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Grace「恩寵, Onchō」 is a unique power created by the Supreme Deity and possessed by the Four Archangels of the Goddess Clan.


The Graces are four unique powers created by the Supreme Deity whom she gave to her four strongest fighters to fight against the Demon Clan and the Ten Commandments. These powers give their users a special ability and augments both their magical and raw power to make up for the difference in numbers between the Commandments and Archangels. The power of a Grace is so great that it is said that a holder of one Grace is as strong as two individuals with Commandments. Holders of Grace can also gradually revive from their apparent death.[1]

The users can lose their Graces when absorbing an opposite power, such as when the Archangel Mael lost his Grace when he absorbed the Love Commandment thousands of years ago.[2]

If a human tried to take in a Grace, it would destroy their body and kill them.[3] The only exception is Escanor who somehow was born with Sunshine. However, Escanor's body has shown to be suffering withstanding the effect from using the Grace, even after Escanor returns the Grace to Mael. After using the grace again in a fight against the Demon King and fueling his life force into it, Escanor's body is ultimately destroyed and resulted in his death.

Sixteen years after Escanor's death, another Humain will inheritate from Sunshine : Gawain, one of the Four Knights of the Apocalypse.

Grace Holders Description Image
FlashせんこうSenkō Ludociel Allows the user to move at amazing speeds, to the point where it seems like teleportation. Ludociel Flash.gif
OceanたいかいTaikai Tarmiel Allows the user to make powerful currents of water, turn their body into water to avoid attacks or even create an entire ocean in a plane different from the normal world. Tarmiel Ocean.gif
SunshineたいようTaiyō Mael
Allows the user to create and manipulate a minimized sun. Also make the user become stronger with the rise of the sun where they can become nigh-invincible, but will also weaken the user as the sun sets. Considered to be the strongest of the four Graces. Mael Sunshine.gifEscanor the Sun.gif
TornadoたつまきTatsumaki Sariel Allows the user to create powerful winds that can slice apart anything they touch and protect themselves in a wind sphere. Sariel Tornado.gif


Combined Techniques

  • Domain of God「神の領域, Kami no Ryōiki」: An alternate dimension created by the Graces that is cut off from all other worlds and under the users' absolute control. Anyone with raw power less than the creating Archangels would be trapped there, completely at their mercy. Estarossa is almost killed by Sariel and Tarmiel in this world, but he manages to survive and break free by absorbing a second Commandment, giving him power above both of them.


  • Each Grace is directly inspired by the first Four Days of Creation from the Bible in the Book of Genesis:
    1. "Let there be light" corresponds to the creation of light on the first day or Flash.
    2. "Let there be a vault between the waters to separate water from water" corresponds to the creation of the horizon between sky and water on the second day or Tornado.
    3. "Let the water under the sky be gathered to one place" corresponds to the creation of the seas on the third day or Ocean.
    4. "Let there be lights in the vault of sky to separate the day from the night" corresponds to the creation of the Sun and stars on the fourth day or Sunshine.


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