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Explosion爆炎エクスプロージョンEkusupurōjon」 is an ability possessed by the Holy Knight, Guila.


Explosion, as its name suggests, enables its wielder to generate powerful explosions, whose sizes can be controlled and manipulated. Guila channels her ability through her rapier; with a single flick, she can produce flares from the tip of her weapon, which explode when contact is made.[1] Utilizing the explosives, she can also generate smokescreens to confuse enemies.[2]


  • Drift Bomb「ドリフト・ボム, Dorifuto Bomu」: A small flare is produced at the tip of her rapier which drifts towards enemies and explodes. Although initially appearing to be weak in power, it is highly explosive and damaging.[3]
  • Shot Bomb「ショット・ボム, Shotto Bomu」: A chain of explosive flares are produced by a single flick of her rapier.[4]
  • Brilliant Detonation「ブリリアント・デトネーション, Buririanto Detonēshon」: Immense amounts of flares are accumulated and gathered before erupting and bursting apart, sending a rain of explosions onto enemies.[5]
  • Chain Explosion「チェイン・エクスプロージョン, Chein Ekusupurōjon」: Several flares are emitted, with stop midway before reaching the opponent. When an individual goes near a flare, it explodes, triggering the rest to also detonate. All the explosions together result in a gigantic one, that heavily damages the opponent.[6]
  • Killer Mine「キラーマイン, Kirāmain」: The user plants explosives underground, which explode when an individual is standing above them.[7]
  • Bomb Shock「ボム・ショック, Bomu Shokku」: A large flare is thrown that then explodes.[8]

Combined Techniques

  • Combined Technique: Bomb Cyclone「合技 ボム・サイクロン, Gōgi "Bomu Saikuron"」: A highly condensed twister, constricted to its limit and filled with multiple exploding flares. Created by combining Howzer's Rising Tornado technique and Guila's Shot Bomb technique.[9]


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