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The Twin Bow Herritt「双弓ハーリット, Sōkyū Hāritto」 is a Sacred Treasure belonging to the Goat's Sin of Lust, Gowther.


Herritt is a pair of luminous, purple energy bows that appear at Gowther's will. They are not fired in the conventional sense where one would need two hands in order to hold and draw the bows, but are instead magically drawn, allowing them to be fired in tandem.[1]


Herritt allows Gowther to utilize Invasion to its full ability by greatly extending the range of his power. This is best shown when he uses it to rewrite the memories of dozens of Holy Knights during the Seven Deadly Sins infiltration of the kingdom.[2] During his confrontation with Diane, he summoned Herritt to render anyone with a spirit level below 400 within a three mile radius unconscious.[3]

  • Jidou Tsuibi Mode「自動追尾モード, Jidō Tsuibi Mōdo; literally meaning "Automatic Tracking Mode"」: By resting one hand over the other, Gowther forms a cross with Herritt. The technique he uses in conjunction with this mode will automatically lock-on to a target.[4]
  • Tokusei - Han'i Kakudai「特性「範囲拡大」, Tokusei "Han'i Kakudai"; literally meaning "Ability - Range Enhancement"」: One of Herritt's special abilities that allows Gowther to extend the range of his magic attacks.[5]

Combined Techniques

  • Combined Technique: Celestial Arrow「合技 天空の光弓セレスティアルアローGōgi "Seresutiaru Arō"; literally meaning "Sky Light Bow"」: A combined attack that involves using True Spirit Spear Chastiefol as the arrow and using Twin Bow Herritt as the bow, part of the aura surrounds Chastiefol.



  • Herrit is the third Sacred Treasure to be revealed in the series.