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Full Counter全反撃フルカウンターFurukauntā」 is a reflective power possessed by the Dragon's Sin of Wrath, Meliodas, the Pacifier Fiend, Chandler and Mael under his Estarossa of Love persona.


Full Counter enables its wielder to reflect attacks aimed at them back at their enemy, but with more than double the power; therefore, the stronger the opponent's powers are, the stronger the user's power becomes. However, there are also many drawbacks to Full Counter: the user cannot initiate any attacks themselves[1], and they would not be able to reflect attacks if the opponent does not allow them to read the nature and timing of their attacks.[2]

There are two variations of Full Counter. Meliodas can only reflect "magic" attacks; his version of the ability is useless against indirect attacks or an ordinary punch.[3] He can supplement this ability through clones who can use it separately from the original. On the other hand, Estarossa can only reflect "physical" attacks. 

Like Meliodas, Chandler can only reflect magic attacks, as seen when he tried to reflect Gowther and King's combination attack.



  • Counter Vanish「カウンターバニッシュ, Kauntā Banisshu」: With his palm facing an incoming attack, Meliodas folds his thumb and little finger. He then, rather than reflecting "magic" attacks, completely disperses the attacks used against him.[4]
  • Revenge Counter「リベンジ・カウンター, Ribenji Kauntā」: Meliodas turns off his abilities so that he can take damage. After Meliodas has taken enough damage, he charges his blade with power and strikes his enemy with it. This is considered to be Meliodas' ultimate attack. When Meliodas used Revenge Counter against Hendrickson, Gowther stated that he had a survival chance of 0.2%. This ability is reminiscent of the Original Demon's power, Crisis.

Combined Techniques

  • Seven Deadly Sins: A combination technique. Meliodas creates six clones with Lostvayne to reflect the attacks of each of the other six Sins directed against the target: Ban's Hunter Fest and Banishing Kill; King's Sunflower; Diane's Rush Rock; Gowther's Blackout Arrow ; Merlin's Exterminate Ray; and Escanor's Cruel Sun. After the initial reflection, Meliodas reflects them once again, merging all attacks into a single powerful one in the process. [5]
  • Seven Deadly Sins Combined Technique: Fugutaiten「<ななつの大罪たいざいごう たいてん"Nanatsu no Taizai" Gōgi - Fugutaiten; literally meaning "To not Allow the Sworn Enemy to Live in This World"」: After Merlin uses Power Full Convertion to combine the strongest techniques from all the Sins, Meliodas's Trillion Dark, Escanor's Final Prominence, Gowther's Kill Switch, Diane's Jet Hammer, King's Sabaki no Yari and Ban's Crazy Rush, into a single attack, Meliodas creates various Physical Clones to reflect the attack various times, multiplying the power of the attack each time.[6]


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