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God's Finger「神の指, Kami no Yubi」 is a small landmass that extends above the clouds where Percival lived with his grandfather, Varghese.



After the destruction of Camelot during the New Holy War, Varghese took refuge atop the God's Finger while raising his grandson Percival alone, with the grandfather and grandson cut off from the outside world.

The disconnection ends when Ironside, through the tracking of his beast, arrive and attacked his family, killing his father Varghese and severely injuring his own son Percival, before leaving both to die of their wounds. While Percival recovered, Varghese could not make it and passed away, leaving his grandson alone.

After burying his grandfather, Percival took on to his grandpa's helment and robe, before leaving his home and descended from the heights of the God's Finger.

Fights and Events

  • Varghese & Percival vs. Ironside





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