Gilthunder & Howzer vs. Northern Barbarians is a battle fought between the Holy Knights, Gilthunder and Howzer and the army of Northern Barbarians.


Whilst Dreyfus is giving a speech to the Holy Knights about preparation for the Holy War, a knight bursts through the door and reports about an army of the Northern Barbarians, numbering three thousand, trying to invade Liones, and wonders if this is the Ancient War.[1]


The Northern Barbarians continue massacring the knights stationed there, as their chief, assuming all the knights in Liones to be equal in strength with the knights they had just defeated, orders his subordinates to march in and plunder the country. Suddenly, a dragon appears in the sky and a subtle lightning strikes, with Gilthunder and his partner Howzer appearing in the midst of the battle zone. The chief, not believing that two knights would be capable of defeating his giant army, is soon met with defeat when Howzer and Gilthunder wipe out the entire army with great ease: Howzer forming a sharp hurricane using his spear, and Gilthunder using his Thunderbolt technique.[2]


Gilthunder and Howzer later return to the castle in Liones and report to Dreyfus about the completion of the mission, discussing with him about the Seven Deadly Sins' reappearance and the mysterious "New Generation" of Holy Knights.


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