Gilthunder vs. Hendrickson is a battle fought between Holy Knight Gilthunder and Great Holy Knight Hendrickson.


In a raging battle between Meliodas and the three Holy Knights: Hendrickson, Gilthunder and Vivian who seemingly overpowered him, the Dragon's Sin of Wrath focused all his power to the utmost limit and unleashed Kami Chigiri in Margaret Liones' direction only to aim at the mysterious creature behind the princess. Seeing Meliodas exhausted and battered, Hendrickson attempted to finish him off with a Hellblaze-infused blade strike only to intercepted by Gilthunder who cut off the Great Holy Knight's arm.


Shocked and could not comprehend his thoughts, Hendrickson accused Gilthunder of betraying him, only to be retorted by the latter that he was never on his side to begin with. Angered by this, Hendrickson used his remaining arm coated in Hellblaze to strike Gilthunder, only to be dodged and slashed at the back much to Arthur Pendragon's shock to see two Liones' Holy Knights to turn against each other. Gilthunder approached Meliodas, telling him that he waited for ten years to get revenge on his father's murderer as he immediately struck Hendrickson again even before he got up and exploded in a full-blown battle as Meliodas reveals the true meaning behind Gilthunder's words of "The Way of the Knight" creed as a secret code, and his knowing of the plot against the Seven Deadly Sins while helping Margaret up and Vivian was seemingly upset of the unexpected turn of events. Keeping his distance, Hendrickson threw more Hellblaze fireballs at Gilthunder only to be dodged and stabbed in the stomach directly as Gilthunder compels him to taste his wrath when he unleashed the full power of his close-range lightning attack. Such attack sent Hendrickson flying and crashed into a large building, thus fell in defeat.


After Hendrickson's defeat at the hands of Gilthunder, the Sins and Dreyfus' Holy Knights, upon sensing the battle's end, meet up with Meliodas who cheerfully greeted them while Gilthunder and Margaret had their reunion and continued with their current objective to save Elizabeth.



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