Ganne「ガンヌ」 is a vampire and royal member of the Vampire Clan. Together with his brother Mod, they are referred to as Modganne the Dual Sword「双剣のモドガンヌ」. He served the Vampire King twelve years ago, during the time their clan took over the Kingdom of Edinburgh.


Ganne is a very tall and muscular individual who is at least twice the height of ordinary civilians. Ganne wear nothing but a cloth and a metal helmet.


Unlike his brother, Ganne is more muscles bond and dim witted, using only his strength then brain.


3,000 years agoEdit

Three thousand years ago, the Vampire Clan fought as vassals for the Demon Clan in the Great Holy War. Sometime during the war the vampire king Izraf had plotted a secret rebellion but failed, and as such the Vampire Clan were to be made an example of. Zeldris of the Demon Clan was tasked to execute them but instead chose to seal them away in an ancient sarcophagus (it was mentioned he did this for Gelda).

12 years agoEdit

Through some unknown means the seal was broken. Ganne and the Vampires escaped and to reestablish themselves they chose to conquer the Kingdom of Edinburgh, doing so in one night by massacring the population and turning them into vampires (along with its Holy Knights). However, the Seven Deadly Sins came to Edinburgh to stop them where Ganne and Mod fought against Diane and King which the two were weaken thanks to Ban. While the two Vampires had the upper hands, Gowther appeared, hack their memories to believe he was apart of their family and made them kill each other.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

Like any Vampires, Ganne is much stronger than a regular human and possessed the stranded abilities of Vampires, but prefer using his strength.

Power LevelEdit

Total Magic Strength Spirit
1,720 0 1,300 420


Vampires of EdinburghEdit



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