Fort Solgales (ソルガレス砦, Sorugaresu Toride) was a fortress located about seven miles northwest of Bernia. The Holy Knight, Gilthunder resided at and governed over the fort before its destruction.


Fort Solgales destoyed

Solgales being destroyed

Gilthunder, after hearing the report of a child pulling out his sword-which he had used to seal Bernia's river's underground water source[1]-borrowed a spear from one of the guards and threw it directly at Bernia, in order to confirm whether or not this was an accident.[2] However, Meliodas stopped the spear with his bare hands and threw it back, which led to the fort's destruction and Gilthunder's realization of the Seven Deadly Sins still being alive after 10 years.[3]

During a celebration at Boar Hat by the townsfolk of Bernia, one of the drinking patrons mentions that his son served as a guard of that fort and worries about him and at the same time, the guard was distressed that his father's life was at risk when he heard from his fellow guards of Gilthunder throwing a lightning-infused spear at Bernia from the fort.


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