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Great Thunder雷神グレイトサンダーGureito Sandā」 is the power of the Great Holy Knight, Zaratras.[1]


Great Thunder grants the user the ability to generate and manipulate lightning. Zaratras employs this magic power to increase his physical speed and imbue the electricity through his weapons.


  • Raijin no Shukusei雷神らいじん粛清しゅくせいRaijin no Shukusei; literally meaning "Purge of the Thunder God"」: Zaratras attacks his opponent with a massive burst of lightning.[2] It's very similar to Gilthunder's Raitei no Shukusei.
  • Raijinken雷神剣らいじんけんRaijinken; literally meaning "Thunder God Sword"」: While engulfed in lightning, Zaratras lunges at his opponent with extreme speed and delivers a devastating strike with his sword.[3]
  • Raijin no Sendo雷神らいじん閃動せんどうRaijin no Sendō; literally meaning "Flash Movement of the Thunder God"」: Zaratras uses lightning to enhance his body and allow him to move at lightning fast speed.[4] It's very similar to Gilthunder's Raitei no Sendo.


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  • This ability is very similar to Gilthunder's ability, Thunderbolt. However, Great Thunder seems to be more powerful.