The Great Fight Festival arc (大喧嘩祭り編 Dai Kenka Matsuri-hen)[1] is the twelfth arc in the series, starting from the 151st chapter to the 177th chapter.


Fights and EventsEdit


Story ImpactsEdit

  • Fraudrin escapes from his imprisonment at the Pleiades of the Azure Sky's base.
  • Gowther is revealed, according to Fraudrin, to be a former member of the Ten Commandments, as the Commandment of Selflessness. According to him, Gowther's lack of emotions is due to his Commandments curse.
  • Zeldris manages to topple Camelot.
  • Drole and Gloxinia start the Great Fight Festival in the ruins of Vaizel.
  • Escanor's past is revealed. He was once a prince, but was nearly killed after discovering his power and escaped thanks to a woman named Rosa.
  • Escanor intervenes, thus ending the tournament.
  • With the exception of Meliodas, Arthur Pendragon, the rest of the Sins, and other participants escape to Liones.
  • Meliodas fights Gloxinia and Drole, but is stopped by the rest of the other Ten Commandments, with the exception of Galand who was petrified during the previous arc.
  • Meliodas fights the Ten Commandments, but his final attacked is halted by Estarossa.
  • Meliodas is revealed to be the former leader of the Ten Commandments.
  • Meliodas is killed by Estarossa for betraying the Demon Clan.
  • Matrona and her family move into the Fairy King's Forest.


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