Escanor vs. Izraf is a battle fought between Escanor, the Lion's Sin of Pride of the Seven Deadly Sins and Izraf, a vampire and king of the Vampire Clan.


Right after arriving in Edinburgh, Meliodas and Escanor are separated due to the latter being in his nighttime form, and thus slowed down dragging his great axe Rhitta. Shortly after Escanor is approached by Izraf, who was hunting the intruders in his castle. The encounter makes both of them to comment they "drew the worst lot of the bunch".


While initially at a great disadvantage, being barely able to escape the vampire king's attack, as the Sun began to rise Escanor gains more and more power and confidence, thanks to his ability Sunshine.

After transforming, Escanor tells Izraf to use his full power, after scoffing he complies and expects Escanor to be consumed by darkness, only for him to left unharmed. After being enraged by Escanor's words, calling the Vampire king a mere grain of sand in the land, he throws a flurry of blows but is instead cleaved nearly in half by Escanor. At first, he thinks nothing of it because of his regenerative abilities, but soon finds the wound set ablaze and realizes this must be Escanor's power. Izraf panics as the only fire that should be able wound him is the "Purgatory Fire" of the Demon Clan.

The battle continues with Izraf trying in vain to protect himself with more darkness, only for Escanor to easily burn it away. Much light and heat is radiating from Escanor by this point, and the castle has began to melt. Izraf beings to slowly burn to death, his skin and hair burning off, his throat completely dried out, and one of his feet already turned to ash. He begins to beg for his life, but Escanor rejects his pleas, having been put in a foul mood by Izraf calling a poem he was reciting a spell. Escanor then kills Izraf with one final explosion, destroying Edinburgh castle along with him.


After the battle, Escanor is approached by Gowther and Merlin, who then rendered him unconscious and bring him back to Liones.



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