Hendrickson, Zaratras & Dreyfus vs. Fraudrin is a battle fought between the Holy Knights Hendrickson, Zaratras and Dreyfus, and Fraudrin of the Ten Commandments.


After the defeat of Grayroad by Merlin's magic, Fraudrin is the last Commandment left at Liones Castle. While trying to flee, he is confronted by Hendrickson, who intends to free his friend Dreyfus from Fraudrin's control.


Hendrickson starts the fight with his attack Acid Tower, declaring that he surely will free Dreyfus. Fraudrin, unimpressed by Hendrickson's attack, tries to hit the latter with Rakan, but Hendrickson can avoid the attack and quickly approaches Fraudrin now, trying to use Purge on the demon. However, Fraudrin strikes him back with Ryugeki and creates some distance between the fighters. Expressing disappointment in his opponent's strength, Fraudrin lands multiple sword slashes on Hendrickson and prepares to deliver the final blow to his former comrade. But just as he is about to strike, Hendrickson is saved by a mighty flash that is shortly revealed to be Zaratras using Raijin no Shukusei.

Unable to believe his eyes, Hendrickson questions the reason for Zaratras' revival, who then reminds the former Great Holy Knight of the duty to save Dreyfus. After another exchange of sword cuts, the Holy Knights discuss their possibilities , but Fraudrin has other ideas and leaps towards Hendrickson, distracted by his discussion with Zaratras. However, before Fraudrin can hit him, he is once more saved by Zaratras, this time using Raijin no Sendo. While Fraudrin is amused about the perplexity of the Holy Knights, Hawk, partially turned into a demon, takes his attention long enough for Zaratras to grab his brother's body and concentrate all of his life energy into a single Purge to finally expel Fraudrin from Dreyfus' body.


Pouring all of his remaining life force into a Purge, Zaratras manages to force Fraudrin out of Dreyfus' body. Expressing his interest to retreat back in, Fraudrin is then attacked by Hendrickson and subsequently pierces the latter's shoulder. While they talk, Griamore manages to find his way to the battlefield. Crying out for his father, Griamore distracts Fraudrin long enough for Dreyfus to recover and retaliate with Tenkan Hagokujin, seemingly ending the battle.



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