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Three of the Four Archangels

The Four Archangelsよんだいてん使Yon Daitenshi」 are the four strongest warriors of the Goddess Clan. Each of them bestowed a Grace, a power from the Supreme Deity. The members of Four Archangels are said to each possess power equivalent to two members of the Demon Clan's Ten Commandments.[1]


The Four Archangels were formed by the Supreme Deity. They are known as the elite of the Goddess Clan, being also recognized as dangerous even by the Ten Commandments. All the members have received a Grace which gives them combat abilities, similar to how the Demon King bestowed Commandments on his elite warriors. In addition to the Grace, each of the Archangels are given divine protection by the Supreme Deity that made them immune to the curses of the Ten Commandments, as Estarossa noted that Sariel and Tarmiel showed their hatred towards him but remain unaffected by his Love Commandment.

As members of the goddess clan, the Archangels are capable of brainwashing members of other races to fight for their cause, which Ludociel avails himself of liberally in order to achieve his goals.


Over 3,000 years ago, the strongest and most threatening Commandment, Meliodas, defected from the Demon Clan. Seizing this opportunity of weakness, the Four Archangels recruited the Fairy Clan, Giant Clan and eventually the Humans in an alliance under the name of Stigma to wipe out the Demon Clan and the Ten Commandments. This came to be known as the Holy War.

At the war's turning point, Ludociel planned an ambush on the Demon Clan in the Fairy King's Forest, having previously kidnapped many members of the Demon Clan as bait, with the intent of eliminating the demon forces in a single attack using the overwhelming power of the archangels. Following the decimation of the demon army, the Goddess Clan forces would descend from heaven to seize control of the world and its power. Among the kidnapped demons were many non-combatants, indicative of the Archangel's inhumane ruthlessness toward demons in pursuit of their cause.

While the plan successfully obliterated the captured demons along with the main demon army that had arrived to save their brethren, the Ten Commandments were too powerful to fall so easily. Derieri and Monspeet, two of the stronger Commandments, vengefully charged against Tarmiel and Sariel, but the Archangels overwhelmed them effortlessly. Following the arrival of Ludociel and pushing to odds too far against them, the two Commandments were forced to permanently sacrifice six of their seven hearts, thereby invoking a favor of Indura, after which they seemingly gained the upper hand. However, the duel was summarily ended by Elizabeth's intervention, and the overall battle interrupted by Gowther's betrayal.

Sometime after, Gowther used a forbidden spell with the help of his doll that used up all of his life force and magic that could change everyone's memories of a sole person that not even the Supreme Deity and the Demon King were immune to. He used it to change everyone who knew Mael into thinking he was killed by someone who never existed, the Demon King's second son Estarossa, and this tricked the Goddess Clan into ending the war due to believing their strongest warrior was dead. The Four Archangels, along with the Goddess Clan, sacrificed themselves to seal the Ten Commandments and the Demon Clan into the Coffin of Eternal Darkness, losing their physical bodies in the process and cause their souls to inhabit the material objects, such as swords or instruments, in Britannia for the next three thousand years. Mael, having been turned into one of the Ten Commandments, was sealed alongside the Demon Clan.

3,000 years later, with the Demon Clan being released from their seal, the Four Archangels took over the bodies of three humans as vessels in order of fight again. Ludociel possessed Margaret Liones, Sariel possessed a very ill Solaseed and Tarmiel possessed the deceased Arbus. The three then formed an aliance with Liones and the Seven Deadly Sins, reviving Stigma with the goal of unleashing a new Holy War, spearheaded by Ludociel's zealous desire to finish the genocide of demons they had come so close to achieving 3,000 years past.

During the New Holy War, Sariel and Tarmiel join the Search-and-Destroy Force to help the Holy Knights confront the main force of the Demons while Ludociel forms part of the Assault Force to personally deal with Meliodas and the highest-ranked Demons in Camelot.

After Elizabeth was kidnapped by Estarossa, everyone's memories of him began to change when things were not adding up and caused everyone to start remembering the truth: Estarossa, the second son of the Demon King, never existed to begin with and was actually Mael the entire time.

Sariel and Tarmiel lose their bodies during the battle against Mael. The latter is finally defeated by King and saved by Gowther from the corruption of the Commandments. Ludociel would fight alongside the Sins against Zeldris and the Original Demon, eventually reuniting with Mael during the fight. Following the Demon King's defeat, Ludociel depletes his physical body as well, leaving Mael as the only remaining Archangel.


Four Archangels
Ludociel (Leader) Sariel Tarmiel Mael

Abilities & Power Levels

  • Ludociel: Flash (201,000 ; with Margaret's body)
  • Sariel: Tornado (Unknown)
  • Tarmiel: Ocean (Unknown)
  • Mael: Sunshine (Unknown)


  • Like the names of the Archangels in real world religion, the Four Archangels names all end in "-el", which is the Hebrew word for "God".


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