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The Epilogue arc is the twentieth and last arc in the series, lasting from the 344th chapter to the 346th chapter.


With the Demon King and Cath Palug both defeated, Britannia has now entered an era of peace and the Seven Deadly Sins finally disband with their mission now complete and go off to live their dreams, with the next generation now taking over and the future of different possibilities.

Fights and Events

There are no fights in this arc.


With the threat of the Demon King and Cath now passed, Merlin stays behind with Arthur to help him rebuild Camelot as an everlasting kingdom.

Meliodas and the rest return to Liones where the Sins go on their separate ways: Diane and King head off to the Fairy King's forest to plan their wedding, Ban and Elaine set off across Britannia as they planned decades ago, Gowther goes off a journey to see what the present has in story for him, and Hawk (with Merlin's help) goes to Purgatory to erect a grave for Wild, only to find out he is still alive.

Meliodas and Elizabeth go off to accept Bartra's proposal as the new rulers of the kingdom, after they've visited all the places that Elizabeth's past incarnations lived.

Eighteen months following, Britannia has entered an era of peace with the Holy Knights returning to their place as the defenders of the kingdom: Slader and Simon traveling around to complete missions, Howzer training Guila and Jericho and the latter is told by Puora of something happening with Ban and Elaine.

Story Impacts

  • The Seven Deadly Sins all go their separate ways:
    • Ban and Elaine go off to wander Britannia as they planned decades ago.
    • Diane and King go off to the Fairy King's Forest to prepare their wedding.
    • Gowther sets off on a journey to find a new purpose.
    • Meliodas and Elizabeth agree to take over as the new rulers of Liones, after they visit all the places from Elizabeth's past lives over the past 3,000 years.
    • Hawk, with help from Merlin, heads to Purgatory to make a grave for his big brother, only to discover that Wild survived the fight with the Demon King and the two finally meet again.
  • A year-and-a-half later, Elizabeth and Elaine both become pregnant, with Meliodas calling their child Tristan and Ban calling theirs Lancelot.
  • Deathpierce quits being a Holy Knight and returns to Edinburgh, refusing to work under a Demon (Meliodas) and a Goddess (Elizabeth), whose kind brought suffering upon him and vows to make a country for Humans alone.
  • Dreyfus and Hendrickson retire from being Holy Knights and begin to teach swordsmanship and potions to the next generations of Holy Knights.
  • On his tenth birthday, Tristan overhears from one of the maids of his father's group and how they were framed by the kingdom, believing them to be evil knights hoping to overthrow Liones once again and attempts to stop them himself but receives a "present" from Gowther showing the true history and declares to his father that he wants to be one of the Seven Deadly Sins.


  • This is the shortest arc in the series, along with the first arc.
  • This is the only arc where no battles occur.


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