The Forest of White Dreams is a forest covered by fog for the entire year, which makes it very difficult to travel through, since individuals can easily lose their sense of direction inside. Even individuals habituated to traveling, such as hunters, avoid the forest; it is thus a very ideal place to hide from Holy Knights.[1] The forest is very huge, and one may not find even a single creature after walking for more than three hours.[2] Its only known inhabitants are the Prankster Imps, who are capable of confusing people by mimicking and disguising themselves as others.[3]


10 years ago, when the Seven Deadly Sins were framed for the murderer of the Great Holy Knight Zaratras, Diane, ordered the Prankster Imps to hide her from the Holy Knights and to serve her, lest she go on a rampage.[4]


Forest of White Dreams arcEdit

Meliodas and Elizabeth meet Diane

The three finding the sleeping Diane.

Meliodas, Hawk and Elizabeth's journey leads them to the Forest of White Dreams, where they come looking for a Deadly Sin, the forest being a very ideal place to hide from the Holy Knights. After waking for over three hours inside, they encounter the Prankster Imps, who, thinking that the three were Holy Knights, try to stop them by imitating Hawk and Elizabeth. However, Meliodas manages to trick them, with them retreating to the sleeping Diane and accidentally bringing the three along, while apologizing to her for letting the "Holy Knights" come through.[5]

The misunderstanding is soon cleared, and Diane and Meliodas then discuss about the events that occurred ten years ago, and led to the Seven Deadly Sins being framed for Zaratras' death. She then decides to join her captain and Elizabeth in their journey, thus allowing the Prankster Imps to finally live in peace. Soon after, Holy Knight, Gilthunder finds them[6] and fights Meliodas, trying to kill him. After the Sin of Wrath tricks Gilthunder into revealing the whereabouts of Ban and King[7], the Holy Knight is flung from the forest into a neighboring village by Diane, who subsequently leaves the forest with her new companions.[8]

Defensive Battle for Liones arcEdit

Elizabeth, along with Hawk and Hawk Mama, travels through the forest after a failed visit to the Capital of the Dead. There, they encounter and rescue a starving Golgius, who leaves after partaking in a meal, as well as a recently resurrected Zaratras.

Fights and EventsEdit



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