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Four Knights Of The ApocalypseもくろくよんMokushiroku no Yonkishi」 is a manga written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki, and the sequel series of The Seven Deadly Sins.


With the final chapter of The Seven Deadly Sins, the series' author Nakaba Suzuki announced the sequel series and included a draft image of the sequel. On a later date, the author has released another teaser, depicting the series' new protagonist. On January 27, 2021, the series has been released in Weekly Shōnen Magazine.


The story is set as a sequel to Seven Deadly Sins, taking place 16 years after the defeat of the Demon King and Cath Palug.[1]

List of Volumes

# Japanese English
Release date ISBN Release date ISBN
1 April 16, 2021 978-4065229828

Chapters list:
  • Chapter 1. The Boy Sets Out on Adventure「少年は旅立つ」
  • Chapter 2. Chance Meeting「邂逅」
  • Chapter 3. Clues of the Father「父の手掛かり」
  • Chapter 4. Unknown Power「未知なる力」
  • Chapter 5. The Four Knights of the Apocalypse「〈黙示録の四騎士〉」
Pages: 192
Cover character:
4KOA Volume 1
2 June 17, 2021 978-4065235799

Chapters list:
  • Chapter 6. The Next Destination「目指すべき場所」
  • Chapter 7. The Demon of Echo Gorge「木霊の谷の悪魔」
  • Chapter 8. Percival the Guinea Pig「パーシバル、実験台になる」
  • Chapter 9. Venom-Mixing Boy「調毒少年」
  • Chapter 10. Trampling Upon Their Hearts「心踏みにじりし者」
  • Chapter 11. Percival's Rage「パーシバルの怒り」
  • Chapter 12. IT'S SHOWTIME!!「IT'S SHOWTIME!!」
  • Chapter 13. A Resolve Further Honed「さらなる決意」
  • Chapter 14. The Lonely Young Lady「孤独の令嬢」
Pages: 192
Cover character:
4KOA Volume 2

Chapters not yet compiled in volumes

These chapters have yet to be published in a tankōbon volume.

  • Chapter 15. Anghalhad and Her Dream「夢見るアングハルハッド」
  • Chapter 16. Sistana Shaken「戦慄のシスタナ」
  • Chapter 17. Confrontation with Evil「悪との対峙」
  • Chapter 18. Resolve for the Battle「戦いへの覚悟」
  • Chapter 19. An Act of Evil「悪の所業」
  • Chapter 20. The Name of the Magic「その魔力の名は」