Vaizel Fight Festival arcEdit

Hendrickson showing a Red Demon's corpse

Hendrickson standing next to the corpse

Hendrickson stands next to fellow Great Holy Knight, Dreyfus, as he gives a speech to the Holy Knights to prepare for the Holy War and that the two Great Holy Knights will lead the kingdom to victory. As Hendrickson tells Dreyfus that the speech was very gaudy, the latter replies that he does not know whether the return of the Seven Deadly Sins and the prophecy of the Holy War is a coincidence, high troop morale must be maintained. Hendrickson is present when a knight informs Dreyfus about an invasion by an army of the Northern Barbarians.[1] Later, after summoning Twigo and Jericho under the claim to give them a new chance and powers, he orders his subordinates, Guila and Helbram to bring the two apprentices to the place where the demon's corpse is chained and kept.[2]

After showing them the corpse, he explains to them about demons existing and not being only objects of folklore,
Hendrickson offering demon's blood

Hendrickson offers demon blood

and handing the two the demon's blood to drink, informs them about its power-enhancing qualities, referencing Guila as an example. After both hesitate, and then drink it, he is seen smirking, and then commenting that one of the two is compatible to the blood when Twigo, being incompatible, explodes and Jericho survives.[3] Before Veronica and Griamore left for Vaizel, Hendrickson handed the former the "Goddess Amber", convincing her that Elizabeth was brainwashed, and stating for her to use it on Meliodas.[4]

During Meliodas and Helbram battle, the Holy Knights who were giving Helbram powers, told Helbram that he was being overpowered to which Hendrickson decided to give Helbram bit of his powers to which he used to defeat Meliodas with a single blow. As Helbram was about to take Meliodas, Diane appears and attacks Helbram in a rage. Hendrickson sensed Diane's powers and told Helbram to retreat to which Helbram did not understand but the Link was soon cut off when Helbram was crushed by Diane's powers.

Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

Demon Gate incomplete

Hendrickson opening the Demon Seal

Helbram return alive to give him the Broken Sword and report of the death of Dale which Hendrickson was pleased and reveal that Dale was a part of the Old Generation of Holy Knight who were like the New Generation but has greater powers and were uncontrollable. Hendrickson told Helbram that Guila redeems her father failures of controlling his powers. Hendrickson put the Broken Sword onto a magic like circle which he reveals that it will open a gate to the Demon Realm. Hendrickson mention how King Liones brought peace to Liones with his powers which Hendrickson that he dislike that idea since it rob people of their survival instincts and knights of their pride and spirit. Hendrickson then reveal that he wanted to return Britannia back to it is former glory and that their Holy Knight and New Generation will be there to fight against them. The gate to the Demon Clan was now opening but was too small for the whole Demon to get out. Helbram point out that they are still missing some pieces, Hendrickson point out that there will have to obtain all they need and have no choice to use a secret thing. Dreyfus ask Hendrickson to what his goal to which the latter reveal that he wanted to advent the Holy War to Dreyfus shock. Hendrickson told Dreyfus that the prophecy was the Holy Knights as the Guiding Hand of Light while the Seven Deadly Sins were the Bloodline of Darkness, but Hendrickson thought differently that they were not enough.

Hendrickson chatting with Dreyfus

Hendrickson chatting with Dreyfus

Hendrickson admits that the Seven Deadly Sins are powerful, but were nowhere near the level the four races (Goddess, Giant, Fairy, and Human) in the ancient war. Dreyfus was at shock to hear Hendrickson plan and Hendrickson told him it was time to get the last fragment. Dreyfus grew anger at Hendrickson and told him if he truly believes they could take down the Demon Clan to which the latter reveal they could with the help of the New Generation. Dreyfus tries to reason with Hendrickson and told them as Holy Knights, they have to bring justice to which Hendrickson that Dreyfus has no honor as he asks him to join in the plot to kill his brother, Zaratras for the position of Great Holy Knight which made Dreyfus silent. Hendrickson ask Dreyfus that he need his power as well and that he should join him and that if he opposes him, he will end up like his son, Griamore which made Dreyfus furious at Hendrickson and told him he will be the one dead. As Dreyfus was about to draw his sword, a knight appear to them and told them that three great powers are coming toward Liones in high speed. As the Great Holy Knights were about to face the Deadly Sins, they sense another great power coming from the south and were informed that it was Arthur Pendragon and an unnamed cloak figure appeared at the south gate with Camelot army.

Hendrickson meeting Arthur

Hendrickson meets Arthur

Hendrickson decided to face Arthur while Dreyfus deal with Deadly Sins. Hendrickson walks toward south gate, wondering why Arthur would come since Camelot is a new, rising power in the past few years which meant they army cannot be compared to Liones. Hendrickson even mention that he sensed thousands of Holy Knights, though Liones only has a few. Hendrickson met up with Arthur who he greeted and ask why he brought an army. Arthur told his cloak figure to dispel the illusion of the army where he used to get their attention and wanted an audience with King Liones for his debt toward him. Hendrickson lied and said that the king was sick and cannot see anyone, but Arthur said that his friend could cure the king, but Hendrickson refused, saying they already have some mages working on it, and told Arthur to leave. However, Arthur refused to leave and offered his help if there is a problem.

Hendrickson attacking Arthur

Hendrickson attacking Arthur

Hendrickson reluctantly accepted Arthur's offer and escorted the king of Camelot and his cloaked friend to the castle. While on the way there, Hendrickson questioned Arthur if he knew of the problem they are facing only for the young king to reveal that he made it up, making the Great Holy Knight grew suspicious of him. Asking Arthur once more, this time of what he is after, only for the latter refuse to reveal it, Hendrickson and his two other Holy Knights surrounded the duo and told them that they killed every foreign messengers who visited Liones, even if he was the king. Then suddenly, an unnamed female Holy Knight appeared out of nowhere and informed Hendrickson that she successfully obtained the "piece" and dumped her in an underground dungeon but somehow managed to escape. Hendrickson then ordered the Holy Knight to recapture her at all costs, which she complied and teleported away. When Arthur asked if the female Holy Knight was a Liones mage, Hendrickson immediately attacked Arthur with one slash, telling him that he would not live to find out. After sending the king of Camelot flying to a building, Hendrickson discovered that he received a cut on his head, realizing that Arthur's reputation was not for show as the latter blocked Hendrickson's attack with his sword. Being asked by two Holy Knights for assistance, Hendrickson calmly tells the two that the cloaked person floating is behind them.

Arthur attacking Hendrickson

Hendrickson fighting Arthur

As Dreyfus was under Gowther's Nightmare Teller, a younger version of Hendrickson appears before him, playfully scolding him for taking a nap in broad daylight. As they walk around the kingdom, Hendrickson discusses their king's Vision and what he saw, including the Holy Knights' role in the kingdom. He later appears again with Meliodas complimenting Zaratras' power and the latter claimed that the captain of the Seven Deadly Sins is being modest. He soon disappeared after Dreyfus faced his nightmare of his brother's murder. Arthur and Hendrickson battle reach to the center of Liones as people leave in fear of the two. Arthur told Hendrickson to finish their fight, while Hendrickson wonder at the young man's strengths and powers, and wonder how much does Arthur know about the king's imprisonment, Demon Clan, or kidnapping the princess. But Arthur went toward Hendrickson and start attacking him with multiplied sword slashes while Hendrickson parried all of them. Arthur told Hendrickson to stop holding back, while the latter ask Arthur to do the same, and show him the power that made Arthur the new king of Camelot. Hendrickson sent Arthur crashing to a wall of a building and summon Hellblaze to kill Arthur, while Arthur was fair and wonder about Hellblaze ability. Irritated of Arthur's jokes, Hendrickson used Hellblaze Wave to kill him but it was reflected back to himself by Meliodas who appeared on the battle between them as Arthur was alarmed by Meliodas' sudden appearance.

Meliodas fighting Hendrickson

Hendrickson battling Meliodas

As Meliodas steps forward and faces Hendrickson, he asks him about the location of Elizabeth, but Hendrickson refuses to tell him. Meliodas immediately tries to kick him in the face, but Hendrickson blocks it. Meliodas follows with quick slash attacks, but his opponent dodges them with ease. Hendrickson then tries an attack, which Meliodas blocks but is sent back. During the battle, Hendrickson contacts the female Holy Knight to ask if she has relocated the princess. She questions him if her moving to different place was necessary, but Hendrickson tells her that since their enemies are the Sins, the dungeon is not enough. The Holy Knight understands that Hendrickson is in a fight and suggests that he uses something particular, but he tells her it is not the right time. She also tells him that she will send her cute little knight. Moments later, Gilthunder comes down from a thunder cloud attacking Meliodas. Hendrickson and Gilthunder decide to work together to battle against Meliodas and Arthur.

Meliodas striking Hendrickson and Gilthunder

Hendrickson fighting against Meliodas and Arthur with Gilthunder

As Meliodas and Arthur prepare for their battle against Gilthunder and Hendrickson, Hendrickson notices that the battle from the other side is over and believes that Dreyfus has won the battle, while Meliodas believes that none of his members would lose so easily either. Hendrickson points out that Meliodas came rushing in to the enemy stronghold with a few members of his team and without any plan. Hendrickson points out that the Deadly Sins are nothing but a former shadow of themselves and that saving Elizabeth is futile. Meliodas, however, rushes in with great speed and attacks both Hendrickson and Gilthunder at the same time and says that even if he gave up on his life, he will protect Elizabeth. When Arthur comments on Meliodas' and Gilthunder's fast speed and not yet being serious in their battle, Hendrickson, while appearing behind the king of Camelot with great speed, retorts that it is the same thing between them in their previous battle before battling each other again. While still clashing swords with Arthur, Hendrickson smugly smiles after witnessing Gilthunder use Raitei no Tettsui on Meliodas; although it is intercepted by the Dragon's Sin of Wrath's fingers in Black Mark mode.

Meliodas dodging Hendrickson's attack (anime)

Hendrickson trying to slice Meliodas

Taking advantage of Arthur's lack of attention, Hendrickson elbows the Camelot's king away and retorts to Arthur's question of Meliodas' demon powers as he stated that the latter is going to die anyway. He uses Hellblaze once again on Arthur, believing that this time that his opponent will burn to ashes, unlike when Meliodas intervened. But Arthur's cloaked friend appears and saves him in the nick of time, as Hendrickson notes that the latter must be very powerful and fears that they could pose a real threat if those two paired up. When Arthur refuses his cloaked partner's help and claims that he can handle this, Hendrickson smugly grins, calling the former an idiot. Later on, Meliodas starts to overpower Gilthunder, while the latter tries to fight back with all his strength but with no luck. Meliodas tries to slice Gilthunder, but Hendrickson appears and strikes Meliodas which the latter dodging in time, Meliodas is surprised to see Hendrickson and sees Arthur was defeated. Gilthunder and Hendrickson decide to team up to defeat Meliodas as he is their greatest threat. The Unnamed Holy Knight appears and helps the duo to battle against Meliodas.

Hendrickson about to kill Meliodas

Hendrickson about to kill Meliodas

As the trio started to overpower Meliodas and knock him next to a building, Vivian amused that Meliodas is mortally wounded as he had not used Full Counter or his Demon powers, but Gilthunder sense that Meliodas power is increasing instead of decreasing. Hendrickson said that they have miscalculated and knew where the eerie premonition came from. Hendrickson found out that the reason for Meliodas not fighting back is that Meliodas is heightening his utmost power and senses to unleash a one decisive attack. The Holy Knights used all of their power together to finish off Meliodas before he could unleash his attack. Hendrickson summon Hellblaze, Gilthunder used Raitei no Tsurugi, and Vivian use Destroy Four Elements as Meliodas summon his attack, Kami Chigiri. However, Margaret came running toward the battlefield to stop Gilthunder from hurting his hero, Meliodas. However, Meliodas spot something close to Margaret and use his Kami Chigiri to kill an invisible creature like demon that was next to her. As Meliodas grin of destroying the creature, Vivian attacks Meliodas, heavily injuring him. Hendrickson rush to Meliodas to finish him off, Gilthunder appeared and cut off Hendrickson arm. Gilthunder, with a tear in his eye, smile and thanks Meliodas for setting him free from the spell as Meliodas smile.

Gilthunder stabbing Hendrickson

Hendrickson being stabbed by Gilthunder

As Gilthunder cuts off Hendrickson arm, the latter yells out in anger for the betrayal. However, Gilthunder points out that he was never on his side to begin with. When Hendrickson attempts to use Hellblaze with his left arm, Gilthunder quickly stops him and sends him flying away. He proceeds to request Meliodas to leave the fighting to him, explaining that he had waited to take revenge against his father's murderer for a long time. He finally delivers the finishing blow by stabbing Hendrickson and unleashing his maximum output of electricity. As Vivian toss her helmet in defeat and start crying, as she lost control over Gilthunder until Hendrickson appear as he reattaches his arm and appear with a new younger image of himself with a dark eye. Hendrickson told Vivian she can have him back and the party isn't over yet. Hendrickson then drawn full attention to the Holy Knights and the Seven Deadly Sins by destroying the castle, killing or sending most of the occupants flying. When Muramo, a New Generation Holy Knight, attempts to fight Hendrickson despite his partner's pleas, the Great Holy Knight already triggered Blood Awaken to mutate all New Generation Holy Knights into Demons starting with Muramo and let them wreck chaos and havoc within the kingdom.

King ambushing Hendrickson

Hendrickson ambushed by King

Hendrickson came face to face with the Deadly Sins and the Holy Knights, explaining that he did all of this and was after Elizabeth. Hendrickson offers to spare Meliodas and the others if Elizabeth come with him, as he doesn't want to kill "one of his kind", but the group refuse to hand over Elizabeth to him, and King ambush him until he was attacked by Helbram who was revive thanks to Hendrickson forbidden technique. Hendrickson explains to King how he found Helbram and that now he is just a lifeless shell of his former self which brought the Fairy King to tears, knowing that his friend is a slave to Hendrickson. Meliodas and Gilthunder were furious at Hendrickson cruel nature and attacked him, until they realize that Vivian took Margaret and Elizabeth hostage. Hendrickson then stab both Meliodas and Gilthunder with Acid in front the three girls shock as Vivian thought that she was going to be with Gilthunder forever, never leaving her. However, Hendrickson explains that Gilthunder will never leave her as a corpse to her shock. Elizabeth decided to go along with Hendrickson to save Meliodas life to everyone shock. Hendrickson accepted her offer and was only planning to spare Meliodas, but he will spare Gilthunder as a bonus. Hendrickson was about to take Elizabeth until Ban appeared with a weapon along with Hawk.

Hendrickson vs Griamore and Dreyfus

Dreyfus and Griamore fighting against Hendrickson

At Merlin's old ruined castle, Hendrickson escorted the princess until Elizabeth grabbed a dagger and threatened to kill herself to ruin his plan. Unfazed, Hendrickson swiftly grabbed her arm only to see it covered by a protective orb, revealing to be Griamore, who was reported to be killed back at Vaizel. Seeing his old friend's son, Hendrickson was pleased that Dreyfus will be happy but Griamore declares that he'll stop his sinister plan. Immediately Hendrickson attacked Griamore from behind but was blocked by his opponent's Wall and asked if he's going to fight him alone. But Dreyfus appeared before him, declaring that his son is not alone, and he will stop him not only as the Holy Knight of the kingdom but as a friend. Hendrickson prepares himself as father and son charged in battle against him.

Dreyfus attacking Hendrickson in fury

Dreyfus attack Hendrickson

As the battle raged with more destruction of Merlin's castle, Hendrickson continued to parry, dodge, and attack most of Dreyfus' and Griamore's attacks. Jumping in the air, Hendrickson used Acid Down to disintegrate them, seemingly killing Dreyfus much to Griamore's horror as he put up a Wall barrier around himself for defense with the Great Holy Knight smirking of his apparent victory. Suddenly Hendrickson received a huge piercing blow in his chest and was pushed back. Getting up, he saw Dreyfus completely unharmed due to his Break power. Praising his old friend's tenacity while healing himself, Hendrickson told Dreyfus that it would be a shame not to be on his side. After Dreyfus commented of Hendrickson's power not from normal existence and have fallen too far, the Great Holy Knight retorts that humans are like worms crawling on the ground. As he was about to use Enchantment: Hellblaze, a Wall orb surrounded Hendrickson much to his frustration as he tried to slash his way out to no avail. Witnessing his old friend preparing the most powerful technique of Break: Starstream Breaker Blade. Knowing the mechanics of his power, he asks Dreyfus if he's really going to kill him and the latter replies that it is the only way he will have to atone for his sins and restore order to the kingdom and asked for his friend forgiveness. With Dreyfus unleashing his powerful attack, Hendrickson braces for impact of the technique. However, his life was saved unintentionally when Dreyfus suddenly slipped due to the floor giving out and misfired at Elizabeth, injuring her much to the present combatants' shock.

Hendrickson breaking Dreyfus' sword

Hendrickson break Dreyfus sword

Horrified, Dreyfus and Griamore went to tend to the princess wound as was bleeding too much. Hendrickson, however, easily break out of Wall while saying that the Heavens seem to be on his side as he elbows punch Griamore in the face which sent the latter flying out of the window which enrage Dreyfus and attacked Hendrickson who the latter easily break Dreyfus sword as he said it was the end for him. Hendrickson continued to taunt Dreyfus as good luck seem to be on his side until Dreyfus strike a powerful punch to Hendrickson face while telling Hendrickson to admit defeat, so he wouldn't kill him. However, Hendrickson used Acid Down on Dreyfus while saying that Dreyfus was once a friend, mentor and rival to him, but was truly regrettable, but agree to give Dreyfus a painless death which Griamore watch in horror as his father died. Hawk and Meliodas later arrive to Merlin Old Castle where Meliodas spot the bleeding Elizabeth while Hendrickson knew that Acid wouldn't work on Meliodas because of their "detestable power". Hendrickson went on to say that he was a Druid, who are sorcerers in a deep forest. Druid are also known to revere Goddesses and nature, and shuns the abominable Demons. Hendrickson explains that when he first met Meliodas, he felt malevolent, massive powers coming within Meliodas which was greater power than Zaratras himself and couldn't get a single read on his thought which made Hendrickson feared, interest and admired Meliodas.

Hendrickson deflecting all Meliodas' attacks

Hendrickson being attacked by Meliodas

However, Hendrickson admits that he now possessed the same power as Meliodas, until Meliodas quickly went pass him and carried Elizabeth without him noticing as he did it again to give Elizabeth to Hawk, so he could take her somewhere safe. As Hawk was running away with the princess, Hendrickson was about to use Hellblaze on them, until Meliodas appeared and slice off his arm once more. As Meliodas overpower Hendrickson, the latter somehow got control of his severed arm and still use Hellblaze on the run away until Diane appeared to save them and crush his severed arm. Hendrickson was shock to see Diane well and not in near death like before, until King's Guardian appeared behind him and smash him. Hendrickson rises up to see the five member of the Deadly Sins (Meliodas, Ban, Diane, King and Gowther) appeared and challenge him to a final battle. As Hendrickson taunt the Deadly Sins for being out numbered due to the New Generation transforming into Demons, Meliodas pointed out that he should check again. Hendrickson senses that all of New Generations were stopped as they return to normal due to Ban and King help while the other Holy Knight are currently surrounding the ruin castle.

Hendrickson stabbed by King using Increase

Hendrickson being stabbed by Form Five, Increase

Hendrickson, however, was joyful to admit that the situation became more interesting and wonder how the Deadly Sins defeat the New Generation so fast, but admit that the Sins can't defeat him. As the battle went with the Deadly Sins working together to fight against Hendrickson, the latter admit that he is invisible due to the demonic power, but when Diane trap him with Double Hammer, Meliodas explain to Hendrickson that demonic powers can heal wound, but if he is not immortal or something, it would have been pointless as he wouldn't completely handle it for a while. Hendrickson than smash Ban into the wall where the latter found the demon corpse and return to Hendrickson, smashing against the wall furious for having the demon while questioning him for having it. The wall break down to reveal the demon which shock the Deadly Sins. Noticing the Sins' mixed reactions, Hendrickson explains to them how he got it and gained Demon powers from it before attacking them with swarms of dark matter which all but Ban evaded them. Hendrickson boasted of his vast powers he gained from the demon's corpse and Ban simply get close enough to him to tell the Druid that he was the one who killed the very same demon 20 years ago before smashing Hendrickson so hard deep further underground.

Hendrickson slicing off two Holy Knight's heads

Hendrickson taking two Holy Knights heads off

Recovering from the blow, Hendrickson reveals himself to the four Sins who saw him standing next to the corpse of the Gray Demon underneath Merlin's old castle. Hendrickson then explained about the Gray Demon, its powers and how he got it before taking the corpse's blood and injects on himself, which causes him to revert to his original appearance and began to glow. As he began to transform, Hendrickson wishes that he and Dreyfus would have shared such a glorious moment together before Ban recklessly attacked the druid head-on despite Meliodas' warning to stay back. Hendrickson then retaliated, having blasted Ban away leaving his lower body intact much to the three Sins' shock to see the Great Holy Knight assume a new demonic form that resembles the Red and Gray Demons. Hendrickson than blast the Deadly Sins, including Diane, outside of Merlin's Old Castle and started to kill the Holy Knights, one by one as he was proved much stronger and dangerous than ever before. When Hendrickson defeated the Deadly Sins and Holy Knights, Hendrickson spot Meliodas protecting Elizabeth from several of his attacks and collapsed. Hendrickson summoned Dead End to finish off Meliodas and take back Elizabeth until Hawk appeared and block the way, taking the attack. When Hawk died of the attack, a large pillar of light appeared that injured Hendrickson and realize that Elizabeth unleash her true power, Hendrickson is straight away annoyed, noticing that the blood of the Druid mediums that flow through her has awakened.

When Elizabeth collapse after realizing she can't revive Hawk, Hendrickson was about to kill Gilthunder, Meliodas charge toward Hendrickson, kick him in the face and punch him in the stomach which made Hendrickson collapsed on the floor while Meliodas told everyone to not lose hope while in his Black Mark mode once more. As everyone seems to lose hope as they continued their assault on Hendrickson didn't work, Meliodas ordered Gowther to use Broadcast to everyone to explain his plan which everyone was shock, but went along with it. Meliodas end up fighting Hendrickson head on while the Holy Knights launch their attacks on Meliodas and Hendrickson displease Hendrickson remain unaffected while Meliodas is taking damage. During the battle, Hendrickson realizes Meliodas can't use Full Counter because his power wasn't healed, only his physical strength.

Hendrickson destroyed by Meliodas

Hendrickson destroyed by Meliodas

Despite Hendrickson trying to put Meliodas down, saying it is only futile to continued to fight him as Meliodas can't use Full Counter and was about to use Dark Nebula on Meliodas, but Meliodas continued to push on as the latter step inside Dark Nebula and punch Hendrickson, destroying the attack. Everyone continued to assault Meliodas with all of their powers at the same time while Elizabeth plea everyone to stop despite it was Meliodas plan to begin with. After Ban attack Meliodas, Hendrickson felt an incredible high power level coming within Meliodas which shock even Hendrickson. Gowther revealed that this was Meliodas ultimate attack as he doubles everyone power attack that he took and was about to unleash it on Hendrickson. Gowther also revealed that surviving this technique is 0.2% which shocks and scared Hendrickson into flying away, but was trapped in Wall by Griamore and Meliodas jump up toward Hendrickson while the latter ask why Meliodas is doing this for the people who framed and attack him, but Meliodas response that Hendrickson committed a sin for abandoning his friends to protect for powers and unleash Revenge Counter, killing and destroying Hendrickson body.

Albion arcEdit

Hendrickson survived Meliodas attack

Hendrickson after being defeated

However, Hendrickson survived Meliodas' Revenge Counter although barely with his body almost completely destroyed leaving a shattered form, having at least retrieved the Coffin of Eternal Darkness away to Zhuhur Valley 150 miles east of the capital of Liones. Seemingly in his dying moments, Hendrickson cursed Meliodas for his cruel fate as he tries to command his severed limb to come to him before everything in his vision went black. Awakening in a field of flowers, Hendrickson assumes his original appearance and complains that he should be granted rest for he was so tired after hearing a voice telling to get up and finish what he started. Recognizing that voice, Hendrickson saw the spirit of who appeared before him and shed tears, regretting all the wrong deeds he did in life. When Dreyfus provided his friend blood, Hendrickson wonders why his old friend did that as the latter tells him to stand up once more and fulfill their deepest desires before he stood up and left, compelling the former Great Holy Knight to plead his best friend not to leave him.

Hendrickson breaks the seal of the Demon Clan

Hendrickson breaks the seal of the Demon Clan

Waking up in the real world, Hendrickson realizes it was a dream and notices tears, a sign of his humanity remaining but was surprised that all of his grievous wounds were all miraculously healed as his whole body was restored whole. Sniffing a scent, Hendrickson realizes the bloodied bandage came from Elizabeth and picks it up wondering why would it be here but is more than happy that all the pieces required to unseal the Demon Clan are complete as he laughed maniacally, believing that luck is on his side now. As Hendrickson begins the ritual to break the seal of the Coffin of Eternal Darkness to finally release the Demon Clan and bring chaos and hell upon Britannia, Dreyfus who also possess the Black Mark and revealed to have escaped death from their battle back at the kingdom's capital, stood behind him with an evil smirk. After breaking the seal, Hendrickson's gray demon form was removed and was back to normal, but was in deep shock to see Dreyfus before him and when he saw the nine of the Demon Clan members whose power greatly terrifies him. After they left for Edinburgh to recuperate their lost magical power after being imprisoned for too long, Hendrickson collapses in fear.

Istar arcEdit

Hendrickson using Purge

Hendrickson kills a Gray Demon

He's later seen back in Zhuhur Valley after escaping from the demons, making his pledge to free Dreyfus no matter the costs. Along his way, Hendrickson came to a village attacked by a Gray Demon which he teamed up with Howzer, Griamore, and Gilthunder to slay the demon. After killing the Gray Demon, the three confront Hendrickson for his misdeed which the latter agreed it was his fault for all of their troubles, but soon revealed what happened ten years between him and Dreyfus, which turns out that Hendrickson was shortly possessed by a demon who was trapped and injured at the bottom of Danafor who happen to be Fraudrin, a member of the Ten Commandments. However, Dreyfus offered his body to spare.
Hendrickson in Istar

Hendrickson in Istar

Hendrickson which he did and continued to do so to this day. Hendrickson revealed that he is a changed man and wanted to free Dreyfus which the group agreed to work together and train to defeat the Ten Commandments, but still don't fully trust Hendrickson.

Hendrickson and the others were soon taken to Istar, the sacred land of the Druids where they were taken to train in the Cave of Training, but was soon proven too difficult for them to handle. When the Deadly Sins show up to train as well, King rushes to attack him, but Hendrickson faints because of his injuries. After being healed by Jenna, Hendrickson claims that he will accept any punishment for his actions once Lions and Dreyfus are saved. When everyone decides to enter the cave to train, Hendrickson decides to try again where he was partnerless as no one there trusted him due to his past.

After training, Hendrickson is pleased to see how much Howzer and Gilthunder grew. He then witnesses Meliodas recover his strength.

Great Fight Festival arcEdit

Hendrickson and Griamore in the fight festival

Hendrickson and Griamore in the fight festival

Hendrickson, who becomes one of Boar Hat's bartender suggest Meliodas to rethink his plan to join the Vaizel Great Fight Festival. Meliodas doesn't hear his advice and later go with his team to Vaizel.[5] Hendrickson, along with Griamore ended up separated from the group after they arrived at the great maze.[6] He and Griamore are able to infiltrate the maze and made it to the center giant rock.[7] As one of the Ten Commandments who hold the fight festival Gloxinia kills everyone outside the center rock, Drole paired Hendrickson with Griamore and set to fight with Estaro and Arbus.[8]

When Escanor attacks Drole and Gloxinia halfway through the festival, Meliodas then reveals his plan to eliminate both of them off guard during the festival. After being surpassed by Meliodas in combat, Drole decides to play all the other participants hostage in his giant rock hands. Being forced to retire, Hendrickson is teleported to Liones along with the others by Gilfrost and witness the fight of Meliodas against Drole and Gloxinia through a crystal ball.

Hendrickson afflicted for Dreyfus

Hendrickson afflicted for Dreyfus

Before the appearance of the other Commandments, Hendrickson tries to make Griamore understand that Dreyfus is being controlled by one of the demons. When Meliodas is overcome by the Commandments, Hendrickson cries in frustration when he sees Dreyfus attacking him when controlled by Fraudrin. In the end, he witnesses with the rest the death of Meliodas at the hands of Estarossa.

Defensive Battle for Liones arcEdit

When Fraudrin and Grayroad realize the capture of the castle of Liones during the invasion to the kingdom, Hendrickson appears before the other Holy Knights saying that he will bring back to Dreyfus. Dogedo jumps saying that he is not willing to help him and that he will take revenge for the death of his friend. Hendrickson passes it by saying that after the battle, he can do what he wants without resistance.

When Grayroad appears revealing to have captured all the other humans in the castle, Fraudrin shows Hendrickson that she uses the same principle that she used to create the New Generation by turning the captured into demons by a much purer and more perfect process.

Dreyfus using Ryugeki

Hendrickson fights Fraudrin

After Merlin appears and manages to save the hostages and defeat Grayroad, Hendrickson goes after Fraudrin when he tries to flee. After reaching it outside the castle, Hendrickson claims to save Dreyfus. He uses his Acid Tower against Fraudrin, but he reminds him that such power is infectious against him. However, Hendrickson approaches him by surprise and uses his Purge. However, this is also ineffective, as Fraudrin manages to hurt him with Break blows.
Zaratras using Raijin no Sendo to evade Fraudrin's attack

Zaratras saves Hendrickson

Hendrickson says that his sword technique does not come close to Dreyfus's, but even so Fraudrin manages to overcome it and leave it on the ground. Fraudrin tells him that his actions have no case given that both his hands and those of Dreyfus are already stained with the blood of their sins and have no redemption, but Hendrickson says that he decides that. Fraudrin prepares to finish him, but is stopped by the Raiten Shukusei of Zaratras.

Hendrickson is perplexed to see Zaratras, believing he is dreaming of having in front of him the man he murdered. Zaratras pinches him to show him that it is not a dream and tells him that both must concentrate on rescuing Dreyfus. With tears, Hendrickson obeys his words.

During the fight, Hendrickson tells Zaratras that the Purge is useless against the Ten Commandments. When Zaratras says that his only alternative is to kill him, Hendrickson is opposed. Fraudrin takes the opportunity to attack them by surprise at point-blank range, Hendrickson is saved by Zaratras using his Raijin no Sendo to move both away.

Fraudrin stabbing Hendrickson

Hendrickson impaled by Fraudrin

When Zaratras manages to use all his life force in a Purge powerful enough, Fraudrin is finally expelled from the body of Dreyfus. Hendrickson is disgusted to see his true form. When Fraudrin tries to re-enter the body of Dreyfus, Hendrickson runs to avoid it, only for Fraudrin to cross it with his arm. Hendrickson asks to be possessed instead of Dreyfus, but Fraudrin claims that the body of a miserable human like him does not compare to the good recipient that Dreyfus was the last ten years. Hendrickson exclaims that he no longer has any reason to possess Dreyfus having regained his power and obtained his revenge against Meliodas.
Zaratras' soul ascending to heaven

Zaratras giving his final words to Hendrickson and Dreyfus

There, Dreyfus awakes and manages to wound Fraudrin with his powers. Hendrickson and Dreyfus meet emotionally and both share their last moments with Zaratras. Although both of them mourn all their sins, Zaratras tells them that they should do their best to make amends and as a last wish he asks them to tell Gilthunder that he is always watching him.

Fraudrin resurges releasing his Full Size power. When Fraudrin attacks them, Hendrickson is slaved by Merlin who takes him inside her Perfect Cube with all those who were in the castle with her. There, Hendrickson is stunned when Meliodas appears alive and faces Fraudrin in a fight in which he takes the lead with ease. However, Hendrickson is confused by the evil attitude of Meliodas.

When Fraudrin intends to self-destruct and eliminate all Liones with him, Hendrickson is alarmed by Dreyfus and Griamore who remain outside the Perfect Cube. However, after Griamore managed to convince Fraudrin to desist from his plans, Hendrickson watches in horror as Meliodas murders him.

Hendrickson attends alongside Dreyfus to the funeral of the Holy Knights who died during the battle. There, both receives stones and insults from Deldry, who blames them for what happened to have been controlled by demons. Although Howzer tries to defend them, both accept that they are guilty. Bartra calms the situation, saying that they must respect the deceased.

Corand arcEdit

When the princess Margaret decides to go herself to find Gilthunder who has been kidnapped by Vivian, Hendrickson and Dreyfus decide to accompany her.

In the way, Margaret, Hendrickson and Dreyfus met with Elizabeth and the Sins, taking a moment to Hendrickson can heal Merlin. However, Hendrickson determines that Merlin is under a demonic curse that does not even have his druid powers with the ability to reverse. Hendrickson suggests turning to Elizabeth, claiming that the healing powers of the druids pale in comparison to hers. After Elizabeth managed to save Merlin, Hendrickson leaves with Dreyfus and Margaret.

Prelude to the New Holy War arcEdit

Hendrickson and Dreyfus travel with Margaret

Hendrickson and Dreyfus travel with Margaret

During their journey, Margaret, Hendrickson and Dreyfus run into a group of demons attacking a couple in the mountains. Hendrickson eliminates an Orange Demon with his Purge and later unites with Dreyfus and managed to eliminate all the White Demons with their Combined Technique: Holy Shock. Hendrickson asks the couple if they know something about Gilthunder, but them don't.

After spending a night in a nearby town, the three stop to eat in the mountains. When Margaret regrets her situation, Hendrickson says it must be horrible for her to have to travel with the person who caused her suffering in the last ten years and turned Vivian into what she is, but Margaret graciously thanks both of them for accompanying her on their trip. When Margaret decides to leave on her own, Hendrickson talks with Dreyfus about Gilthunder and that they should fix things for the last decade. Dreyfus also mocks that Hendrickson is able to understand the feelings of a woman, and Hendrickson says that he is only getting older. Noticing that Margaret takes too long, the two decide to go for her.

Ludociel after attacking Zeldris

Hendrickson conteplates Ludociel's power

When they can not find it, they both realize that the strange things Margaret has been hearing are the same thing that happened to them in Danafor when they found Fraudrin. Knowing that Margaret may be in danger, the two rush to find her, following their trail to a Druid Altar within a grotto. There, a mysterious voice speaks to Margaret requesting her body in exchange for fulfilling her wishes. Dreyfus and Hendrickson are alarmed believing that it is a demon, so Hendrickson uses his Purge in an attempt to save her, however, the technique has no effect. There, the mysterious being is revealed as one of the Four ArchangelsLudociel, who offers Hendrickson and Dreyfus to join their new Stigma to eliminate the Demon Clan.

Ludociel opens a portal to a Druid Altar in the heavens where Vivian held Gilthunder captive and pierced the neck of the latter with his rapier. When Zeldris is tricked by Merlin to approach the altar, Ludociel attacks him with a powerful blow of light. Hendrickson is amazed by his power, stating that they should no longer fear the Demon Clan having him on their side. There, Dreyfus reproaches him for wanting Gilthunder and Margaret to sacrifice themselves even more. Hendrickson notes with discomfort that Gilthunder is unable to meet Margaret despite having her body in front of her. When Zeldris recovers and unties his Dies Irae, Hendrickson rushes to the aid of Ludociel, but they are all swallowed up by the attack. However, Ludociel gets everyone out of harm's way.

Hendrickson talking about how Ludociel saved them all

Hendrickson talks about how Ludociel saves them all

After surviving Zeldris's attack thanks to Ludociel's protection, Hendrickson goes next to Ludociel, Dreyfus and Gilthunder to Liones where they meet with the Seven Deadly Sins as well as the other Archangels, Sariel and Tarmiel. When Bartra asks Ludociel to release his daughter, Hendrickson intervenes trying to convince King Bartra that Ludociel is necessary in order to stop the Demon Clan. Dreyfus hits Hendrickson in the head and takes him away from the situation.

During the banquet that night, Ludociel gives a speech in front of all the knights affirming that Britannia will never be taken by the demons and that the Four Archangels will lead Stigma to victory. In that, Hendrickson asks him about the whereabouts of the fourth member of the Four Archangels, causing great anger in Ludociel, as well as in Tarmiel and Sariel. Afterwards, he reveals to Hendrickson that the fourth Archangel, Mael, was killed by a member of the Ten Commandments.

New Holy War arcEdit

When the allied forces decide the formations for the Holy War, Hendrickson is initially designated as one of the commanders of the Defensive Force, protecting the northern road of the kingdom. However, Ludociel reveals that Hendrickson requested to be part of the Assault Squad as his bodyguard.

During the march towards the battle, Ludociel tells Hendrickson that he can go to fight with Dreyfus if he wants, but Hendrickson says he has no regrets in the way he chose. 

When arriving at Camelot, the Assault Force discovers the castle covered by an enormous sphere of darkness, product of Meliodas absorbing the Commandments.

Hendrickson saving Ludociel from Cusack's attack

Hendrickson takes Ludociel out of Cusack's attack

Ludociel invokes his Sanctuary, creating an Ark barrier around him, Merlin, Escanor, Hendrickson and Gilthunder, being able to enter the space of darkness thanks to Merlin's Commandment that wants to enter and join the others. Upon entering, they find the cocoon of where Meliodas is. The five are received by ZeldrisCusack and Chandler. Ludociel, Escanor and Merlin go face to face with Zeldris, Chandler and Cusack respectively, while Hendrickson and Gilthunder are overwhelmed by the presence of demons. Hendrickson says that those six are the mightiest warriors on earth and that not even the gods could foresee the outcome of the battle.

Hendrickson jumps to appart Ludociel from Cusack's attack, receiving a wound on his leg as result. Ludociel calls him an idiot for trying to save him when he had already read his attack, but still appreciates his concern for him and gently heals the wound in his leg and tell him to stay away the battle and watch.

When Zeldris assumes the position that releases his original magical power, Ludociel asks Hendrickson to step aside because he could no longer protect him from there.

Merlin protects Hendrickson and Gilthunder

Merlin saves Hendrickson and Gilthunder

Zeldris then proceeds to use his original power, Ominous Nebula, creating an incredible force of attraction, which draws the Assault Force towards him. Zeldris claims that they must get out of their way, releasing an attack that leaves Ludociel, Escanor, Hendrickson and Gilthunder wounded against the wall. Zeldris creates another force of attraction in which Hendrickson end pulled. However, Merlin manages to taking care of keeping Hendrickson and Gilthunder out of Zeldris' range by teleporting them over and over.

During his fight with Escanor and Ludociel, Zeldris increases the speed and power of the Ominoud Nebula's vacuum. As a result, Merlin was not able to teleport in time to avoid being hit by Zeldris. However, Escanor shields Merlin, Hendrikcson and Gilthunder with his own body. 

When an explosion of power take everyone outside the castle, Hendrickson screams when Gilthunder gets wounded trying to protect Ludociel from Zeldris. As Escanor decides to fight Zeldris, Merlin uses Cho-renzoku Teleport to acquire te enough speed to teleport herself and Hendrickson out of Zeldris' power. When Escanor manages to break the Ominous Nebula, Hendrickson and Merlin witness how he manages to hurt Zeldris and leave him at the mercy of Ludociel after being returned to his night form.

Seeing the deep and mortal wound he received, Hendrickson tries to heal Gilthunder, but his powers fail to reverse the injuries caused by Zeldris. Hendrickson asks Ludociel to save him, but he was too busy in his fight with Cusack.

Hendrickson healing Gilthunder

Hendrickson healing Gilthunder

Hendrickson witnesses the magic fight between Merlin and Chandler, surprised when Merlin uses his Infinity power to overcome him.

When Merlin manages to take over Chandler and Cusack, Hendrickson ask Ludociel to heal Gilthunder as he take the attack to save him. However, Ludociel stats that Gilthunder don't did it to protect him and that he must save as much of his magic power as he can, leaving Hendrickson astonished. Hendrickson finally manages to heal Gilthunder's wounds, at the cost of several open wounds being cured on himself. Gilthunder is alarmed by his actions, but Hendrickson tells him not to worry about him.

While Hendrickson and Gilthunder believe that the incapacitated state of Ludociel is due to the demons, Merlin explains that it is actually the spell of her former master, quickly deduced how he use dark magic to alter all the memories about Mael of the Four Archangels and turn it into "Estarossa" of the Ten Commandments, even for the Demon King. Both knights are astonished by the revelation.

Hendrickson using Purge on Ludociel

Hendrickson using Purge on Ludociel

As the Original Demon appears, Gilthunder gets abrumated by the resulting battle and Hendrickson says the they must escape, but Gilthunder refuses to left Margaret behind. Ludociel talks about Mael being alive and desesperately ask Hendrickson to take him with Mael, pointing that he is unable to flight or move by himself and that he can laught at him is he wants. Showing his pity for him, Hendrickson finds the opportunity to use Purge to expel Ludociel from Margaret's body since the Archangel was debilited enough. Gilthunder realizes that he planned to do so from the beginning. Hendrickson ask Gilthunder to take Margaret and escape stating that he commit so many crimes and that he can not leave Ludociel like that. After hearing his father's last words from Hendrickson, a saddened Gilthunder takes Margaret's unconscious body and flee.

Ludociel is furious for his actions, but Hendrickson appeases him offering his body to be his new vessel.

Hendrickson sincerates with Ludociel

Hendrickson sincere with Ludociel

When the Commandments appears to be absorbed by Meliodas' cocoon, Ludociel says that all is over. Hendrickson insist that Merlin is plotting something, Ludociel states that even if she is able to use the forbidden Chrono Coffin spell to stop time, she will be killed before completing the spell since Escanor no longer have enough power within him to face the Original Demon and King is unable to deal with Zeldris and the Original Demon at the same time despite his incredible power up that allows to manipulate Chastiefol from such a long distance. In top, Ludociel afiirms that if Meliodas revives as the Demon King, it will be impossible to match his power now that the Supreme Deity is gone.

Hendrickson recrimines him for being a coward, reminding him the stories about the Goddesses encouraged and guided humanity through the hardest and most dire times. Ludociel gives him reason, stating that in such times in which the humans blindly believes in the Goddess Clan, he lost his head in the situation becoming someone arrogant, conceinted and overconfident who only thinks in others as pawns to use, but states that everything he did was for archieve the victory in the Holy War, even if that means that people turns his back to him. Ludociel laments to have falling that down, upon finding someone like Hendrickson who also revered him as an ecstatic little child. 

Ludociel healing Hendrickson

Hendrickson being healed by Ludociel

As Hendrickson says that he still admiring and adoring him, Ludociel thinks that he is trying to fool him again, but Hendrickson insist that the Goddess Clan was the very dogma for the Druids, guiding them to victory above all else. However, Hendrickson admits that he is also dissapointed with the form in which he treat Gilthunder and Margaret and how he brokes upon discovering that Mael was alive, which infuriates Ludociel. As Hendrickson affirms that he is happy to know that he is not perfect and in fact is just like them, Hendirkcson rushes Ludociel to turn him in his vessel not as a druid but as a friend. Despite both says that are out of dudes, Ludociel instead uses Invigorate to heal all of Hendrickson's wounds. Ludociel calls him a naive, simple and gentle-heathed fool who always thinks in others instead of himself, comparing him with certain friend he have in the past who dies protecting the life of someone else. Hendrickson ask why he do not make him his vessel, and Ludociel says that he could not be able to use his powers properly with him as his vessel. As his final words, Ludociel tells Hendrickson to not die.

Hendrickson is surprised of how Ludociel manages to hurt the Original Demon and how Mael arrives with his Grace to incapacitate him. Hendrickson then reunites with Elizabeth and the Sins when this ones reach Camelot to protect Merlin from Zeldris, and watches how Mael fights Zeldris. 

When Zeldris starts to attack under desperation to stop Merlin, Hendrikcson is protected by King who uses True Pollen Garden to protect everyone. After Zeldris is defeated by Mael and the Chrono Coffin is completed, Hendrickson celebrates with the others the end of the Holy War. He sees Ludociel reuniting with Mael, and Elizabeth thanks him for what he did for Margaret and Gilthunder. Hendrickson ask how she knows about it, to which she says that King have been watching over through Chastiefol, but Hendrickson is unable to recognize King with his new appareance. However, when Hawk discover that the cocoon was already empty, Hendrickson along everyone is abrumated by the incredible darkness coming from a Meliodas turned Demon King.

However, Meliodas is revealed to have been turned into his father's vessel, revealing that it was the Demon King's plan from the beggining in creating the Commandments and make Meliodas absorbs them to take his young and stronger body for himself. As the Demon King pretends to kill Elizabeth, Gowther takes her out of his attack for Merlin to use Perfect Cube to protect the three along Hendrickson and Escanor. Mael, Diane and King tries to fight the Demon King, but any of them is able to make a threat for him, who easily incapacitates everyone including Hendrickson.

Hendrickson and Mael seeing Ludociel fading away

Hendrickson and Mael seeing Ludociel fading away

When Ban saves Hawk from being killed, Hendrickson shows surprised of see him.

As the Demon King releases a tocix and causic storm over the area, Hendrickson and the Sins are protected by King's True Pollen Garden.

As Gowther sends his mind along with that of Elizabeth and the other Sins into Meliodas's spiritual world, Hendrickson is protected by Ludociel's Sanctuary when the Demon King attacks the Sins. He then notices how Zeldris interfieres with the Demon King's attack despite no one besides Ban must be able to wistand it.

After the defeat of the Demon King, Hendrickson, along Mael and Elizabeth, accompanies Ludociel in his last moments and is glad to hear him say that he hopes that the Demon Clan and the Goddess Clan can stop hating each other.

After returning to Liones, Hendrickson takes a walk to explain to Dreyfus his reasons for what he did about Ludociel. Dreyfus is surprised that he was capable of something like that, to which Hendrickson admits that he did not really plan to deceive him, causing Dreyfus to call him idiot savant. He apologizes even though he knows that if he had said it, he would have stopped him. Dreyfus hits him affirming that he had done it and that as his friend he understands his feelings more than anyone else, but that he does not launch himself to die. When Dreyfus says that he is the only person he got left, Hendrickson says he is not sure about that job. Dreyfus is happy to have a night with him in the Boar Hat, calling him "little Hendi" to which he responds that he is already in his middle aged.

That night, Hendrickson attends the celebration in the new Boar Hat. There, he is seeing drinking with Dreyfus. Elizabeth accidentally spills some pies on them.

Demon King arcEdit

The next day Hendrickson attends to the party organized by king Bartra. There, Bartra asks Meliodas to marry Elizabeth and become the king, revealing that Margaret and Gilthunder have already reject the same offer saying that they are not cut out for the job. Baltra ensures that Elizabeth will have no objection, but she says she can not accept. Everyone is stunned when Elizabeth reveals that she plans to go to the Demon Realm with Meliodas.

When the battle between the Seven Deadly Sins and the Demon King unleash a series of natural disasters, Dreyfus and Hendrickson takes charge in evacuating the people of the nearby towns and villages.

Hendrickson is seen along Jericho and various citizens watching with horror as the Demon King stands with a new, gigantic and monstrous vessel created from the same land of Britannia.

Current arcEdit

Hendrickson is along Jericho when the storms and other disasters in Britannia stop. When Jericho points that the terrible aura of the Demon King have vanished, Hendrickson confirms that the Seven Deadly Sins defeated the Demon King. 

The two then meet Dreyfus and Guila, who tell them to return to Liones together.


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