The unnamed power that allows Friesia to manipulate insects.


Friesia has complete control over the insects, applying their highly destructive and corrosive poison, and her mastery of them to form unique abilities. In addition to their offensive capabilities, she is shown to utilize them as an extension of her vision, granting her the ability to use them for espionage and reconnaissance.[1]


  • Rain Capriccio雨の狂想曲レイン・カプリチオ Rein Kapurichio」: A large swarm of flying insects amass and cloud the sky, spitting and spraying a corrosive poison, and imitating the falling rain.[2]
  • Storm Rondo嵐の輪舞ストームロンド Sutōmu Rondo」: Friesia gathers a large swarm of insect and has them shred her opponent apart using their sharp claws and wings, resembling a tornado.[3]


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  • Friesia's technique names are a combination of musical terms and meteorological phenomena.


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