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The Great Fight Festival「大喧嘩祭り, Dai Kenka Matsuri」 is a tournament being held at the ruins of Vaizel by Drole and Gloxinia of the Ten Commandments. Although called a festival, it's true purpose is to gather strong individuals whose souls they may take to fully recover their magic power. While promoted as a fighting festival, Gloxinia at least perceives it as little more than a means to kill time. Despite this, the two demons offer the winner of the festival a single wish for their victory if they make it through the trials.


The first stage of the Great Fight Festival was a massive labyrinth that took up miles of countryside surrounding Vaizel. The walls were big enough so as to dwarf even giants like Matrona and Diane and resisted attempts to break through them or scale over them by rapidly regenerating and lashing out at those who attempted to get past them. It was filled with dangers, including steep cliffs, rolling boulders and innumerable monstrous inhabitants that were seemingly caught up in the event when the labyrinth was created.

Tag Team Tournament

After making their way to the center of the labyrinth, atop the giant boulder Diane's Mother Catastrophe created that crushed Vaizel, the competitors were randomly sorted into pairs to participate in a Tag Team Battle in order to cut down the numbers. The rules of the battles are as follows -:

  • Rule 1: The use of any and all kinds of weapon, magic and even "foul play" is permitted.
  • Rule 2: The conditions for victory are as follows. Killing your opponents, rendering them powerless and helpless, or them falling from the platform.
  • Rule 3: Abandoning or forfeiting the battle is strictly prohibited.

Round 1

Team 4 - Torah & Jigumo V.S. Team 16 - Elizabeth Liones & Elaine (Victors)

Round 2

Team 1 - Meliodas & Ban (Victors) V.S. Team 14 - Dolzzo & Calzzo

Round 3

Team 3 - King & Diane (Victors) V.S. Team 15 - Drole Golem & Gloxinia Servant

Round 4

Team 10 - Hawk & Escanor V.S. Team 11 - Gowther & Jericho (Victors)

Round ?

Team 2 - Hendrickson & Griamore V.S. Team 5 - Estaro & Arbus

Team 9 - Gilthunder & Gilfrost V.S. Team 13 - Silver & Quazzo

Not Shown

Team 6 - Arthur Pendragon & Nanashi

Team 7 - Howzer & Solaseed

Team 8 - Slader & Haifan

Team 12 - Matrona & Oslo

Abrupt Interruption and End

During round 4, one challenger unexpectedly turned his amazing attack on Drole and Gloxinia. Wounded but not defeated, Meliodas took the opportunity to attack the Commandments and to put an end to the silly games. In the ensuing battle, Drole attempted to use the other competitors as hostages, but this failed, and eventually all the participants except Meliodas were teleported to Liones by Gilfrost, abruptly ending the festivities.