Elizabeth vs. Derieri & Monspeet is a battle between Derieri and Monspeet of the Ten Commandments and Elizabeth, a goddess.


Derieri and Monspeet, in a desperate attempt to achieve victory over the 4 Archangels, perform a dark ritual, sacrificing 6 of their hearts and their ability to reason in order to become powerful beings of destruction, the Indura. They begin a fight with Ludociel of the Four Archangels and quickly seem to overpower him with ease. Just as Ludociel declares that he is ready to go all the way, he is interrupted by Elizabeth, who claims the fight for herself.


Elizabeth states that she will save Derieri and Monspeet, rather than allowing Ludociel to fight them. She uses Let There Be Light, firing blasts of light which drill away at the darkness within Monspeet and Derieri. Rueduciel decides to stop her by killing the demons, but Meliodas intervenes. Ludociel commands Sariel and Tarmiel to aid him, but they choose to help Elizabeth purifying the demons instead by supporting the former's attack with Ark. Ludociel attempts to convince Elizabeth to slay the demons, but fails. Eventually, Elizabeth and the 2 Archangels successfully cast out the darkness within Derieri and Monspeet, causing them to unconciously fall to earth.




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