur and Elizabeth have to awake their hidden powers as well. Meliodas believe the situation was so bad, they have to bring in Escanor and later went to check up on Diane health until King pop up to check up on her. When the three check Diane, she revealed to lost all of her memories to the point of meeting Meliodas the first time. While Meliodas and the others talk about Diane memories lost, King kept Diane company until she started to lose more memories and ran off. Gowther soon revealed that he use Lost World on her to test if her feelings for King were stronger than she said. After King punch Gowther, the others follow Diane who was heading to Megadozer until they were stopped by Monspeet fire ball which Hawk Mama eat it to the others surprised. When they couldn't sense Diane power level anymore, Meliodas believed she is fine and should focus on their training until they meet Diane again. Meliodas decided the first thing to do is head to Istar, the home of the Druids and the location of Meliodas' strength. While the Boar Hat traveled to Istar, Merlin revealed the reason for her to steal Meliodas power was because he couldn't control his emotions very well, and nearly destroyed Liones when a young girl got herself injured during the framing ten years ago, possibly being Elizabeth. Merlin then somehow stole Meliodas strength and gave it to the Druids for safe keeping. Once they travel there, they were greeted by the head of the Druids, Jenna and Zaneri along with their bodyguard Theo. When they request them for training and Meliodas strength, they agree to help out while Zaneri led Meliodas and Elizabeth inside the castle to test them. Zaneri soon revealed to have feelings for Meliodas as she wants him to grope her and seem jealous of Elizabeth, while Meliodas show no interest in her. Zaneri then tests Meliodas by sending him through memory lane to the day Danafor was destroyed to see if he could control his emotion when Liz died. However, Meliodas repeated the day so many times, he soon started to lose it until he was inspired by Elizabeth and tried it once more, passing the test to Zaneri surprise.

After Meliodas regained his strength and defeated Galand in under ten seconds, Elizabeth returned to the group to see how their training was going. Elizabeth also got a new outfit for battle as Zaneri believed it would be easier for her to move while Meliodas enjoyed the outfit and led to him poking Howzer eye for ogling Elizabeth, hinting a jealous side. When Elizabeth saw Hawk's new form, she was stunned and went back to talking to Meliodas to Hawk dismay and led Meliodas to ask her how her training was going. Elizabeth responded that she failed respectful to everyone's surprise. After everyone's training, the Deadly Sins decided to head out to stop the Ten Commandments and find Escanor. Before heading out, Meliodas cheered Elizabeth up for failing her trial by saying it's okay to fail as he failed the trials a thousand of times and knew Elizabeth had some crazy power hidden. This quickly cheered Elizabeth up. She promised to be of help to them and soon restore their relationship.

Great Fight Festival arcEdit

Elizabeth saving Diane from giant bugs

Elizabeth saving Diane from giant bugs

After Meliodas decided to enter the Vaizel Great Fight Festival arc, Elizabeth, along with Hawk separated from the group upon entering the maze. Not long after being separated, Elizabeth and Hawk meet with Diane who still lost her memory due to Gowther's interference within her memory. Elizabeth relieved knowing Diane's good condition, telling that everyone from Boar Hat worried about her.[87] Diane who lost her memory instead shows hostility to Elizabeth, doesn't want to trust any human. As Diane advanced alone, Elizabeth and Hawk followed her from behind. Diane let Elizabeth and Hawk walk in front of her until suddenly the ground begins to split into a deadly gap and almost make both Elizabeth and Hawk die if Diane didn't catch them.[88] Elizabeth thanked Diane and the three of them proceed together into a cave. Diane who doesn't know that there's a swamp inside the cave attacked by leeches. Elizabeth comes to rescue, restlessly trying to take off leeches from Diane's legs.[89] From that point on, Diane grows trust to Elizabeth, thanked her for saving her earlier.[90]

Prankster Imp transform into Meliodas

Elizabeth and Hawk attacked by Prankster Imps

Soon, Elizabeth, Diane, and Hawk ambushed by Prankster Imps who take the form of Meliodas. Hawk tries to ask question that only true Meliodas can answer, hoping one of them hiding among the fakes.[91] Doesn't get the answer right, Elizabeth and Hawk terrified as they confirmed all of them are fakes as they launched attacks to them. However, the Prankster Imps defeated once again as Gilthunder and Howzer come to save Elizabeth and Diane.[92] Gilthunder says that he and Howzer immediately separated from the main group upon entering the maze.[93] When Elizabeth and the others learned the nature of the monster inside the maze, an Earth Crawler appears behind them.[94] Diane ordered Hawk to protect Elizabeth as she, Gilthunder, and Howzer attacking the Earth Crawler.[95] In the end, the three of them are cornered by the monster. However, A magician who also a participant of the festival, Gilfrost helped them by easily defeating the Earth Crawler.[96] Later, Elizabeth heals Howzer's wound after the battle.[97] Suddenly, she can feel a faint presence of Meliodas across the thick layer of the maze's wall, saying to the others that Meliodas is waiting for her beyond the wall.[98]

Elizabeth reunited with Meliodas after he and Ban destroyed the wall that separated them.[99] After Elizabeth and the others reach the center of Vaizel, Drole, a member of Ten Commandments along with Gloxinia who created the festival uses Creation to mold the battlefield and organize the competitors into pairs. Surprisingly to Meliodas and Ban, Elizabeth is paired with Elaine and compete in the first battle against two Malachia Assasination Squad members, Torah and Jigumo.[100]

Elizabeth healing Malachia assassin

Elizabeth healing a Malachia assassin

As the battle begins, Gloxinia tells the festival's rules to the participants, and one of them is the participants are prohibited to leave the festival. Elizabeth shouts to the worried Meliodas that she and Elaine will be just fine, and he doesn't need to worry about her.[101] Elizabeth impressed at Elaine who easily knocked the opponent with just one move. She compliments Elaine, saying that Ban's most beloved person is as amazing as Ban's think.[102] Elizabeth also says that reasons why she and the others had joined the group was to stop the awakening Ten Commandments and to tastes the fun of the festival much to Elaine displease.[103] In the middle of their conversation, Elizabeth and Elaine are attacked with smoke gas, make an advantage for Torah and Jigumo. As Jigumo poisoned Elizabeth, Torah makes his movement to stab Elaine. However, Elaine already foresaw his action and immediately defeat him.[104] Elizabeth shows no injury despite being poisoned by Jigumo earlier. Instead, she voluntary heals Tora's wounds.[104] Elizabeth ended the battle, saying to Elaine that she forgives Torah and Jigumo despite their intent to kill her earlier.[105]
Elizabeth crying over Meliodas' death

Elizabeth cries over Meliodas's dead body

However, Torah and Jigumo fall into a pit made by the Commandments for failing the match. At some point in the tournament, Escanor manage to heavily injure Drole and Gloxinia, leading Meliodas to strike back as he planned, Drole soon takes all the participants as hostage with one of his techniques until Gilfrost teleports everyone, except Meliodas, safely back to Liones Castle.

Elizabeth and the others watch the rest of the battle through a crystal ball, seeing how Meliodas has the upper hand until the rest of the Ten Commandments show up. After being cornered by the enemy, Meliodas is stabbed to death by Estarossa. Elizabeth then asked Gilfrost to teleport her there to confirm herself the fate of Meliodas. Seeing his lifeless body, she burst into tears, begging Meliodas to open his eyes.

Defensive Battle for Liones arcEdit

After one month, the Ten Commandants have taken over Britannia and have devoured many souls to regain their strength. While battles against the demons continues, Elizabeth ended up running the Boar Hat alongside Hawk.
Zaratras appears in front of Elizabeth

Zaratras appears in front of Elizabeth

Elizabeth made the bar into a safe place where knights or people running away from the demons to hide and relax for a while, even aiding a former enemy Golgius since Elizabeth believe it's what Meliodas would have done. It was revealed that Elizabeth had kept the dead body of Meliodas in their bed, all healed up as she believed Meliodas will wake up one day since she or Hawk couldn't find him in the Capital of the Dead. As they were closing up the shop, a knight came in going by the name Silver, the same knight who entered the previous tournament, but soon he reveals himself as Zaratras. After a meeting with his hosts, Zaratras use a Druid spell that allows Elizabeth, Hawk and himself to see Meliodas' memories. There, Elizabeth sees herself as a newborn in Meliodas' arms soon after the destruction of Danafor. After learning about the union between her childhood and Meliodas, how the Seven Deadly Sins were formed and a conversation with Zaratras where Meliodas reveals to him about a "curse" that prevents him from dying, her hope of seeing him alive again is relit when Meliodas says to her past self that he will always come back to her alive.
Elizabeth deciding to go back to Liones

Elizabeth decides to go to Liones

When Elizabeth decides to go to Liones, Zaratras tries to persuade her otherwise as the kingdom was being invaded by the Ten Commandments. However, Elizabeth affirms that it is her duty to protect the kingdom and its people, appearing the symbol of the goddesses in her eye.
Meliodas reuniting with Elizabeth once more

Elizabeth in arms of a revived Meliodas

On the way to Liones with Zaratras and Hawk, they are ambushed by a group of Red and Gray Demons. There, the Ten Commandments, Derieri and Monspeet notice them passing through a forest and stop them. Derieri recognizes Elizabeth, although they have never met. When Derieri attempt to kill Zaratras, Elizabeth manages to use Ark to stop her, destroying one of Derieri's hands. There, Derieri tries to attack her, but a revived Meliodas protects Elizabeth from the Commandment's attack and a relieved Elizabeth doesn't mind Meliodas groping her.

After stopping the invasion of the Commandments to Liones, Meliodas tells Elizabeth about how he fears he will turn back into the man he once was 3000 years ago, so Elizabeth hugs and comfort him.

Corand arcEdit

After the Seven Deadly Sins reunite, Elizabeth is told by Diane that she and King met someone who looked and sounded just like her. This started to worry Elizabeth as they also mentioned that this girl was with Meliodas back then. Elizabeth then confronts Meliodas about how she feels about all these different Elizabeths who look just like her and all are linked with him. She asks him for the truth, but he just says it's a coincidence. This leaves her upset as she knows he was lying. She later goes to the Boar Hat where the rest of the team are. There she meets Hendrickson, who tells her they need her help. Merlin, who had been attacked by the magic of Zeldris, is in a bad state to the point where Hendrickson is incapable of saving her with his years worth of training druid magic. Elizabeth attempts to heal Merlin which leaves Escanor shocked about her power while Hendrickson states the druids power pales in comparison to Elizabeth's.

The Goddess symbol appearing in both of Elizabeth's eyes

The Goddess symbol awakens in both of Elizabeth’s eyes

She is then taken to a dark space where she meets Zeldris who apathetically greets her and reveals Meliodas is his brother and about her previous goddess status. When a confused Elizabeth said she never met Zeldris, he amused calls her miserable woman and angrily accused her of still corrupting his brother. Mortified by Zeldris words Elizabeth asks the meaning of his words and Zeldris reveals her original self was cursed after her death to be reincarnated with all her memories lost and inevitably meeting Meliodas again. Happy yet confused of why Zeldris said she is causing Meliodas suffering, Elizabeth desperately tries to remember and Zeldris angrily told her as she is sent back having cured Merlin to remember everything and know the true depth of her currently unknown sin. Elizabeth later starts to remember some things from her past lives which then causes both of her eyes to show the Goddess symbol. She faints and is put to bed where Merlin remarks this is most likely an effect of Zeldris magic. Meliodas states that it won't be long until she remembers everything and when she does she'll die in three days because of the curse that was put on him and she.

After the Sins went to Corand, Elaine senses that Diane is being possessed and hurries her way into help them but collapses. Then Elizabeth suddenly turns up and helps her, much to Elaine surprise, and tells her she is coming along.

Elizabeth and Elaine arrive to the battlefield

Elizabeth and Elaine joins the battlefield

When they arrive to Corand, both come into action right away. After Elaine uses her powers to stop Diane, Elizabeth uses the spell "Let There Be Light" to purify the giant.

Elizabeth then uses her healing powers to instantly restore the wounds Diane and King attained. Elaine then compliments Elizabeth's immense power and asks which Elizabeth is she now, and she responds with she is Elizabeth from the Goddess Clan but also Elizabeth, princess of the Liones Kingdom. She then compliments Merlin for becoming a full grown woman and teases her asking if she wants to refer to her as 'Big Sis Sis' like she used to do.

The discussion is cut short when Melascula arrives. The Commandment accuses Elizabeth of manipulating Meliodas' heart into betraying the Demon Clan. She transforms into a giant snake to eliminate all of them, and attacks Ban first. Elizabeth witnesses as Elaine grows her wings to save Ban. Elizabeth states that this was possible because of her love for Ban.

Then Meliodas loses control and breaks free of Melascula's spell which causes Elizabeth to worry. After Escanor states that he will take care of Meliodas inside Merlin's Perfect Cube, Melascula uses the opportunity to attack the Sins. Ban does a sneak attack on her, but is hit with her Deadly Poison. Elizabeth intervenes, unharmed by the poison, using the spell Invigorate that rapidly heals Ban, neutralizing the potent acid as well.

Elizabeth using Tranquilize

Elizabeth purifies Melascula

Melascula decides to go after Diane, but the giant effectively counterattacks. King also furtherly damage the Commandment. Then Elaine stops her with a wind spell and Gowther prevents her from moving by tampering with its nerves. Instead of killing her, Elizabeth uses the Tranquilize spell that expels the centuries-worth of demonic Miasma out of Melascula, turning her in her original snake form that is captured by Merlin.

However, Meliodas frees himself unleashing his Assault Mode, resulting on him being reverted to his old self and begins a fierce fight with Escanor, as Elizabeth watches from the outside of the Perfect Cube. She shows visible horror and worry as Meliodas easily outmatches Escanor in battle and stabs him in the stomach. Upon Escanor being seemingly beaten to unconsciousness, Elizabeth demands Merlin to remove Perfect Cube, so she can try to convince her now berserk lover but Merlin refuses as doing so would mean that Meliodas would certainly kill them.

When the fight is over, Elizabeth immediately goes to a defeated Meliodas. During the way to the Boar Hat, Elizabeth asks Merlin to let her heal Meliodas wounds, but she refuses, as it would be dangerous.

Prelude to the New Holy War arcEdit

Once in the Boar Hat, Meliodas suddenly awake, but is instantly incapacitated by Merlin. She wants to put him inside a Perfect Cube to be safe, but Elizabeth intervenes. With Merlin's refusal, Elizabeth then asks her to lock them both in, and that she will try to stop the regression process.

Elizabeth protecting Meliodas

Elizabeth request be imprisoned alongside Meliodas

All of a sudden the daylight sky begins to be overtaken by darkness. After everyone sensed a dark presence suddenly an old man appears in front of Meliodas and Elizabeth claiming that he's going to kill her and rescue Meliodas. He used Absolute Cancel to dispel the Perfect Cube. After the demon incapacitates Merlin using Full Counter over her Magic Seal, Diane grabs Elizabeth and Meliodas while the old man is distracted. Elizabeth states she is not hurt but Merlin is in trouble. The old man is then identified by Gowther to be Chandler, Meliodas's true master. The fight continues as the sins deny to hand over Elizabeth and Meliodas. Chandler proceeds to counter the Sins attacks one by one. He eventually decides to kill Elizabeth with Dragon Claw, attack which was blocked thanks Diane's Heavy Metal. He then uses another attack to melt them, but Elizabeth and the others are saved just in time by Ban, who suddenly appeared. Chandler keeps attacking, while the Sins try to combine their efforts in protecting Elizabeth and the Captain. After
Elizabeth healing the Sins

Elizabeth heals Diane, King and Ban

Chandler beats Diane, King and Ban, Elizabeth uses her power to heal their wounds and restore their stamina. Gowther, who got free from Chandler's control thanks to Hawk's aid, uses Invasion on Chandler to make him miss his attacks, allowing King to take the chance and defeat the Pacifier Demon.

However, while everyone is relieved by their 'victory', the Pacifier Demon rises up again and reveals his true appearance, with greater powers than before. Gowther, who was previously affected by Chandler's, magic drops down and Elizabeth's powers are unable to heal him. King then declares that he will fight Chandler by himself while everyone else evacuates. But before King can sacrifice himself, Drole and Gloxinia arrive and block Chandler's attack, claiming that they will repay their old friends Elizabeth and Meliodas.

While both duel Chandler, Elizabeth and the Sins escape from the area. However, it did not take long before Gloxinia and Drole meet their ends in their fight against the Demon Master. Elizabeth gets sad due to her old friends sacrifice but still remains strong. She heals Escanor with Invigorate who was still affected after his battle against Meliodas. Then they notice that a dense miasma is being emitted from Meliodas' body. Elizabeth hurry claims that nothing is wrong with him and decides to take him outside. In that moment, Chandler catches up to them only to find that Meliodas is finally awake. After claiming that he has a method for saving Elizabeth, Meliodas solemnly declares that the Seven Deadly Sins are now disbanded.

Elizabeth tries to no avail to deter Meliodas of his plan to become the new Demon King. Then Elizabeth is taken by Meliodas, along with Chandler, to Camelot, where Zeldris is. They are received by Zeldris and Estarossa. Elizabeth recognizes the latter as the one who killed Meliodas, she gets as well the feeling that she have met him before. Estarossa after seeing Elizabeth claims that he knows her, even when this was their first meeting. Eventually Meliodas angers both brothers, whom attack him and Elizabeth at once but are quickly subdued by Meliodas. After some discussion, the brothers come to the decision of gather the missing commandments while Meliodas will stay there to protect Elizabeth.

Elizabeth slapping Meliodas with Ark

Elizabeth "slaps" Meliodas

Once in a room by themselves, Elizabeth tries to convince Meliodas to return to the Seven Deadly Sins and find another way. But he refuses and states that this is the only way to keep his promise of breaking their curse. But Elizabeth says it makes no sense to do that if they are not going to be together, until Meliodas briefly changes back to normal and states his love for her. Elizabeth hugs him, declaring that all the Elizabeths always loved him by their own will, but Meliodas went back to Assault Mode and states that he feels nothing with the promise to her is the only thing he has left. Elizabeth replies that then she has a plan as well, a plan to work with the Seven Deadly Sins and stop Meliodas from become the new Demon King. He tries to make her desist, but Elizabeth "slaps" him with Ark, knocks him down while destroying the entire room in the process, and retreats back to Sins' location.[106]

Elizabeth leaves the castle and runs through Camelot looking for their companions, unaware that Chandler saw her and sent a pair of little demons to kill her.

When Elizabeth finally finds them, in that moment one of Chandler's minions attack her. Diane warns her, but the minion manages to do a large cut across Elizabeth's forehead. Diane crushes the creature and asks Elizabeth if she is okay. Elizabeth says she is fine and heals herself.

Once in the Boar Hat, Elizabeth briefly update the situation to the Sins. After reassuring Diane, who is sad over the prospect of Elizabeth dying due to the curse, she states that she will stop Meliodas from becoming the Demon King, even at the cost of her life, and asks the Sins to lend their strength.
Elizabeth making official the alliance with Stigma

Elizabeth and Ludociel forms an alliance

Right when Elizabeth and the Sins are back to Liones, they are greeted by Bartra, who thanks them for saving the hostages. Bartra gets surprised after discovering the symbols in his daughter's eyes. Elizabeth says that she will tell him later. In that moment is announced that Gilthunder, along with Dreyfus, Hendrickson and Margaret, who is accompanied by two strangers, arrive. Elizabeth immediately deduce that Margaret is not the one they were looking at, and that someone has taken over Margaret's body. After they introduce themselves as Ludociel, Sariel and Tarmiel of the Four Archangels, Ludociel charismatically requests for the Sins and Knights of Liones to join them to kill Meliodas, his brothers and their masters, and he implies that her mother would lift her curse if Elizabeth would cooperate. Elizabeth refuses, saying she does not want to kill Meliodas but to stop him from becoming the Demon King. Merlin intervenes, proclaiming her the leader of the Sins, and that they will accept any decision she makes. Elizabeth decides that they need the help. Then she and Ludociel crosses sword-like beams of light symbolizing their alliance.

Elizabeth takes King Bartra to the tree that she climbed up to the top when she was younger to gain his attention. She reminded him that when he climbed up there and fell it was what awakened her power for the first time in this lifetime. She explains who she truly is and the story with Meliodas and her battle against her mother and his father. Bartra cries and says no one should have to suffer for their love. Elizabeth says she might not be a model daughter but asks him to let her be his little daughter for a little longer.

Soon after Arthur is brought back by Merlin from Camelot and asks Elizabeth to heal his wounds. However, Cusack, controlled his body (due to his Resonant ability) and makes the King stab himself with Excalibur much to Elizabeth's and the Sins surprise.

Current arcEdit

Elizabeth "blessing" Merlin

Elizabeth "blessing" Merlin

Elizabeth tries to attend Arthur's wounds, but she says that cannot heal the wound as long as the sword is still within his body.

Seeing Merlin in despair after Arthur's death, Elizabeth kisses her in the forehead using a "spell" on the mage, as her original incarnation from 3000 years ago would do, putting her at ease. After that they head out to a meeting with the alliance. There Elizabeth decides to be with the Sins on the "Search-and-Destroy Force", in charge of destroying all the demon armies in the way to Camelot. Ludociel began to pick fun at Elizabeth for not joining the "Assault Force" as if she cannot bring herself to seeing her lover gone evil, but Sariel and Tarmiel come to her defense saying that Elizabeth's support is well needed and stopping Meliodas from achieving all Ten Commandments is a pivotal role.

After preparations have been done Elizabeth is seen outside in the new outfit Merlin made for her. She states she senses a mass of Demons coming in their direction and that Meliodas must not get the last decree. Merlin reminds Elizabeth about how important her and Arthur's power awakening was in the war. Elizabeth apologizes about what happened to Arthur and Merlin also feels the need to apologize as her saying Elizabeth awakening her power is important for the war but did not remember that it would in turn activate the former Goddess' curse. She tells Elizabeth nevertheless her power is essential to the battle. Elizabeth alongside the rest of the alliance stand on the front lines of the battle ready right confront the demon army approaching.

As the fight rages on between the "Search-and-Destroy Force", Elizabeth watches as the combatants use the blessings they attained from Ludociel to fight.

Elizabeth healing everyone

Elizabeth heals everyone in the battle

After the battle was finished, Deathpierce starts to tell everyone that the power of the blessing makes them invincible, and they can use it beat the demons, Elizabeth tells him and everyone else not to rely on that temporary power. She explains the technique known as Breath of Bless, also called Cheat Hope, pushes the persons magical and physical capabilities to their limits but the person loses their feeling of pain and tiredness and will continue to fight to their deaths. Deathpierce tells her she does not know what she is talking about, making Sariel intervene to tell him that he is actually the one who does not know a thing. He explains that Elizabeth spent most of the battle talking to the Demons and making them turn back around and avoid the fight. Deathpierce still questions the princesses abilities saying she was useless after all which causes Sariel to hush him. He explains despite the demons who have to follow Chandler and Cusack's orders, Elizabeth still managed to get dozens to lose the will to fight and turn around. Tarmiel then explains that Breath of Bless does not heal injuries and that Elizabeth was the one that was responsible for healing everyone's injuries. She explains that she would like everyone to make it out of the battle alive.

Gowther comments on Elizabeth's performance, saying that even Mael, the strongest Archangel, praised. Hawk comments on how clumsy she was previously and how much she is changed only for her to fall down which makes Hawk realize that the old Elizabeth is still definitely there.

Elizabeth attacking Estarossa

Elizabeth attacks Estarossa

Afterwards, a huge power of Ten Commandments level lands in the middle of the battlefield. To Elizabeth's surprise it is Derieri. She realizes that Derieri has no intention of fighting and even tries to stop Deathpierce from attacking her. Derieri explains that Estarossa killed Monspeet. Estarossa, who was following her, arrives. Soon as he arrives he locks Derieri and Elizabeth from the rest of the fighters in Evil Hound. Once inside he expresses his gratitude for seeing Elizabeth and that she escaped from Meliodas. He claims he will take Derieri's commandment and send her to where he sent Monspeet. Elizabeth concludes that he must collecting the commandments for Meliodas to become the Demon King. Estarossa states that he is the one who plans to become the Demon King instead, which anger Elizabeth, which uses Ark on him and destroying the barrier as well.

Elizabeth protecting Derieri

Elizabeth protects Derieri

As the attack Estarossa summoned tries to attack Elizabeth she uses Jonah no Junan, a massive whale like creature made of Ark to consume the hound whole while shielding Derieri from the shockwave, causing Derieri to comment that she is really the Goddess Elizabeth. Elizabeth worries about her friends, to what Derieri responds that the purgatory flame could not be extinguished unless it has destroyed every flesh and bone yet Elizabeth managed to distinguish it. To their surprise they hear Diane's voice who lifts the earth revealing everyone safe and sound.

While Sariel and Tarmiel fights Estarossa, Derieri asks Elizabeth if she knows how Monspeet did feel about her, to which Elizabeth responds that she could not possibly know such details. But Elizabeth tells her that she and Monspeet are similar to her and Meliodas; she explains that she wants to do whatever she can to compensate for Meliodas' suffering and sacrifice; that maybe Derieri did not know about what Monspeet wanted to say, but the important thing is how she feels about.

Sariel and Tarmiel return to the battlefield announcing that they defeated Estarossa, but immediately Estarossa shows up alive, under a transformation. He attacks the Archangels and overpowers them, but working together they beat him once again.

Estarossa taking Elizabeth away

Elizabeth let to be taken by Estarossa

Derieri notices that he already absorbed a decree and is also in possession of Monspeet's. Elizabeth and the allied forces look on in shock and fear as Estarossa changes aspect once again, presenting himself as the "great Meliodas".

As the visibly disturbed demon looms towards Elizabeth, Guila tells her to escape but unfortunately Estarossa attacks and easily beats her, while Diane and King try an offense-defense strategy to stop him, to no avail.

Elizabeth shouts to stop them, and then she gives herself up to Estarossa to avoid more bloodshed. After telling everyone to keep Derieri safe, Estarossa then takes her away to the sky.

There Elizabeth questions him as to where he is taking her to which he responds to her as if he was actually Meliodas that it's the place they would go when they didn't want anyone to see them. Elizabeth shocked as to how he would know this since Meliodas and her are the only people who know this. Estarossa then loses control over his power and goes berserk and let's go of Elizabeth and begins to fall to the ground.

Elizabeth summons her original Goddess wings to fly up and push Estarossa on the platform and after some struggle she saves him. However, loses her guard due to being a little exhausted Estarossa who's lost control of himself grabs her by the neck. Elizabeth who doesn't want to die until she meets Meliodas at least once more places her hand nearby Estarossa's face. She then Ark slaps him creating multiple lighter orbs successfully severing his grip.

Elizabeth grabbed by a berserk Estarossa

Elizabeth grabbed by a berserk Estarossa

She then takes notice to the environment. She realizes they are in the Heaven's Theater. She remarks that it was such an old place that no one else would go there but her and Meliodas when they would meet in secret. She expresses how much she longs for Meliodas to which Estarossa back to his senses reveal he always watched them in secret. Elizabeth is able to remember a little about Estarossa, and he claims that the only ones who never laughed at him were Meliodas and Elizabeth. Estarossa reveals that Meliodas once told him that he was gonna try to see if he could work things out with Elizabeth for him. Elizabeth says that his momeries must be wrong, since Meliodas would never say such a thing.

But Estarossa enraged due to Meliodas lying to him loses control once again. Elizabeth pleads for him to spit out the decrees and maintain his consciousness however, he grabs her using his power of darkness while going berserk and locks her up claiming that he won't let anyone else have her.

Elizabeth sinking into the darkness

Elizabeth sinking into the darkness

As she sinks into the darkness, Elizabeth assures that Estarossa's memories must be wrong, since Meliodas would never tell a lie that harmed his younger brother. However, when recalling a conversation with Meliodas at Heaven's Theater, he tells her that Zeldris is his only brother. Without understanding, Elizabeth calls his memory with Estarossa as a child, where he asks the name of the dog she brings with her, telling him that Meliodas had decided to name it Estarossa.

Confused, Elizabeth begins to recover her true memories that had been altered by Gowther's spell 3000 years ago. The image of Estarossa becomes blurred and is replaced by that of a young Mael. Unable to believe it, Elizabeth realizes the true identity of "Estarossa" as Mael.

As Mael uncovers the truth about himself the darkness that was holding Elizabeth captive begins to crumble, freeing her, remaining unconscious while Mael goes berserk fighting against Sariel, Tarmiel, Gowther and King.

Elizaebth cries for Mael

Elizabeth cries for Mael

Derieri then wakes her up to which she cries over the fact that Estarossa was Mael all this time. She states that she wants to save his heart but not even her magic power can purge the darkness within him and remove the Commandments. Derieri tells Elizabeth to remain there and reassures her that she has a plan. Elizabeth watches as Derieri's plan goes into commence only for Tarmiel to fall into Mael's trick which in turn got Derieri killed.
Elizabeth taking care of Derieri's dead body

Elizabeth taking care of Derieri's dead body

Elizabeth rushes over to Derieri but it was too late as she was already dead and her Commandment removed from her body. Elizabeth states that she will not let Derieri's death go all for naught and that she will end the new Holy War and stop Mael, and most importantly save Meliodas. Hawk asks Elizabeth what is the light orb in the sky and Elizabeth states it is like a cocoon and it is due to Mael, who already struggled to absorb three Commandments, trying to absorb a fourth.

Within the cocoon Mael shoots a shower of light and darkness beams all over the Theater catching Sariel and Tarmiel within the range to which surprises Elizabeth. She screams but with no time to react. Gowther throws King to Hawk and Elizabeth starts to heal him. While doing so one of the light beams from Mael was about to hit Elizabeth, but Gowther sacrifices one of his arms to stop the attack. The doll stands with a new resolve, prepared to fight against Mael.

Elizabeth heals King and then a portal opens revealing Oslo who releases Diane who uses Heavy Metal to block Mael's attacks and is then is informed about the situation.Mael's transformation is then completed and he reveals a new form to which Hawk comments that his power level is above 200,000 and makes Elizabeth say everyone should just run.

Mael uses his Love Commandment and combines it with his light magic blasting away Elizabeth and everyone else making everyone feel all gloomy and can't even feel their injuries. Gowther uses his Sense Opener that restores them to their senses and they all jump above Mael and Elizabeth heals Diane and King's injuries instantly and the two along with Gowther combine their magic in one big attack on Mael.

As Mael manages to counter their efforts with the power of the Commandments, Elizabeth shows worried. When Diane and King's magic is sealed by Mael's Scythe of Reticence, Elizabeth hurries to heal Diane's wound and release her from the cursed seal. 

After Olso sacrifice his life to protect everyone from Mael's Lightball of Love, Elizabeth accomplish in healing Diane and release her magic just in time for she to use Gideon's special ability Lightning Rod to nullify Mael's Lightball of Love by redirecting it to the earth. When Hawk ask why she never use that technique before, Elizabeth explains that the redirected energy causes severe damage to the earth and the creatures that lives on it. After Diane redirects a second Lightball of Love, the Heaven's Theathre is destroyed and everyone begin to fall to the void. Elizabeth calls her goddess wings to catch Diane, but this one ask her to save King who is unable to flight with his magic sealed. When Hawk go to save King, Elizabeth sadly divises Derieri's corpse falling. 

As Elizabeth begins to lose altitude do to Diane's weight, Diane ask her to leave her and scape, but Elizabeth refuses. There, Mael appears to Elizabeth's back but before he can hurt her, King push him away revealing his new form and fully growed wings, to the great surprise of Diane and Elizabeth. Elizabeth comments that King's magic power is so vast and calm as the water of a blue lake. 

When Mael release another Lightball of Love, King protects Elizabeth and Diane with True Form Eight: Pollen Garden. Elizabeth is surprised as King is able to use the different empowered forms of Chastiefol at the same time. As Mael is overpowered by King and begins to suffer for the Commandments, Elizabeth cries for him to awake and return to his true self. 

After Gowther enter inside Mael's soul and success in release him from the Commandments's influence, Elizabeth cries of happiness as Mael return to his original form.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Due to being the current reincarnation of the Supreme Deity's powerful daughter, Elizabeth possesses immense powers based on light, rapidly heal everyone in the Kingdom of Liones and unintentionally causing plant life to instantly grow throughout the entire Kingdom when first awakened. Even before awakening her memories, she was capable of healing several almost dying individuals or dispelling a curse placed on Merlin by Zeldris with the Demon King's magic, while her aura was capable of harming demonic creatures like Hendrickson or even the Commandment Derieri. Upon the return of her memories, Elizabeth's magic power increases dramatically as Elaine remarks that the "incredible" amount of magic the former possesses marks her as a true goddess. During the alliance of Stigma and the Seven Deadly Sins, the blade of light she generates for the Light of Pact, was of equal length but wider than the one summoned by Ludociel, leader of the Four Archangels. Her power was enough to extract the miasma out of the Commandment Melascula easily which was vital to defeat her, stop dozens of demons from battling, as well as counter Hellblaze techniques.


Main article: Ark
  • Ark「聖櫃アーク Seiki (Āku); literally meaning "Holy Chest"」: An archetypal magic technique of the Goddess Clan which creates light particles. It can be used in different ways such as energy beams, explosions, or extremely large blades, in her case equal and wider than the leader of the Archangels'. It is mainly used to counteract darkness by disintegrating it with light, but it also can cause great physical damage to the targets. Offensively, Elizabeth utilizes Ark as her main attack method, using it on a considerable and later massive scale despite her pacifist nature: Even before regaining her memories, an involuntary Ark was enough to obliterate the flesh of Derieri's hand while the attack of a Divine Lance Corporal was completely ineffective against it.[107] ​​​​​​Some time later, her Ark grew enormously in size and power enough to briefly knock out Meliodas in his Assault Mode, enclose Estarossa by sending him fly with enough force to cause considerable damage to a nearby mountain range, and then again even when he absorbed three Commandments
  • Let There Be Light (ひかり) あれ Hikari Are」: Just like her original incarnation, Elizabeth crosses her arms, firing off drill-shaped projectiles purifying massive darkness and extracting it from the target, including any lingering hatred the dead may leave behind that prevents them from fully passing on, even when inside a host.[108] It can also be used to rip darkness off someone's body, including the Indura form of the Demon Clan.
  • Invigorate (すこ) やかなれ Sukoyakanare」:By channelling power, Elizabeth raises her arm and rapidly heals a targets, counteracting negative effects such as strong corrosive substances or recover health and stamina, either for severe or minor damages. If not controlled enough, this healing power has the opposite effect on demons, hurting them and repelling their power. Her powers presumably render her immune to the effects of any poison, being completely unaffected by the Poison Snake Whip of the Assassin Knights of Malachia or Melascula's Deadly Poison. She initially lacked the ability to heal herself due to her empathy for others, but with the return of her memories, demonstrates the power to regenerate a cut inflicted by Chandler's Enkonjin and even a deep head wound from a Split Ball. After recovering her memories, she was able to counteract the effects of Melascula's poisonous acid instantaneously which even outspeed Ban's regenerative powers granted by the Fountain of Youth [109], Her healing abilities are able to restore King, Diane and Ban completely within seconds after being brutally wounded by Chandler and later allows her to restore the vitality of Escanor after being weakened by Meliodas' demonic miasma, as well as cure all the injuries, including broken bones and ripped open wounds, of a large number of people, even unbeknownst to them.
  • Tranquilize (やす) らかなれ Yasurakanare」: Elizabeth outstretches her arms and creates a purifying mist. It is strong enough to expel centuries-worth of demonic miasma out of Melascula.[110]
  • Healing: As a druid, Elizabeth can heal injuries rather easily by channel her power. Initially uncontrolled like when she healed instantly everyone in the Kingdom of Liones with relative ease, Elizabeth eventually gains control over the spell to heal even more severe injuries from armies or groups filled with lethal damages. Hendrickson admitted that even the master druids' healing capabilities pale in comparison to Elizabeth's prowess, who is even capable of dispel a curse placed by the Demon King's magic on a minor extent despite the fact she hadn't recovered her previous memories yet.
  • Empathic Power: Like her original incarnation, Elizabeth has developed a mysterious ability that allows her to persuade others by speaking into their hearts and souls. During the opening battle of the Holy War, she swayed dozens of minor demons to flee from battle with the "Search-and Destroy-Force" despite them having to obey the highest-ranked demons Chandler and Cusack's orders, an achievement which Sariel praised her for.
  • Flight: Elizabeth has displayed the ability to call upon her original wings for flight purposes. Her wings are strong enough to lift for Diane on her giant form for certain time.


  • Rusted Knight Armor: Prior to her encounter with Meliodas, Elizabeth wore a set of rusted armor with a helmet and a sword which has never actually been used. When she wanted to don the armor again with Meliodas' help and equipped with a shield and a set of short and two heavy axes, she didn't have the physical strength to carry the equipment that led her to collapse under its weight.

Power LevelEdit

Total Magic Strength Spirit


Seven Deadly SinsEdit


Elizabeth appears to show great respect and trust towards Meliodas, calling him with the honorific, "Lord", and also cares greatly about him and worries about his health and injuries continuously.[111] She also doesn't care about him harassing her, such as being groped, to an extent.[112] Elizabeth has resolved to believe in Meliodas, no matter how he thinks of her or what others say bad stuff about him. Since Vaizel, Elizabeth started to blush whether Meliodas said something caring about her, hinting she might be growing feelings for him. It was pointed out by Gowther that Elizabeth has fallen in love with Meliodas, to her embarrassment. After Meliodas accepted Arthur's offer to becoming a Great Holy Knight in the Kingdom of Camelot, Elizabeth was immediately distressed and heartbroken, realizing that Meliodas may leave her in the future. Elizabeth revealed to Diane that she does love Meliodas since the day they first met. However, Elizabeth has a hard time telling him how she feels, as she knows that Meliodas is possibly still in love with Liz.

Despite Meliodas' recent distant nature towards her, Elizabeth grew upset, but still understand he is doing this to protect her, but didn't change her mind to be by Meliodas' side and to help him and the others. This, however, change as Meliodas started to be more accepting of Elizabeth once more after she helped him over his trial to regain his strength and soon returned to groping her. Elizabeth was soon devasted over the death of Meliodas, but continued to run the bar to honor his death. Elizabeth kept Meliodas unconscious body in their bed to care for him, even healing his wounds and restoring his arm. It was soon revealed that Elizabeth survived the destruction of Danafor due to Meliodas and was promoted to a Holy Knight of Liones to watch over her. During her time growing up she was very attached to Meliodas, possibly had a crush on him as toddler, missing him when he went on missions and kissing him on the cheeks. This improved their relationship and Elizabeth is extremely grateful to Meliodas for saving her. She showed no concern or fear when Meliodas expresses his desire to not go back to being the one he used to be and does not hesitate to comfort Meliodas, saying that she will always be with him.

However, when Diane revealed the existence of a goddess who looked just like her, Elizabeth starts questioning Meliodas about it, suspecting that he cared for her so much because she looked like her. Elizabeth was uncomfortable when asking Meliodas on it and Meliodas himself clearly fears the answer, even lying to her, much to her disappointment. However, Zeldris quickly reveals this when they met and Elizabeth learns that Meliodas does love her, but she is causing him to suffer too. Elizabeth desperately tries to remember, and when Zeldris restores her previous memories, as well as her goddess powers that are fully restored. However, her curse is once again activated as a result, which leads to Meliodas becoming more determined than ever to break their curses, leading to the loss of his emotions towards her and his friends. This along with his decision to become the next Demon King to break their curses, has put a serious strain on their relationship. Yet despite all of this, Elizabeth still loves Meliodas deeply, and is greatly determined to do whatever is necessary to stop him from doing all of this, even if it means falling victim to her own curse in the process of saving him.


Initially, Diane rather disliked Elizabeth despite the princess showing a great deal of respect for her, and addressing her with the honorific, "Lady".[113] Elizabeth has once said that she envies Diane's abilities to fight, and tries to support her when the Deadly Sin battles Friesia. After she selflessly attempts to save a child even though she knew it could cost her life, Diane appears to start acknowledging her, resulting in them becoming closer companions, even stating that she doesn't mind fighting for her. The two become friends and trust each other with their feelings, shown when Diane expresses her regret towards King and when Elizabeth confides in her feelings for Meliodas.[114] After learning of her and Meliodas' curses, Diane's loyalty and protectiveness of Elizabeth as her friend only grew.


Elizabeth and Merlin have a fairly good relationship, due to Merlin saving Elizabeth's father's life and the princess shows respect towards the mage like towards any other member of the Deadly Sins. After Meliodas revealed his past and the secret of his and Elizabeth's curse, as well as Elizabeth regaining the memories of her previous incarnations, Merlin's relationship with Elizabeth has visibly become only stronger. Merlin now shows the same level of care and concern for her as she had for the original Elizabeth. During the aftermath of the fight with Melascula, the two exchanged warm pleasantries with one another, and Merlin even referred to her as "Big Sis Sis", as she used to do with the original goddess Elizabeth, with Elizabeth also now showing Merlin the same big sister-like care and friendliness that her original incarnation did.


Elizabeth and King share a good friendship, with King respecting her for being a princess and her bravery for trying to fight Guila. King worries about her well-being, and Elizabeth responding by calling him with the honorifics of "Lord". After learning of her and Meliodas' curses, just like Diane, King's protectiveness of her grew.


Elizabeth and Ban seem to share a good relationship. Ban shows some form of care for her, when he took Veronica hostage to free Meliodas and Elizabeth, and taking her away from the rage Diane fighting against Helbram, possible due to Meliodas caring for her. However, Elizabeth and Ban don't talk to each other very often as Elizabeth tends to feel intimidated by him.

Despite all of this, Ban did show genuine concern and shock for both her and Meliodas after finding out about their curses and past, and was even impressed with Elizabeth's newfound powers and her ability to heal him from Melascula's poisonous acid, when his own immortal healing abilities were barely working against it.


Escanor is the last of the sins to have met Elizabeth, meeting her shortly during the Great Fighting Festival in Vaizel, then being properly introduced to her after Meliodas' revival and the complete reunion of all seven Sins. Since then, the two have become quick friends with one another, with their friendship and trust in one another being surprisingly strong. Even after the revelation of her and Meliodas' past, the activation of both of their curses, and even after watching him fight to suppress Meliodas' Assault Mode, the two seem to be on good terms with one another, enough that Escanor is willing to fight to save her and Meliodas both from their respective curses.


Elizabeth and Gowther share a good friendship, though she was upset when Gowther erased Guila and Diane's memories. After Gowther's memories and emotions returned, she was happy for Gowther, and in turn Gowther's friendliness towards her became more genuine, as well as his desire to help and protect her. After learning of her and Meliodas' past and curses, Gowther has become determined to help the two of them in any way he can.


Bartra LionesEdit

Elizabeth, though not being related by blood, loves him and cares about her father very much. Her love is equally returned by him, which is seen when he risked his life to climb a tree in order to save Elizabeth, something which he had never done before.[115]

After Elizabeth explained her and Meliodas' curse to her father he started to cry, saying that no one should have to suffer for their love. Elizabeth states she might have not been the model daughter but for the remaining days until her curse activates she wants to be his little girl.

Margaret LionesEdit

Elizabeth loves her adopted sister very much and admires her for her kindness and gentleness.[116]

Veronica LionesEdit

Elizabeth and Veronica love each other, which the latter being very worried about the former when she escaped from the castle. However, Elizabeth is dismayed by Veronica's supporting the Holy Knights, and Veronica, by Elizabeth's supporting of the Seven Deadly Sins, whom she considers to be villains who are using Elizabeth.[117] Despite the event happening, Elizabeth still shows that she loves her sister and was even mourning over her death when she saved her.

Boar HatEdit


Elizabeth seems to love talking pigs and adores Hawk as a pet.[118] She appears to treasure Hawk very much as a companion and trusts in him. Elizabeth and Hawk get along great and tend to partner up for certain "missions", but end up failing at. When Hawk was killed by Hendrickson, Elizabeth's grief allowed her to summon her hidden powers.


Since Elaine was watching over Ban through the Capital of The Dead, she soon learned of Meliodas and Elizabeth. Elaine took a liking to Elizabeth because of her kind personality and when the two finally meet, they automatically become friends and battle partners during the Festival. They develop a respect for each other and even talk about their respective love interests, with Elaine admitting she finds Elizabeth something special. The two helped each other in battle after Elizabeth reawakened as a goddess.

Holy KnightsEdit


When she was younger, Elizabeth saw Gilthunder as a big brother while growing up, but was displeased when Gilthunder grew into a 'cruel' Holy Knight. After the events with Hendrickson, Elizabeth's relationship with Gilthunder has gone back to normal as she finds out the truth of his cruel nature.


Elizabeth didn't encounter Griamore much during her childhood as Griamore only cared for her sister, Veronica. But Elizabeth seems to trust him to take Veronica's dead body to the lake they used to play at.


Elizabeth and Howzer used to play together during their childhood, as Elizabeth saw him as someone very strong.

Goddess ClanEdit





Demon ClanEdit



Great Fight Festival arcEdit

Corand arcEdit

Prelude to the New Holy War arcEdit

Current ArcEdit


  • (To an isolated Holy Knight) "As long as you still breathe, you are afforded the opportunity to fight and protect those of your own choosing. And, as such, you'll have people to share your suffering, misery, and sorrow with."
  • (To the Search-and-Destroy Force) "If possible, I would like everyone here to survive. If there is a way to settle this without anyone getting hurt, then that's what I want. I understand how naive that hope is... But I just want you all to never forget that there's someone in your lives hoping... praying that are safe and unharmed". [119]


  • The names, Elizabeth, or Elisabeth, are the Greek transcriptions of the Hebrew name Elisheva, which means "God's promise", "oath of God", or "I am God’s daughter".
  • In Arthurian Legend, Elizabeth is based on King Meliodas first wife, Isabelle or Elizabeth, who was the queen of Lyonesse and mother to Tristan.
  • According to the databook(s):
    • Birthplace: Danafor
    • Special Ability: None
    • Weak Point: Her butt
    • Daily Activity: Helping out at the bar
    • Hobbies: Handicrafts
    • Charm Point: Her earring
    • Complex: Her right eye
    • What likes about herself: Her long hair
    • Favorite Animal: Pigs
    • Favorite Food: Apple Pie
    • Favorite Scent: Meliodas'
    • Most Embarrassing Thing in Life: Being hugged by Meliodas while she was bathing naked
    • Greatest Regret: That there are people who were hurt because of her
    • Dream/Hope: Peace
    • What wants the most right now: Meliodas' heart
    • Person(s) she respects is her father and Zaratras
    • Person she doesn't want to make an enemy of is no one.
  • Elizabeth is actually quite artistic, often giving presents to his father which she made herself. This includes three layers, a silverware, a horse leash for his favorite horse, and a suitcase.
  • While running the bar, Elizabeth revealed that her cooking could be equal or worse than Meliodas', despite looking good.
  • Elizabeth shares the same bed and room with Meliodas.
  • In the Nanatsu no Taizai Popularity Poll, Elizabeth was 6th place (210 votes) for postcards, but 10th place (2074 votes) including online votes.


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