Hawkホーク」 is a talking pig and Meliodas's companion. He is introduced as the custodian of the Boar Hat bar who helps clean up the disgusting food scraps left by customers.


Hork the rust knight
Hawk the Rust Knight
Hawk is a relatively large pink pig who wears an ear ring with the words star boar on his left ear.[1] His body is well rounded and his legs are fairly short. His charming point is the clover-shaped birthmark on his rump. His body and appearance is similar to a typical Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig. Like his mother, his ears are shown to be M-shaped.

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Hawk is shown to be an easily annoyed pig, as seen when Meliodas lies in jest and does perverted things to Elizabeth, and when Elizabeth is being airheaded.[2] He also appears to care a lot for his friends and seems to be a mama's boy, occasionally crying for help from his mom.[3] Hawk tends to have a big ego and is prideful, claiming that he is stronger than the Deadly Sins and even joked that his strength to be in the same class as the Demon King, but tends to be very frightened when someone far stronger than him attacks.


Hawk being taken by the Demon King

Hawk kidnaped by the Demon King

Hawk was born in the Purgatory under the name of Mild and lived with his older brother, Wild. Before Hawk could remember him, he was kidnapped by the Demon King and sent to Living World to act as his window to spy on his eldest son, Meliodas, through his eyes.

Ten years ago, Hawk used to live together peacefully with his mother in an unknown forest until he spotted an unconscious knight, Meliodas who was laying on the side of the road and dragged him back to his home, a cave somewhere near Camelot. Once Meliodas was awake, the two ended up speaking with one another, where Hawk mentioned that he felt like he used to fly in the sky, thinking he was a Dragon back in his past life when Meliodas thought he was Wandle. The two argued over Hawk's name, until Hawk mentioned a restaurant named Pig Leg where Hawk loved the leftovers there which led Meliodas and Hawk to team up and work together since Meliodas can't work as a knight anymore due to an incident in Liones, but decided to open up a bar "The Boar Hat" named after the restaurant Hawk mentioned by selling his Sacred Treasure and building it on Hawk's mother back. Since then, Hawk and Meliodas became partners in business as Meliodas is the owner while Hawk is the cleaner as he could eat the leftovers.


Introduction arcEdit

Hawk cleaning up the food scraps

Hawk cleaning up the food scraps

Hawk made an appearance when Meliodas orders him to clean up the food scraps on the floor by eating the scraps. Hawk was complaining about the food quality, but after Meliodas threatened him, he changed his mind about the food taste. Moments later, the Rust Knight went in and scared all the customers, who though he was from the Seven Deadly Sins, who moments later collapsed. Seeing that under the helm there is a woman, Meliodas check her body even touched her breasts to confirm she is a woman which Hawk got mad at him. Upon waking up, Meliodas pretended he was checking her heartbeat but Hawk yelled at him for being aloof. After they explain where is she now, she asked Meliodas about his sword on the back. Meliodas took out his sword, but it turned to be only the hilt and the blade was broken, and keeps it to scare the customers in order to not leave without paying. Meliodas offered her food and asked her what she was doing in an armor, to which she replied she was looking for the Seven Deadly Sins.

Hawk the Rust Knight

Hawk the Rust Knight

At that moment knights arrived, and demanded the owner to get out and bring the Rust Knight. Hawk pretend to be the Rust Knight for the woman to get away but the knight got angry and saw the woman running towards the woods and chased her. She was saved by Hawk and Meliodas, who wanted to hear the rest of her story, and she continued to explain that she was searching for the Seven Deadly Sins in order to stop the Holy Knights. Because few days ago, they started a coup d'etat and took control of the kingdom. Moments later, they were attacked by Twigo, who cut part of the cliff, and they fell down. But Meliodas was able to jump back, carrying and saving everyone. Upon learning that the woman is Elizabeth, the princess of the kingdom and that she was ready to give her life in order to not get him involved it her problems, Meliodas revealed his name and that he is one of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Twigo attack again and strike which left him crying to his mom which turn out his mom move the Boar Hat. Later when Meliodas defeated Twigo, Hawk came back to get them out of here. Meliodas then told Elizabeth, that she found the first one and that he is also looking for the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins. And he is using the bar to gather information, and if she wants, she can join him, because he need a serving girl in his bar. She agreed, and they continued to search of the remaining six.

Forest of White Dreams arcEdit

Meliodas beating all of the Hawks

Meliodas hitting all the Hawks with no mercy

The Boar Hat traveled to the Forest of White Dreams to help one of the sins, they heard that a sin was spotted there, and they planned to find them. While there a white fog came and then suddenly there were many Hawks. Hawk were trying to show who the real Hawk but Meliodas beats them all up. Later Elizabeth was cloned and there are many copies of her but Meliodas orders Elizabeth to do weird stuff to show who the real Elizabeth but Hawk stops him from doing this and get serious.

Hawk returning to face Gilthunder

Hawk ready to face Gilthunder

After finding out who's the real Elizabeth, the clones turn out to be Prankster Imps and run away while they chased them. When they find them, it turns out that they were trying to hide Diane who is one of the Sins by her orders. After Meliodas talks to Diane about something, Diane agrees to go with him and find the others and the Prankster Imps are happy for her to leave. But then all of a sudden, the Sins are trapped in a bolt of lightning by a Holy Knights, Gilthunder. Hawk tries to break free but Gilthunder electrocutes Hawk and kicks him, sending him flying. After the sins are set free by their own will, Diane sends Gilthunder flying. Hawk comes back injured but still alive, and the Sins set out to a new town to find the Sin of Greed.

Baste Dungeon ArcEdit

After Meliodas fight with Gilthunder, they travel to Dalmary Town to get a doctor for Meliodas. While there a Holy Knights by the named Friesia try to attack the town with her bugs, Hawk protected Elizabeth the whole time but Diane stopped the bugs attack and went after Friesia to stop her. Hawk and Elizabeth went back to the doctor who stated he couldn't do anything to save Meliodas and that he is dead. But then another Holy Knight named Golgius came in and try to take Meliodas' sword away, Elizabeth and Hawk try to stop him but it did not help and when he did touch the sword Meliodas woke up with a scary look and scared him away. Golgius escaped by jumping out of a window. When the Boar Hat went outside to find Golgius, Hawk found him by using his nose but then the doctor who tried to poison him, said he wants his daughter back but Golgius stabs him in the back. The Boar Hat start running away from him due to his power and hid in an old tower.

Ban riding Hawk

Hawk being ride on by Ban

When inside, Meliodas took out his swords and made a circle on the fold. Hawk questioned why he did that and to Meliodas responds by saying it was a magic spell to keep out teleporters but Hawk said it was silly. After the "spell" worked on Golgius, and they saw the dying doctor, they head off to Baste Dungeon to free Ban. After Baste Dungeon was destroyed, The Boar Hat and the Sins were having a party at the doctor house, who turn out to be okay. After Ban introduced himself, he expressed his desire that the four of them to get along, but Hawk corrected him that they are five. Ban then realized that Hawk was able to talk and was shocked, since he though he was Diane's food and wondered what's the point of a pig being capable of talking, words which hurt Hawk a little. Later the Sins decided to find King at the Capital of the Dead.

Capital of the Dead ArcEdit

Hawk and Elizabeth getting away from Guila

Elizabeth and Hawk running away from the action

On their way to the Capital of the Dead, they encountered 2 Holy Knight apprentices, and thanks to Diane, the Seven Deadly Sins identities were revealed. But soon a Black Hound showed up and ate the knights. Hawk immediately recognized the animal and explained how vicious monster it is, but Meliodas was capable of intimidating it and making it run. When they got close to the Capital of the Dead, inside Boar Hat, Meliodas commented that King was like the pet of the Seven Deadly Sins, to which Hawk thought he was joking and wondered what kind of food-serving establishment would keep an animal inside, getting strange looks from Elizabeth and Meliodas for his comment.

Hawk and Elizabeth trying to pull out the spear to fight

Hawk helping Elizabeth to get King spear

When the group was able to transfer to the Capital of the Dead, Hawk commented that it may be because of his memories of the leftovers he was never able to eat. Soon after that they encountered Guila and Meliodas told Hawk to take Elizabeth and run. With Elizabeth on his back, Hawk ran as fast as he can, and eventually he though they are far enough, but then Meliodas crashed on a nearby crystal, reminding again that he told them to run.

While running Hawk and Elizabeth eventually met King, there Elizabeth saw King's spear and trying to take it in order to help them fight against Guila. Seeing her struggle, Hawk decided to help her pull the spear and to form the Hawk Knight of Legend. Eventually they were able to pull the spear, but it was because King decided to pull it out himself.

Vaizel Fight Festival arcEdit

Hawk scolding Meliodas for loosing his weapon

Hawk shaking Meliodas for selling his weapon

After the Capital of the Dead event, King was then shocked to find out what the Deadly Sins did to their Sacred Treasure. Hawk then ask what's the problem to which King reveals the different between Sins with or without his weapon which made Hawk mad at Meliodas for selling his. The next day, Meliodas, King, Elizabeth and Hawk headed to a new town called Byron to which to find some information about the next Deadly Sins or the location of the Sacred Treasure. After the town folks found a wanted poster of Elizabeth, Meliodas grabs her and runs away. Meliodas and King then orders Hawk to watch over Elizabeth at the tower they were hiding while they look for information. While waiting in the town, a Holy Knight appears and was threatening the people for the location of Elizabeth to which Elizabeth took herself in. Hawk then ran to Meliodas and King, and told them what happen while crying. 

Hawk carrying Ban1

Hawk carrying Ban

After Meliodas saved Elizabeth, they headed to another new town called Vaizel where is a fight festival being held there and the price was Diane Sacred Treasure Gideon. Hawk then followed Meliodas, King, and Ban while Elizabeth and Diane sit behind. While the guys enter the fight festival to win Diane weapon, Hawk decided to sell some ale to get more money for the Boar Hat. When Ban was defeated by Meliodas and sent flying, Hawk went after him and carry him all the way back to the arena to see the rest of the fight. When it was Diane fight, Diane gives Hawk a tiny Elizabeth to watch over her to which he was annoyed that nobody dress her up and made her a dress out of her ribbon.

Hawk trying to save Elizabeth

Hawk trying to save Elizabeth

When the Deadly Sins started to treated everyone to left the place due to the Holy Knight Guila, Jericho, and Marmas coming to Vaizel to attack them, Meliodas order Elizabeth and Hawk to go to a hiding place until the fight is over. After Meliodas and Ban were defeated by Guila and Jericho, King give them to Hawk and Elizabeth to watch over them until he come back. When Veronica found Elizabeth grown up to normal and Meliodas was being sealed into the Goddess Amber. Hawk tries to help Elizabeth break free from the Perfect Shell, Griamore made but wasn't strong enough, but when Guila and Jericho came to take Elizabeth away, Hawk try everything to fight them off, but he was later beaten very easily and was burn up. When Meliodas break free and start attacking everyone, Hawk went in front of Elizabeth to protect her from Meliodas until Meliodas left to fight Helbram.

Guila blowing Hawk away

Hawk being blown away by Guila

Elizabeth and Hawk watch in horror as Meliodas was defeated by Helbram, Ban grab King and told Elizabeth Ban taking Elizabeth and King away from the fight Ban taking Elizabeth and King away from the fight that they had to retreat. Elizabeth refuse to retreat and leave Meliodas behind, but Ban grab Elizabeth and told her it was too dangerous to be around, and run away from the fight. Later Diane found Meliodas and end up crushing Vaizel while Ban and the rest were running away from. After Diane saved Meliodas, Elizabeth and Hawk watch in shock what happen to Vaizel to which Ban told them it was too dangerous for them to be around. Hawk wound were later got treated and headed with the rest to a new location.

Armor Giant arcEdit

Hawk went outfit happy to have his wound healed up and went outside to train himself for the better, but soon got upset
Hawk walking outside happy

Hawk walking outside

when he found out that Elizabeth and Diane woke up earlier than he did, and Ban and King were training harder than him. Hawk decided to head to the waterfall to mediated, but then found Meliodas there who revealed his true strength and slice a mountain in half which shocked Hawk. Hawk looked after Elizabeth as she was sick, but then heard knocking downstairs where Elizabeth went and answer it which was revealed to be Cain Barzad. Hawk went and told Diane about Cain until Elizabeth rush out to give Meliodas Liz's Sword.

Later when the Deadly Sins brought back an old member, Gowther, they had a party to which Hawk chatted with Gowther. Gowther wonders how he talks to which Hawk responds he doesn't know, but when Gowther asks why he eats leftovers, Hawk said they taste good.

Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

Hawk break through the iron door

Hawk break down the iron door

As Meliodas explained the history of his Broken Sword and the Ancient War, Hawk yelled out that the seal is broken, but then said he has to poop. Before Hawk could poop, the latter asked Meliodas why they needed Elizabeth to which a mysterious Holy Knight appeared and said that Elizabeth is the last "key" to open the Demon Realm. Then the Holy Knight teleports Elizabeth and Hawk by mistake. As they were teleported to Liones, Elizabeth found out that Hawk was taken as well and that Hawk still needed to go to the toilet. Hawk smashed through the door not wanting his pride to be ruined before Elizabeth though she told Hawk there is a toilet in the jail.

Vivian teleportnig Hawk away to the Horn of Cernunnos

Hawk teleported away

Elizabeth and Hawk then tried to escape until one of the guard found them, Elizabeth told Hawk that they should hide, but Hawk attacked the guard, knocking him out cold. Elizabeth realized that they were in an underground dungeon and called out for her father and Margaret, and then heard Margaret's voice. As Elizabeth was chatting with Margaret and trying to set her free, the unknown female Holy Knight appears to them again and try to stop the princesses from escaping. But Hawk used his "forbidden" technique, Forget Meal, to stop the female Holy Knight through her blind spot. Hawk stood strong and claim to protect the princess no matter what, but the Holy Knight enrage at Hawk for being a pig and teleport him to an off dark location with a twisted horn behind him. As Hawk was wandering around the room, Hawk wonder where is the other Deadly Sins, thinking they are being useless. Hawk then decided to go and save Elizabeth by himself until he heard a foot step and hide inside the horn. Hawk found out that it was Ban and that the horn he was in, was the Horn of Cernunnos which able the person to speak with the Goddess Clan. 

Ban surprised to see Hawk on the Horn

Hawk meet Ban at the underground

Ban requests the Goddess to take his immortal life for a girl named Elaine to be revived. Ban heard a voice and was shocked to see that Hawk was there. After Hawk explained to him how he ended up there, he suggested to go and save Elizabeth, but Ban told him to go ahead without him. Ban was thinking that there must be something he can do and in that moment a voice spoke from the Horn telling him that there is something he can do. The Goddess told him that due to the Ancient War, they lost their power and it will need time for them to regain their physical forms. Ban was skeptical that the Goddess will so easily agree to take his life and bring Elaine back to life, but the Goddess told him that she will not take his life, but will ask him to do a mission and if he succeeds, she will bring the fairy back to life. Hawk told him that this sounds shady, but received a double shut up from both Ban and the Goddess. Ban then told the Goddess he will do the mission.

The mission revealed that he must kill a man who right now goes by the name of Meliodas from the Seven Deadly Sins, which was a shock to Ban. When Ban and Hawk appeared to them, Meliodas and Hawk agreed to go rescue Elizabeth and ask Ban for help. However, Ban started to attack Meliodas to the latter shock as Ban rip Meliodas arm off. As the two battle, Hawk tries to stop Ban, by saying they will not be friends if he killed Meliodas which Ban responds that they weren't friends which shock Hawk, however he told Hawk if he stops him, then try as he shows a sign that despite choosing Elaine, he doesn't want to kill Meliodas Hawk then count front Ban, saying if he will really what the horn would say and that isn't Meliodas his friend. Ban told Hawk that Meliodas was his greatest friend, but want Elaine to be back. Upset at this, Hawk said what if Elaine didn't come back, he will lose his friend and Elaine might not be happy about this.

Meliodas resting on Hawk

Hawk taking Meliodas to Elizabeth

Ban told Hawk what should he do, as when Elaine died, he was depressed, but when he met the other Deadly Sins, he kept himself distracted, but he still knows that he will be alone forever, be it in this world or next, saying this world without her is like Hell. Hawk didn't understand Ban, but Meliodas said he understood Ban, but said that they should put their fight in a hold until they solve the current matter as the Deadly Sins, which Ban said he understands. Meliodas than ordered Hawk to carry him to Elizabeth location where it is in Merlin old castle while he sleeps on Hawk to regain his strength. Hawk agreed and gladly took Meliodas to save Elizabeth and because he is his friend while Ban told him to take care of Meliodas. After successfully taking Meliodas to Merlin's old castle, he was then ordered to take an injured Elizabeth to safety while his master battles Hendrickson. Hawk and Elizabeth were nearly hit by the Great Holy Knight's Hellblaze but Diane used Gideon to save them.

Group surprised by Hawk's revival

Hawk revived

As all the Holy Knights of the kingdom surround Merlin's old castle to prevent Hendrickson's escape, Hawk and Margaret remained with Elizabeth's side as she was given medical treatment by a Holy Knight with healing power. When Hendrickson defeated the Deadly Sins with his new form and attack the Holy Knights, Hawk tried his best to protect the healing Elizabeth as best as he could, until he was knock out. When Hendrickson was about to unleash his deadly attack, Dead End, upon the collapse Meliodas and Elizabeth, Hawk ran in front of them, blocking the way for the Dead End. Meliodas, Ban, and Elizabeth plead Hawk to leave before Dead End hit him, but Hawk refuse, saying that if he knew he was going to die, might have his last leftover and told everyone to not die. When Dead End hit, Hawk was struck by it, covering his whole body in a black matter, assumed to have killed him but survived due to his natural resistance against attacks such as this because of his body being able to survive the harsh environment of Purgatory. His "death" angered the Sins and caused Elizabeth's powers to awaken. However, much time later, the black matter on Hawk started to fade away and revealed him alive but in a much smaller size as he shrunk, but everyone was overjoyed to have their friend back.

Post-Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

Hawk watching over Elizabeth

Hawk watching over the injured Elizabeth

As Liones was being rebuilt due to the battle, Meliodas and Hawk watch over the injured and unconsciousness Elizabeth as she rests in her bedroom. Hawk wondered why Elizabeth didn't heal herself while she healed everyone else in the kingdom. Merlin appeared out of nowhere due to teleport, and stated that Elizabeth unlock her power without thinking which healed everyone else because she was thinking about others than herself. Even if Elizabeth had some magic left, she still wouldn't heal herself which led to Hawk tearing up, believing that Elizabeth should at least think about her health first. Meliodas revealed that he still wanted to know what happened ten years ago while Merlin seem interested in Hawk, calling him a hero which made the tiny pig happy and befriend Merlin. Meliodas realize that he forgot something and went back to Elizabeth room while Hawk yelled at him that he shouldn't do something weird to Elizabeth while she sleeps.

Hawk loving Ban's cooking

Hawk eating Ban food

When Merlin and Margaret appeared in front of Elizabeth room, Meliodas step out of the room with a grin which made some of them worried that he did something weird, until it was revealed that Elizabeth is up and healed for unknown reason. Hawk was overjoy to see Elizabeth standing again, but wondered why she is moving again. Merlin seems to know what Meliodas did as it was revealed that Meliodas held her hand and told her that he can't live without her which made her wake up. Meliodas took Hawk back to the Boar Hat as Ban feed Hawk with expired food until Gilthunder appeared as he is dress casualty and wanted to chat with Meliodas. Gilthunder stare at Hawk while the latter seem annoyed and on guard which Gilthunder knows that Hawk is still mad at him from the Forest of White Dreams event, and ask him for his forgiven, despite knowing it will take some time.

Hawk defend his leftovers from Gilthunder

Hawk on guard for his leftovers

However, it was revealed that Hawk was being on guard for his leftover and doesn't seem to remember what happened in the forest. The next day, during the award ceremony for the Deadly Sins and Hawk effort for saving Liones, Hawk somehow manage to regrow back to normal size, possibly due to eating a lot of leftovers. At some point before the award ceremony, Hawk was given the Eye of Balor by Merlin who then explained the functions behind it as the talking pig saw the Power Levels of the Holy Knights passing by. When Hawk asked Merlin of his Power Level, the Boar's Sin of Gluttony claimed that his Power Level is 3000 much to his joy and fed his ego, not knowing it was a playful lie. When Dogedo of the Pleiades of the Azure Sky prepares to face Meliodas, Hawk read out his Power Levels and boasted that his Power Level is greater than his. During the match between the Deadly Sin and the Star of the Azure Sky, Hawk witnesses Dogedo's quick speed in his punches and later tried to warn Meliodas to dodge another wave of punches but was astonished when the Dragon's Sin of Wrath easily defeated Dogedo in an offensive/defensive moves simultaneously and read out Meliodas' Power Level to be over 3000. As the Six Stars leave, Hawk read Deathpierce's and Waillo's Power Levels, snorting that their Power Levels are nothing compared to his 3000 Power Level but Gowther destroyed his ego when the Goat's Sin of Lust revealed that he also had Balor's Power Eye functions uploaded to him and told out Hawk's true Power Level to be 30 much to the talking pig's dismay after reading Gowther's Power Level to be 3100. His ego is further ruined when he read out Diane's and Merlin's Power Levels. However, after reading Gilthunder, Griamore, and Howzer, Hawk ego was restored which their power level are around a thousand.

Albion arcEdit

Hawk under effect of Spiritual Power Equalizing

Hawk under Gowther's medicine

When Gowther toss away his medicine from Merlin, Hawk ends up eating it, thinking it was leftover which led to him having strange behaviors which revealed that the medicine were supposed to reduce Gowther emotions and behavior. Once they trap Gowther in doll form and chatted at the bar, Merlin soon teleported them to Camelot to battle against an Albion which Hawk was stunned at the beast power level, being close to Hendrickson Gray Demon Form. However, once Meliodas slay the beasts with his Sacred Treasure, Lostvayne, a Demon of the Ten Commandments, Galand, appeared and destroyed most of Camelot.

Merlin protected Hawk, Elizabeth and Arthur by using Perfect Cube, and watch helpless as the Deadly Sins were easily defeated and led to be killed by Galand, until it was revealed to be an illusion from Gowther.

Istar arcEdit

Hawk and the others soon were saddened about losing to Galand. However, Meliodas soon lift everyone spirit by stating to train more to get stronger and a strategy, even Arthur and Elizabeth have to awake their hidden powers as well, which Hawk believed he already unlocks his powers. However, the situation grew grim when Diane lose her memories and left to go to Megadozer which the group followed her, but end up getting attacked by Monspeet's Hellblaze, but, luckily, Hawk Mama eat the Hellblaze with ease.

Hawk after training

Hawk after training

The group then decided to go to Istar to start their training and to regain Meliodas strength back. While there, Hawk is used as a toy by one of the leaders of the Druids, Jenna. Hawk and the others went to the Cave of Training guiding by Jenna, where they meet wounded Howzer, Griamore, Gilthunder and Hendrickson. As everyone decides to enter the cave to train, the group were paired up as Hawk was paired with Oslo, but was soon got lost in the cave and started freaking out. However, after his training, Hawk came out of the cave with a new form which the group even refuse to talk about it much to Hawk's dismay.

After Meliodas regains his power that had been sealed by the Druids and had a brief confrontation with the Ten Commandments, Hawk reads his power level at 3,250. Hawk does not understand how he can have a lower power level than the previous one, but Merlin points out that he lacked a zero at the end, leaving Hawk stunned to discover that his power level is actually 32,500. When Meliodas says that they must find Escanor, Hawk says that he is strong enough, leading Meliodas to reveal that Escanor is actually stronger than him.

Great Fight Festival arcEdit

Hawk is with Meliodas and the others from the Boar Hat when they decide to go to Vaizel where the Ten Commandments organized a fight festival. When faced with a large labyrinth, all fall into trap holes and suddenly get separated. Hawk, partnering with Elizabeth, encounters Diane who lost her memories due to Gowther's power, Lost World, and was also separated from her companion, Matrona. Not remembering, Diane tries to cook and eat Hawk like she did when she met him.

Sand Crawler Hawk power

Hawk using the Earth Crawler abilities

After following Diane through the labyrinth, the three are attacked by a group of Prankster Imps who take the appearance of Meliodas, but are saved by Howzer and Gilthunder. 

Hawk is surprised and bitten by a small Earth Crawler that comes out of the ground. However, Hawk defends himself by devouring the entire creature and, to everyone's surprise, ends up transforming into a creature-like form, revealing the nature of his new magical power, Transpork. However, the group is attacked by a giant Earth Crawler. Hawk manages to escape danger with the digging skills of his new form. When the knights and Diane manage to defeat the monster with the help of a mysterious wizard named Gilfrost, they all meet Meliodas, Ban and Arthur and reach the end of the labyrinth.

Escanor trembling being pit against Gowther

Escanor and Hawk in the fight festival

After being received by Drole and Gloxinia, all participants are separated into teams of two for the fight festival. Hawk is paired with Escanor and appointed to fight with Gowther and Jericho. Hawk feels confident of defeating them after reading their power levels, however Escanor is scared and asks to withdraw from the competition, but the Commandments do not allow it. When Gowther and Jericho argue about facing their comrades or not, Jericho tries to hit him just so Gowther knocks her out. Upset, Hawk tries to face Gowther, but he stops him easily and defeats him by stamping him on the ground.

Upon awakening and finding Escanor unconscious after his attack, Hawk fearfully returns Gowther to his glasses and discovers that Escanor had rendered Drole and Gloxinia incapacitated with his attack. After unleashing a battle between Meliodas and the two Commandments, Hawk is taken along with all the other participants as hostages by Drole, encasing them in his giant hands of rock. Hawk insists that they should go to help Meliodas, but Ban reproaches him that then they would only be a nuisance. Hawk is then teleported to Liones with the rest by Gilfrost and watch the fight through his crystal ball.

When Meliodas is finally overcome by all the Ten Commandments at once, Hawk watches in pain as he is killed by Estarossa.

Defensive Battle for Liones arcEdit

Zaratras appears in front of Elizabeth

Zaratras appears in front of Elizabeth and Hawk

One month after the events in Vaizel, Hawk was with Elizabeth attending the Boar Hat on the outskirts of Liones. While they receive clients, they find an exhausted Golgius and save him by taking him to a room. Hawk reveals to know his identity even without his armor although he remembers his smell, but Elizabeth tells him that although they are enemies, he must stay alive to find some hope.

A while later, Elizabeth and Hawk are surprised at the bar by one of the participants of the Fight Festival, Silver, who to the surprise of both, is revealed as the Great Holy Knight, Zaratras. Hawk initially believes him an imposter to see his silly attitude, but Elizabeth confirms that it is Zaratras and that it has not changed at all.

After a conversation in which Hawk is irritated by the attitude of Zaratras, the two lead him with the dead body of Meliodas. There, Zaratras uses a druid spell to take him, Elizabeth and Hawk to the memories of Meliodas. There, the three discover the past of Meliodas with little Elizabeth and that Meliodas can not die because of a kind of curse.

Hawk blinds Fraudrin

Hawk blinds Fraudrin

Upon hearing about the invasion of the Ten Commandments in Liones, Elizabeth decides to go help her family. On the way, the three are surprised by a horde of demons, but are quickly eliminated by Zaratras and Hawk Mama. In that, Hawk accidentally eats a piece of meat from a Red Demon, transforming into a similar shape. When Monspeet and Derieri attack them, Hawk is sent to fly by a blow of Derieri while the two are confronted by a revived Meliodas.

Hawk ends up falling outside the castle of Lyons in the middle of the battle of Zaratras and Hendrickson against Fraudrin. Fraudrin picks up Hawk confused by his presence, and the pig throws his putrid breath on his face blinding him momentarily, giving Zaratras the opportunity to catch Fraudrin and expel him from the body of Dreyfus.

After returning to normal, Hawk is reunited with Elizabeth in the aftermath of the battle between Meliodas and Fraudrin. Hawk begins to cry believing that his mother had been killed, but is happy when Hawk Mama appears healthy and safe.

Corand arcEdit

After saving Lioness and the meeting of all the Seven Deadly Sins, Hawk takes care of making a ceremony of the new and reconstructed Boar Hat that only Meliodas and Ban attend.

That night, Hawk attends along Elizabeth, Elaine and the Sins at the banquet at the Boar Hat. Hawk eats all the leftovers and is forced to drink by Ban, being amazed with the poem of Escanor.

Hawk cries

Hawk cries after hear Meliodas's history

The next day, Hawk approaches Elizabeth after he healed Merlin. Seeing her cry, Hawk approaches her asking if something hurts, but Elizabeth simply tells him that she is happy.

As they addressed to Corand, Hawk warned Meliodas and Ban that Elizabeth had started acting strange. After she said incoherent memories, Hawk discovers that her two eyes have the symbol of the Goddesses and there Elizabeth faints. Hawk and the Sins get worried around Elizabeth and there Meliodas tells them with regret that Elizabeth will die in three days because she remembers the memories of her past life. Meliodas decides to tell everyone the truth about how he and the original Goddess Elizabeth were cursed 3,000 years ago by the Demon King and the Supreme Deity forcing them to an eternity in which he would live forever, and she would eternally die and reincarnate as a human when recovering her memories, always perishing in front of Meliodas. Hawk cries disconsolately when he hears the story.

Hawk taunts Melascula

Hawk taunts Melascula

After a stop in Ordan, Hawk comforts Diane and Escanor when they blame themselves for Elizabeth's condition.

After finally reaching Corand, Meliodas is tricked and captured by Melascula. Hawk accompanies the other Sins to the city in his search, where they face skeletons revived by the magic of Melascula. Hawk manages to deal with the weak skeletons, until they are empowered by the energy of Meliodas.

When Melascula appears, Hawk gets upset when he does not include him by naming everyone present. After Melascula caught Ban after assuming his giant snake shape, Hawk is shocked to read Elaine's power level by changing her appearance by 21,050. When Melascula is returned to her original little form by Elizabeth, Hawk mocks her and frightens her from a break.

After witnessing the fight between Escanor and a Meliodas consumed by his demonic side, Hawk returns with all to the Boar Hat.

Prelude to the New Holy War arcEdit

King and Gowther using Celestial Arrow

Hawk helping Gowther to join King

While the road to Camelot resumes, Hawk stays inside the Boar Hat next to Merlin watching over Meliodas and Elizabeth inside the Perfect Cube. However, Hawk is alarmed when an old demon appears suddenly and manages to undo the Perfect Cube as if nothing happened.

Hawk is taken out with Elizabeth and Meliodas by Diane, just after Chandler showed up to kill everyone and retrieve Meliodas. When Chandler prepares his Meteor Works, Gowther asks Hawk to help him rise in the sky. Hawk uses his Monster Block to transform into a Sky Manta and avoid the attack of Chandler flying to the sky with Gowther and King who prepare their Combined Technique: Celestial Arrow.

After King was shot down after receiving Chandler's Full Counter, Gowther remains under the effects of the Absolute Order. While the other Sins face Chandler, Hawk tells Gowther that they must help them, but Gowther informs him that if he opposes the Absolute Order, he will be destroyed.

Hawk licks Chandler's hand

Hawk licks Chandler's hand

When Chandler seems to have defeated the Sins, Hawk jumps and licks the hand in which Chandler had drawn the seal of the Absolute Order. Missing, Chandler sends Hawk flying in one blow, but this gives Elizabeth time to heal the Sins.

After Chandler was apparently defeated by King's attack, Hawk punches his limp body several times. However, when Gowther's body writhes after having opposed the Absolute Order, Hawk is alarmed to see that the seal on Chandler's hand had not been erased.

When Chandler recovers and assumes his true form, Hawk runs terrified along with his companions. When Chandler releases his power, Hawk is saved and sent back to Boar Hat along with the other Sins by Drole and Gloxinia.

While everyone fled the battle site, Hawk is beaten by the diminutive Diane after Hawk made fun of her size. While cleaning up the disaster generated by the commotion, Hawk meets the test tube where Grayroad was locked. 

Meliodas talking to the Demon King through Hawk

Meliodas talking to the Demon King through Hawk

When Chandler reaches them again, everyone leaves worried about Meliodas and Elizabeth. However, they end up encountering a Meliodas awake and Chandler kneeling before him. Meliodas claims that although he keeps his memories with them, the Seven Deadly Sins are officially dissolved, since he has decided to become the Demon King to break the curse of Elizabeth. Hawk faces him after becoming in a Tyrant Dragon claiming he is the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins and the owner of Boar Hat. Ignoring those words, Meliodas speaks to Hawk as if he were the Demon King, stating that he must have enjoyed watching him suffer. After this, Meliodas throws Hawk who is caught by Ban.

Merlin sends Ban to the Purgatory

Merlin send Ban to the Purgatory through Hawk

While everyone laments what happened, Hawk mentions what Meliodas called him Demon King, believing that it is because he is as strong as this. However, Merlin discovers that Hawk is actually a conduit against the world of the living and the Purgatory and that the Demon King has been watching Meliodas through the eyes of Hawk. Hawk is totally perplexed and incredulous to discover it. When Ban requests to be sent to the Purgatory through Hawk to recover the emotions of Meliodas, Hawk asks Ban to return to make him his leftovers, and Ban tells him not to worry about that.

When Zeldris appears in the Boar Hat, Hawk is terrified asking Escanor to take his strong form, but it reminds him that he can not do it at night. However, Merlin decides to go out and negotiate with Zeldris on her own, revealing to all her identity as the possessor of the blessings of the Demon King and the Supreme Deity. When Merlin goes to heaven with Zeldris, she leaves a magic plant in Hawk's nose so that his companions can hear their conversation.

After rescuing the hostages of Camelot, Hawk and the Sins return to Liones with Elizabeth being very well received. There, the Four Archangels appear having taken human bodies and form an alliance with the kingdom of Liones and the Sins.

Hawk and Escanor shopping

Escanor and Hawk shopping

The next morning, Hawk accompanies Escanor shopping while he tries to convince him to ask Merlin for his feelings towards him, to which Hawk insists that he ask himself. There, Ludociel appears and attacks Escanor, claiming him as the thief of the Grace of his late brother, Mael.

When Merlin gathers everyone to reveal that she has decided to go to Camelot to find Arthur herself, everyone is reluctant to put herself in such danger. Hawk asks him why he goes so far to slavery Arthur who has not woken up his magic power. Merlin reveals that Arthur is the king chosen by the holy sword Excalibur to lead Britannia. Hawk asks if Arthur could beat Meliodas and the other demons with the sword, but it is clear that reality is not so kind. 

After Merlin teleports and returns with injured Arthur and Cath, Hawk is alarmed to see the cat wounded. However, when Arthur pierces his heart with Excalibur, everyone is horrified.

Current arcEdit

After the death of Arthur, Hawk tries to comfort Cath, but it is intimidated by the monstrous expression of this one.

While everyone is preparing for the Holy War, Hawk says he will help Elizabeth and Meliodas. He also asks his mother to stop him from destroying Britannia if things get out of control.

When all go to battle, Hawk joins the Search-and-Destroy Force, staying on the Boar Hat with Elizabeth and Gowther. While the rest of the group faces the Demon Clan army, Hawk accompanies Elizabeth while she convinces several of the demons to abandon the battle. Seeing the strange attitude of the Holy Knights, Hawk wonders if they eat something strange.

When Elizabeth's actions are revealed to the rest of the forces, Hawk comments on how clumsy she was previously and how much she is changed only for her to fall down which makes Hawk realize that the old Elizabeth is still definitely there.

When Estarossa battles Sariel and Tarmiel, Hawk reads his level of power after absorbing the Commandment of Truth in 88,000.

Gowther and Hawk going after Elizabeth

Gowther and Hawk going after Elizabeth

After Estarossa took Elizabeth, King, Sariel, Tarmiel and Derieri decided to go after them, Gowther asks Hawk to help him follow them. Transformed into Sky Manta, Hawk manages to reach them, asking Gowther on his back why he asked him so suddenly. On the way, Hawk ask Gowther about Estarossa, lending the doll to complain about his memories of him.

After reaching the Heaven's Theater, Hawk descends to the battle of King, Sariel, Tarmiel and Derieri against a warped Estarossa. When Estarossa begins to act strange, Hawk gets confused when Gowther declares that he sacrifices his life if necessary to bear his sin and that of its creator. When goddess wings emerge from the darkness of Estarossa, Hawk can not believe when Gowther confirms that "Estarossa" is actually Mael of the Four Archangels.

As Mael unleashes his fury against Gowther, Hawk ends up buried under a pile of rubble. Upon emerging, Hawk finds an unconscious Elizabeth next to Derieri.

Hawk remains with Elizabeth after she woke up and watches her take charge of Derieri's dead body after she was killed by Mael.

Hawk is alarmed to see the huge sphere of light that appears in heaven, explaining to Elizabeth that it is a cocoon in which Mael assimilates the fourth Commandment that has absorbed.

The cocoon unleashes a rain of rays of light and darkness that destroys everything in the place. Gowther rushes to load an injured King with Hawk, asking him to take care of him while Elizabeth takes care of healing him. One of the rays does hit them all, but Gowther shields them by sacrificing one of his arms.

When another of the rays is absorbed by a portal that appears from nowhere, Hawk recognizes the essence of Oslo, who emerges from the portal and takes Diane out of his mouth. While Diane protects them all, Hawk is surprised at how quickly it adapts to Gowther's knowledge of the situation they are facing.

When Mael appears with a new transformation, Hawk is terrified to read his power level above 200,000. There, Mael releases his Lightball of Love, engulfing everyone in a big explosion and leaving them severely wounded.

Hawk wakes up from the impact to see King, Gowther and Diane fight Mael with their combined technique.

When Mael was about to eliminate them all with another Lightball of Love, Olso decides to sacrifice his life to save them, receiving the full attack. When King cries at the death of Olso, wondering why he did that, Hawk states in tears that it was to protect his beloved king.

When Diane uses Gideon's special technique to redirect the explosion of Mael's Lightball of Love on the earth, Hawk asks her why she had never used such a useful technique until then. Elizabeth explains that redirected power ends up damaging the earth and the creatures that inhabit it. When Diane redirects a second Lightball of Love, Heaven's Theathre breaks into pieces and all fall into the void.

Transformed into Sky Manta, Hawk saves Gowther from his fall and intends to go for King. However, the rubble that falls does not allow him to reach it.

Abilities and EquipmentEdit

As a pig, he has a very sensitive nose which he claims is capable of smelling objects, such as leftovers, up to 1.2 miles away. His nose has proven useful and valuable in combat as he is capable of searching for enemies and tracing where they are.[4] Hawk is shown to be very skilled at making dresses. He is capable of ramming into any opponent, using this skill to take out Alioni and his teammates on his own. 

It was recently revealed that Hawk has a connection with the Purgatory. According to Merlin, Hawk is in fact a living portal between the world of the living and the Purgatory. Due to this, someone in one of the two realms can observe the other through Hawk's eyes, as the Demon King did to watch over Meliodas. Merlin was able to use a spell to send Ban to the Purgatory through Hawk.

Being a creature from the Purgatory, Hawk is incredibly resilient and survivor, being able to resist Hendrickson's Dead End. Meliodas claims that the Demon King designated him as his surveillance route because of his resistance compared to the ordinary animals he used to use.


Main article: Transpork

Transpork変身 (トランスポーク)  Henshin (Toransupōku); literally meaning "Transform"」: After his training in Istar, Hawk developed the ability to absorb the abilities and characteristics of anything he eats that has magic power. The transformation disappears when he excretes the food.

  • Tyrant Dragon: After eating the dragon's guts, Hawk resembles a dragon himself and gains the power to breathe fire from his nose (though it burns his nostrils) and the power to fly with his ears (but only a few feet).
  • Sand Crawler: After eating a small specimen whole, Hawk's forelegs become fins and his hind legs become a tail.[5] Like an Earth Crawler, he can swim through the ground.[6]
  • Red Demon: After accidentally eating a chunk of demon flesh, Hawk resembles a Red Demon, with red skin and horns. In this form, he is able to manipulate darkness into wings to fly similar to most demons. However, his speech becomes an unintelligible string of "Pukya"s.
  • Sky Manta: Achieved by eating Merlin's Monster Block. In this form, Hawk is able to flight at great highs, even with a person riding him.
  • Gray Demon: Achieved by eating Merlin's Monster Block, he is granted the use of the Gray Demon's signature Dark Snow attack, although it only has enough power to make food rot.

Miscellaneous TechniquesEdit

  • Super Pork-Loin Illusionスーパー・ロース・イリュージョン Sūpā Rōsu Iryūjon」: Hawk dashes and hops at high speeds, creating intangible clones of himself as he bulls towards a direct target. The impact of the collision is strong enough to smash open a locked metal chamber door.[7]
  • Rolling Ham Attackローリング・ハム・アタック Rōringu Hamu Atakku」: By quickly conducting a sequence of somersaults, Hawk easily approaches an enemy and body slams them.[8]
    • Combined Technique: Quick Rolling Ham Attack合技 クイックローリングハム・アタック Gōgi "Kuikku Rōringu Hamu Atakku"」: Using the draft from Howzer's Quick Wind, Hawk spins his body rapidly to gain momentum and tackle the enemy.[9]
  • Forget Mealフォゲット・ミール Fogetto Mīru」: Claimed to be a forbidden technique, this technique allows him to conceal his presence completely and attack the opponent's blind spot.[10]
  • Final Pork Stompingファイナル・ポーク・ストンピング Fainaru Pōku Sutonpingu」: [11]
  • Chorizo Strikeチョリソーストライク Chorisō Sutoraiku」: Hawk releases a flurry of punches to destroy the enemy.[12]
  • All Clean皿ナメ (オールクリーン)  Saraname (Ōru Kurīn)」: [13]
  • Atomic Chorizoアトミックチョリソ Atomikku Choriso」: [14]


  • Balor's Magical Eye: With Merlin's magical ear ring, Hawk is able to not only measure a person's power level, but also their levels of magic, strength, and spirit as well.
  • Monster Block: Special block created by Merlin with the flesh of different creatures, used to Hawk to use his Transpork power easily to the extent of a great calories consumption.

Power LevelEdit


Total Magic Strength Spirit

Tyrant Dragon Ver.:

Total Magic Strength Spirit

Sand Crawler Ver.:

Total Magic Strength Spirit

Red Demon Ver.:

Total Magic Strength Spirit


Boar HatEdit


Meliodas and Hawk's relationship has its ups and downs. They tend to fight a lot, but they seem to care about each other. They recognize each other as companions, but Hawk is shown to be a subordinate to Meliodas. Hawk strongly values his relationship with Meliodas, having sacrificed his life to protect Meliodas from a fatal attack.


Elizabeth loves talking piggies and appears to adore Hawk as a pet.[15] He is very protective of Elizabeth, acting like a fatherly figure while reprimanding Meliodas on his lecherous acts.

Hawk's MotherEdit

Not much is currently known about the nature of their bond, but it seems that he loves his mother very much, calling her whenever he is badly injured and needs help.

Seven Deadly SinsEdit


At first, Hawk was annoyed with Ban for freaking out over his ability to talk. However, they soon get along with each other fairly well, regarding each other as trustworthy companions. They are willing to support each other, as shown when Hawk carries Ban whenever he is drunk or exhausted. Hawk was disgusted at Ban's acceptance of the request from the Goddess Clan, to kill Meliodas, and tried to stop him, but Hawk knew he wasn't strong enough.


Hawk has a strange relationship with Diane at first, as he fears her eminently for trying to eat him, but the two soon begin to get along with one another. Diane saves and protects him on a few occasions.


King and Hawk seem to share a good, yet odd friendship, as sometimes King calls him Mr. Pig, Little Porker, or Little Piggy, much to Hawk's annoyance. Despite this, the two are close and are on good terms.


Hawk and Gowther have a friendly, yet strained relationship. This is mostly due to Hawk's dislike of Gowther's lack of empathy and weird behavior, and how he disregarded his sacrifice during the battle against Hendrickson, yet he seems to have let that go since. The two of them seem to be almost surprisingly close, enough that during their battle at the Great Fighting Festival, Hawk spent the majority of the tournament match trying to talk Gowther out of attacking him and Escanor, despite knowing how emotionless Gowther can be. Despite this, Gowther simply apologized to Hawk and coldly stated his intent to continue the fight, knocking him and Jericho out to avoid dealing with them and to focus solely on Escanor. After regaining his emotions and memories, like with Elizabeth, Gowther's friendship with Hawk has become less strained and more genuine in nature.


Hawk and Merlin have a good relationship. Merlin sees Hawk as a hero for saving Meliodas and believes that they should stick together due to both being 'boars.'


Like Elizabeth, Hawk met Escanor during the Great Fighting Festival in Vaizel, being partnered with him during the festival. Their first impressions of one another during the festival were poor. Hawk viewed Escanor as a weakling and Escanor, in turn, was both confused and frightened by the fact the Hawk was a talking pig. However, after seeing Escanor's true power during the festival, and after seeing Hawk's bravery during the events and how he carried him around for the remainder of the festival, the two quickly became close friends. Though Hawk is just as weary of Escanor's power as everyone else, he feels comfortable enough around Escanor's daytime form to travel around him closely and have conversations with him. Escanor in turn shares this closeness with Hawk, confiding to Hawk about his feelings towards Merlin and asking him if he would see if she felt the same way, although Hawk did point out how shameless and forceful he was acting considering that he was asking for a favor.


Great Fight Festival arc Edit

Corand arc Edit

Current arc Edit


  • Hawk was originally translated as Hork, but his character design page in volume 1, revealed that his romanized name is Hawk.
    • In urban English, Hork can be defined as to vomit. This has reference to the manga, as he is frequently shown to clean up the customer's vomit.
  • According to the second databook(s):
    • Weak Point: Leftovers
    • Birthplace: Hawk Mama’s belly
    • What he likes about himself: His looks
    • Dream/Hope: Become the strongest pig
    • Regrets: He wanted to defeat Hendy by himself
    • The most embarrassing thing in his life: Nothing
    • What he wants the most right now: Leftovers
    • Favorite animal: Humans
    • Favorite scent: Leftovers
  • Hawk is not a big fan of beef.
  • According to Nakaba Suzuki, if Hawk was to possess an ability, it would be able to devour ten times as many leftovers and make leftovers float.
    • Despite that, Nakaba decided to give Hawk the ability of transforming - Transpork.
      • The ability is similar to the ability Kirby has in the series with the same name.
  • In the Nanatsu no Taizai Popularity Poll, Hawk was placed 11th.
  • Nakaba stated that if Hawk sees leftovers far away, he will out run all of the Sins.
  • Hawk's dream is to one day become an invincible pig.
    • Despite looking like a pig, Hawk is actually a pig-like creature from Purgatory.[16]


  • "Don't make light of my nose that can smell leftovers from a mile away." [17]
  • "Nothing is wasted." (Hawk to Elizabeth when she dropped food Meliodas asked them to buy)


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