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Gawain「ガウェイン」 is one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.


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Full Appearance
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Gawain with her armor

Gawain is a tall and well-built young woman, with dark-blue short hair and green eyes.

Gawain wears a full suit of white armor with gold trimming and a face-concealing helmet.


Gawain is secretive as she didn't remove her armor for the entire time that Tristan escorted her back to Liones and after Tristan had left her inside the castle alone, she immediately fled and ditched her armor since nobody knew what she looked like underneath and allowed her to blend in with everyone else.

From first glance, Gawain is portrayed as a rather kind person when she tried consoling Isolde, who ran from Tristan out of embarrassment. Her first dialogue with Isolde suggests that at the very least she can be attracted to women, as she explicitly and openly flirted with her, talking about romance and love.

Gawain has a rebellious side to her as she claims that she doesn't like following anyone's orders, evident in how she left the castle despite being asked by Tristan to stay put until Lancelot and the others arrived. In addition to this, she is also callous as referred to Pellegarde as a "sniveling little fire-eater" just for talking back to her and then using her magic to blow him back for ruining her "romance" with Isolde.

Underneath her elegant manner, she is petty and very quick to anger to those who personally wrong her, even if their offenses against her are minor, such as wanting to kill Pellegarde not for being an enemy knight or for putting others at risk, but simply for calling her a "little girl" and goes to extreme measures to do so by chasing him out of the kingdom and attacking him, not caring if Percival was struck by her attack in the process but also showing visible wrath at Percival preventing her from landing a finishing blow on the injured knight.

As a result of her overwhelming power, pride and royal lineage, Gawain developed a high opinion of herself and ego, making her believe she was unbeatable. As noted when Pellegarde defeated and critized both her inexperience and lack of control, she could become pushed to tears at her damaged pride.


At some point during Percival and his team's journey to the Kingdom of Liones, Tristan had found Gawain and discovered her as the last member of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse. He escorted her back to the castle where, for unknown reasons, Gawain fled the scene after Tristan left to take care of an incident within the city.

At some point after this, Gawain ditched her armor since nobody knew what she looked like underneath, allowing her to blend in with the citizens of Liones wandering the streets.


Current arc

After having been brought to the castle by Tristan, Gawain fled the scene and ditched her armor on the side of the road so nobody could find her. After noticing her absense, Meliodas sends Lancelot to inform Tristan, Percival and the rest of Gawain's disappearance. During their conversation, Lancelot reads Tristan's mind and realizes that Tristan is hiding something to which he reveals that Gawain is a blood relative to their enemy, Arthur Pendragon.

Despite Gawain's connection to their enemy, Lancelot assures the others that Gawain is one of the Four Knights and that they must prevent her from escaping the capital. Tristan's Platoon takes the west gate, Percival and his team take the east gate and Lancelot takes the south gate by himself. Unknown to Tristan's team, Gawain passes by them unnoticed as she walks through the streets while the armor is now being worn by a Holy Knight Apprentice named Tantal, who found it on the side of the road during a walk and wanted to try it on.

Now without her armor, Gawain finds Isolde by herself on a ledge crying. Gawain attempts to comfort her despite her reluctance due to her infatuation with Tristan. However, Isolde notices a fight going on in the east where Pellegarde is fighting against Pelliot and other Holy Knights of Liones. Some resulting debris from the battle, flies right at Isolde, forcing Gawain to use her power to shield her as she declares herself "Master of the Sun".

Annoyed by her atmosphere with Isolde being ruined, Gawain made her way to where Percival was fighting Pellegarde. She instantly snuff out the latter's flames which angered the Black Knight as he used his fire magic to attack her, only for her to effortlessly use her own magic to dispell it instantly. Realizing she has "gold-colored magic" Percival runs up to her asking if her name is Gawain, surprising her that he knew her identity.

Immediately thereafter, Tristan arrives and questions Gawain as to why she disobeyed his instructions to which she claims that she is not one to take orders and then Lancelot arrives in his fox form and transforms back to normal, with Gawain showing little to no surprise at either of their abilites. Realizing their identities, Gawain stands alongside Lancelot, Tristan and Percival as Pellegarde finally recognizes them as the prophecized group: the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.


Gawain is described to have "golden magic".[2] This power appears to be Sunshine, the former Grace of Mael and Escanor, as she proclaims herself as the "Master of The Sun".

Gawain also seems to be knowledgeable in magic, as she could use Absolute Cancel to dispel a Perfect Cube.[3]


  • Absolute Cancel絶対強制解除アブソリュート・キャンセルAbusoryūto Kyanseru」: This technique allows Gawain to completely erase any magic or spell.[4]
  • Shunkan IdoしゅんかんどうShunkan Idō; literally meaning "Teleportation"」: High-level teleportation magic that allows Gawain to appear and disappear at precise locations and teleport groups of people instantaneously.[5]


  • Sacred Sword Rhitta神刀じんとうリッタ, Jintō Ritta」: A sword apparently named after the Divine Axe Rhitta. Like the latter, the sword can be called to Gawain's hands no matter how far apart they are.[6]


Arthur Pendragon

Gawain is the niece of King Arthur.[7]


  • Gawain is named after the character of the same name from Arthurian legends.


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