Griamore vs. Matrona is the first battle of the first round in the Vaizel Fight Festival, and is between a shrunken Diane, who is under the disguise of "Matrona", and the Holy Knight, Griamore.


After the fighters enter the ring, Diane removes her cloak upon a request from Love Helm, the referee, revealing her resemblance to Elizabeth, which is due to her using Elizabeth's attire, but keeps her hat that hides her facial appearance. Veronica wonders if "Matrona" is Elizabeth, and tries to stop Griamore from battling. He, stating that the moves his opponent had displayed during the preliminary were impossible for a frail girl like Elizabeth, however, readies himself.[1]


Diane sending Griamore flying out of the ring

Griamore sent flying by Diane.

As the battle begins, Diane immediately and quickly attacks Griamore with a barrage of punches. Her attacks are, however, stopped by Griamore using his ability, "Wall", to create a spherical defensive barrier, that cannot be affected by ordinary magic or physical attacks, around himself, while saying that he can't be defeated when his pride is wounded. Diane not being able to stop the barrier's omnidirectional expansion, he states his intentions to push Diane out of the ring with it without actually touching her.[2]

Diane is shown to have been pushed up to the edge of the ring, when Griamore reveals that his ability is a physical manifestation of his conviction to protect Veronica at all costs, and states that he will humiliate Meliodas next. Diane, enraged by that statement, declares that she would not let that happen, and with a single punch, destroys the barrier and punches him in the face, defeating him and sending him flying outside of the ring.[3]


As she is declared the winner, her hat, with which she was hiding her facial appearance, falls off, revealing her facial resemblance to Diane. She skips toward Ban, King and Meliodas, but is only greeted with the Sin of Wrath questioning her as to who she was. His dullness having angered her, Diane punches him in the stomach and storms off, turning back when King chases after her, and asks her about her body became much smaller, and about where Elizabeth is.[4] In response to the last question, a shrunken Elizabeth, who is hiding in Diane's bosom, replies that she is right there.[5]


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