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The Giant Clan「巨人族, Kyojin-zoku」 is one of the five major races in the world of Nanatsu no Taizai.


According to the Lady of the Lake, the Giant Clan was created by Chaos after it created the Supreme Deity, the Demon King and the Sacred Tree.[1] However, Chaos grew disappointed with the Giants for being a wild race, slaves to their own power and knowing nothing other than inflicting pain on each other.

In Britannia, their societies are lead by great warrior chiefs. According to the myths, Drole was a highly respected ancestor of the Giant Clan, having developed a sacred dance with deep connections to nature and earth.

3,000 years ago, the Giant Clan allied with the Goddess Clan, Fairy Clan and humans and fought against the Demon Clan and won with the Coffin of Eternal Darkness sealing the defeated demons.

The Giants live for battle and were often hired by humans of different kingdoms to provide them the battles to fight as mercenaries. As a result, however, the Giant Clan's status is currently in danger due to deaths in battle they could find.

Giants also live in world of Midgard of Yggdrasil where they reside in Jotunnheim but Ymir's wall blocked the giants out for thousands of years until it collapsed and break apart causing the giants to now invade the human kingdoms there.


They are identical to humans with the exception that they are much larger in size. Their way of dress is similar to that of the Western Savage Tribe.

In rare cases, Giants can present more divergent features, like Drole who had a blue skin, four arms and a missing left eye.

Giants from world of Midgard of Yggdrasil wear winter clothing due to the constant never ending winter.


Giant Clan
Dubs Diane Dolores
Drole Dumbelbas Matrona
Video Game
Skadi Thiazi Greib Gjalga

Powers and Abilities

  • Creation創造クリエイションKurieishon」: Because of their connection to the Earth, Giants are able to freely manipulate it.[2]
  • Super Strength: Giants are physically strong enough to lift several hundred pounds. If that same strength is reduced when Giants are reduced to human size, they can increase it tenfold by performing Drole's Sacred Dance.
  • Longevity: Giants age fifty times slower than Humans.


  • The Giants choose their leaders by having a fighting contest and the strongest wins.
  • Like the Fairy Clan, most of the Giant Clan have no concept of wearing underwear either.[3]
  • Unlike the Demons, Fairies, and Goddesses, yet like the Humans, the Giant Clan were created by Chaos directly instead of it creating a "progenitor" that created their own respective race.
  • Should they gain access to magic that shrinks them, giants are capable of reproducing with other races. Diane and King are the sole example.
  • According to Sin, it is rare to see a Giant worship the Goddess Clan instead of nature itself, as Dolores is the only known Giant to do so.
  • Matrona is the only giant from Britannia whose name doesn't begin with the D letter.



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