Gowther vs. Dreyfus is a battle fought between Gowther of the Seven Deadly Sins, and Great Holy Knight Dreyfus.


Guila and Howzer were fighting against Dreyfus, Helbram, Gilthunder, and Jericho. Dreyfus was about to use Pierce on Guila to finish her off, but Gowther finally arrived at the battlefield and fired a light arrow at Dreyfus before saving a now-renegade Holy Knight Guila in a bridal carry. Gowther thanked Guila for protecting Diane and went down to face with Dreyfus.


Dreyfus rushed in and stabs Gowther through the chest while the latter puts his hands on Dreyfus' head and starts the illusion. Inside the illusion Dreyfus uses Pierce and says that Gowther's powers, which control the mind and spirit, are the most dangerous of the seven deadly sins and that the best countermeasure is to defeat him before he can use it. Gowther retaliates by punching Dreyfus in the chest hard enough to leave a large dent in the armor. Dreyfus then has a flashback which ends with his murdered brother Zaratras telling him he must pay for his sins. After Dreyfus curls up in a ball repeating that he's sorry, Gowther apears and says that humans are so fragile.


As Gowther was about to leave Dreyfus to his nightmare, the former sensed a dark presence come near. Dreyfus then breaks free from Nightmare Teller and returns to the real world while Gowther remains unconscious.

Dreyfus is about to finish Gowther off, but he is injured mentally and decided to retreat along with Gilthunder telling Helbram to finish them off.



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