"Hey, Gil! It doesn't matter where they came from... they're on our side, right?! Having even one more of them would be reassuring. Those apprentices that went missing probably ran away because they couldn't stand the harsh training anymore...!"
— Howzer stating his optimistic views on the "New Generation" to Gilthunder in Dark Pulse

Howzerハウザー」 is the Great Holy Knight of Liones, a colleague and partner of Gilthunder, and a former subordinate of the former Great Holy Knight, Dreyfus.


Howzer wears a set of Holy Knight armor and has short light-colored curled up hair. In his time at Vaizel during the Fighting Festival, Howzer wears a sleeveless wrestler-type civilian outfit.

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Howzer demonstrates a lot of self confidence and optimism, only considering the benefits of the "New Generation" of Holy Knights despite the mysteries surrounding their origin.[2] In addition, he is quite naive and stupid, dismissing Ban and Meliodas, who had entered the Vaizel fight festival under the names, "Baan" and "Meliodafu", respectively, as the the Deadly Sins, because of their obvious name changes, despite him knowing the physical traits of both.[3]After his battle with Diane, he is hinted to have feelings for her the more he meets her. Despite his usual easy-going personality, Elizabeth has said that Howzer does not stop once he becomes serious in a fight.

Howzer is somewhat of a fight enthusiast, eager to fight in the aforementioned tournament, and to witness the Deadly Sins' battle personally. He has also shown a shy side toward women, and does not like harming them, no matter what their strength.


During his childhood, Howzer was the childhood friend of Gilthunder, Griamore, Margaret, Veronica and Elizabeth as they always play together. Howzer was taught how to be a knight by Dreyfus and became a Holy Knight after the Seven Deadly Sins were framed.


Vaizel Fight Festival arcEdit

Gilthunder and Howzer defeating the Northern Barbarians

Howzer fighting against the Barbarians

Upon being ordered to stop the invasion of the army of the Northern Barbarians, Howzer and Gilthunder arrive in the battlefield on a flying dragon. Both then quickly and easily defeat the entire army, with Howzer even questioning the Great Holy Knight, Dreyfus, after returning to the castle, if their "errand" just now was the predicted so-called Holy War, which, his superior assures, is not. When Gilthunder states his suspicions of the kingdom's unpredicted foe in the Holy War being the Seven Deadly Sins, Howzer expreses his disbelief in the Sins' strength. Dreyfus replies that the Sins are a grave threat, and proceeds to inform the two of Meliodas having destroyed Danafor. This greatly shocks Howzer, who then also begins a conversation on the "New Generation" of Holy Knights. Though their origins are mysterious, Howzer, optimistic as usual, only considers their benefits, and soon leaves, citing busywork.[4]

Howzer is then seen to have joined Vaizel's Fight Festival when he stops Taizoo and Meliodas's skirmish. He is delighted that he is finally able to enter the tournament, and to be not restricted by work. [5] During the preliminaries, Howzer is shown to be flinging a fighter[6], and after they end, is seen among the eight people who have advanced.[7] In the main tournament, his first fight is assigned to be with Taizoo. When Meliodas and Ban, who have joined the tournament under the names, "Meliodafu" and "Baan", respectively, are assigned to fight against one another, Howzer almost discovers the two's identities, but dismisses them as Deadly Sins because of their obvious name changes, due to his naivety.[8] Howzer observes Griamore and Matrona's first battle, speaking of Griamore's ability's power when the Holy Knight activates it. He is greatly shocked when Matrona manages to defeat Griamore despite his ability, calling the mysterious lady a monster.[9]

Howzer defeating Taizoo

Howzer using his power.

Afterwards, he battles Taizoo. Though losing badly, Taizoo refuses to give up due to his ego. Howzer, who has been using very little power, since he could kill Taizoo if he uses too much strength, requests his opponent to surrender, for Taizoo's own benefit. When Taizoo refuses, Howzer, forming a twister around his hand with his ability, defeats Taizoo, adding that letting the battle continue would be dangerous for his opponent.[10] After the battle between Cain Barzad and King ends, Howzer finds Veronica at the place Griamore landed after being defeated and sent flying. Greeting them, he questions as to why they they have come to Vaizel.[11] He is is then informed that the child and the man with a scar, he had suspected to be Meliodas and Ban earlier, were in fact the Deadly Sins themselves, much to his shock.[12]

Greatly shocked by this information, Howzer questions the two of them whether they are planning to capture the Deadly Sins alone. Veronica states that her primary priority is to ensure Elizabeth's safety, whom they are searching in the first place, and commands him to not make a commotion and endanger it. He immediately turns around and runs towards the fighting ring, instructing them to not ruin the festival, and merrily enjoying the fact that he will be able to personally witness Ban's and Meliodas' battle.[13] As he observes the Sins' battle, he comments upon its intensity, commenting that the two are "beyond monsters" for their great strength.[14] Howzer continues watching the battle[15][16] until its end.[17] As his next fight with "Matrona" is declared, he expresses his enthusiasm to fight.[18] When it is begun, Howzer turns to the side and points to Diane's chest, since her button was undone, much to the audience's disappointment, and Howzer's embarrassment.[19]

Howzer using Super Cyclone

Howzer preparing for "Super Cyclone".

Howzer charges towards Diane, using his ability to form a small twister around his arms, and attack with it. Diane manages to dodge, stating that such an attack can cause great damage. Howzer agrees, and tells her to stop evading and be defeated, which, he says, will feel "great". Meliodas interprets Howzer's statements differently, as double entendres, much to Howzer's anger. Howzer, then, despite not wanting to harm a woman, finally restricts Diane's movements, and goes in for a punch, but finds that he is easily stopped. He, bewildered, cites Diane's earlier comment of his ability being dangerous. Diane explains that she had said so because she does not want the clothes she has borrowed from Elizabeth to be torn. In response, Howzer states that he can finally unleash his full power.[20] Howzer, wondering if Diane is also a Deadly Sin, due to her great strength, then uses his abilities to form a large horizontal twister, warning Diane to flee or die. Much to his shock, however, she remains unharmed, leading to his confirmation that she is a Deadly Sin.[21]

Diane defeating Howzer with Heavy Metal

Howzer defeated by Diane

Not giving up, Howzer manipulates the air to create a gigantic twister which covers the entire ring. He boasts that Diane would not be able to breathe inside the twister, and that she will be ripped to shreds if she tries to resist its centrifugal force. As he rejoices his victory, Diane uses a technique that appears to increase her body's mass, and uses the increased gravitational force to defeat Howzer from above. Howzer, collapsed, acknowledges his defeat, and states that he is honored to have been fought seriously by a Deadly Sin, not believing Diane's weak lies that she is merely a girl happening to pass by Vaizel. He confirms her identity when King addresses her as "Diane", with her then apologizing again, and walking away.[22]

As Meliodas and Cain's fight begins, Taizoo, whom Howzer is standing next to, informs the Holy Knight that Cain's attire is the traditional armor of the Danafor's Holy Knights.[23] After the dramatic battle ends, Cain walks towards the two, greeting and questioning them if they have more energy, which they confirm.[24] Howzer then witnesses the battle between Meliodas and Diane, and is in awe of their strength - he proceeds to note that Diane was not fighting seriously in their previous battle with. Due to their whimsical nature, he begins to wonder if they are really a threat, but immediately decides that they are, after the Sins begin threatening to massacre Vaizel.[25] He further develops a negative image of them, after he is deceived to believe that Guila's attacks were the Deadly Sins' doings.[26] He later adorns his armor and wields his lance as he proceed to stop the Deadly Sins. He encounters Diane, declaring that he will be arresting her, believing that she is plotting to overthrow the kingdom. When Diane suddenly runs to the help of a civilian who was trapped under debris, Howzer notices Marmas walking towards him. Marmas quickly uses his ability to multiply gravity around Diane, who tosses the saved civilian to Howzer as earth beneath her collapses.[27]

Diane showing her true size to Howzer

Howzer seeing Diane's true size

Howzer shows his discontent towards Marmas for putting an innocent person in trouble, but Marmas tells him that he is only following his orders to stop the Deadly Sins, and does not mind harming innocent victims during the process. He immediately grows angry at Marmas, questioning him who was the real criminal: Diane, who risked her life to save a civilian, or the Marmas who gladly kills innocent people. Marmas gets increasingly annoyed and challenges Howzer to fight him, when Hawk Mama suddenly appears and tosses Diane's clothes into the pit. After a brief moment, Diane climbs out of the hole and smashes Marmas with her fist. Howzer sees Diane unscathed, when the latter asks the former whether he is surprised at her true size. Astonishingly, Howzer tells her that he was not and is glad she was okay.

Diane then asks Howzer to take Marmas and the old man, and ran away which surprises Howzer. She then continues to ask if Howzer will try to capture her, but Howzer tells her that the Kingdom will be after them because of what happened to Vaizel. After Diane annihilates Vaizel using her full strength in the fight versus Helbram, Howzer surfaces from the rubble of the ruined town while carrying the injured man. He then states how powerful her attack was and remembers his earlier conversation with her. Howzer smiles at Diane and states that he wishes to meet her again and wonders how to report all of this to the Great Holy Knights, eventually disappearing using his cyclone.

Armor Giant arcEdit

Howzer returns to the kingdom to report of the events at Vaizel and learns of Veronica's and Griamore's reported deaths from Gilthunder, who further mentions that Hendrickson's group has been increasing dramatically in size over the past few days. He ponders over how they should report this to Princess Margaret and Great Holy Knight Dreyfus, when Gilthunder tells Howzer that Dreyfus has locked himself in his private room.

Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

Diane encountering the Holy Knights

Howzer meet Diane again

Howzer is ordered by Dreyfus along with Gilthunder, Guila, and Jericho to stop the three Deadly Sins who were infiltrating Liones. He briefly wonders if Diane is amongst them, but realizes that if she was, everyone would have seen her. Jericho begins quarreling with Howzer, but soon calms down when Dreyfus begins questioning if Helbram told them all he knew. As they enter Hendrickson's Magical Research Facility, he asks Gilthunder whether he had looked up to Meliodas as he taught him how to wield a sword, but Gilthunder replies that he was only taught the fundamentals of the sword, in a matter-of-fact way. The Holy Knights suddenly sense a subtle sound coming from the basement, soon discovering that it was Diane.

Howzer siding with Diane

Howzer siding with Diane

Howzer is astonished to see Diane before him, and becomes more and more nervous when Jericho decides to deliver the first attack. Diane straightaway swings Gideon, destroying part of the building and blasting Jericho away. As Gilthunder engages in combat with her, Howzer is hesitant, leading Dreyfus to ask him why he is not attacking. Under Dreyfus' direct commands, Howzer reluctantly enters the battle, using the combined skill Dragon Castle with Gilthunder. Diane was able to fend off the technique by using Ground Gladius, but when she attempts unleash it for a second time, Dreyfus easily blocks it and uses his ability Break to pierce through her chest. Howzer helplessly stands by the side as Diane is assaulted by Dreyfus. As Diane is being framed by Helbram for destroying buildings in the city, he and Guila decide to stop the Holy Knights from killing Diane. He remembers that Dreyfus had once told him, "The only time you should use your power is when you are sure of yourself", and decides that it is the time. Howzer asks Guila if there was a chance of them winning which she denies. However, they do not give up, but combine their powers to attack the Holy Knights with Bomb Cyclone. As the storm ends, Jericho is shown to be completely defeated, but Gilthunder escapes, Helbram protects himself, and Dreyfus remains completely unaffected. Gilthunder sneaks behind Guila to attack her, but Howzer manages to block his sword which left Guila open to an attack from Dreyfus, but she is saved once more, this time by Gowther, who now joins their battle.

King punching Howzer

Howzer being punch by King

Howzer is surprised to see the Goat's Sin of Lust without his armor, who then begins a fight against Dreyfus inside his mind using his Nightmare Teller. When Dreyfus brakes free of Gowther's Invasion, Guila is shocked to see Gowther rendered unconcious, but Howzer points out that thanks to him, Gilthunder and Dreyfus were forced to retreat, leaving Helbram alone. As the latter questions of they really had the upper hand now, Howzer tries to attack Helbram, who then uses Call of Inferno to summon deadly smoke. Diane, who used the time bought by Howzer and Guila to regenerate a bit, stands up again to smash Helbram, making the dark smkoe vanish. Diane gives Zeal to Guila and tells them to leave, but Howzer refuses and says she should worry about herself rather than others. Helbram stands up again and pierces Diane's stomach using Killer Iceberg which puts her on the brink of death once more. However, before he can finish her off, King appears to save block the approaching attack. Howzer is surprised to see "Old Fart" again, but Guila points out that it was King, the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth, which surprises Howzer. Crying about Diane's condition, King approaches Howzer and punches him for failing to protect Diane until his hand starts bleeding and he is held back by the latter. King eventually desists from Howzer to fight Helbram which both Howzer and Guila watch in amazement about King abilities, calling him a dependable ally and fearsome foe.

Howzer using Whirl Shock to protect Diane from Helbram's roots

Howzer protecting Diane from Helbram

As Helbram summons roots to kill Diane in order to torture King, Howzer tries to defend the unconscious giant, but in the end is no match against Helbram's power and is sent flying to Diane. To make sure Diane doesn't survive any longer, Helbram then lets his roots beat Diane once more, only to realize King used Chastiefol's eighth Form to protect and heal Diane slowly. Severely wounded, King looks at Howzer and calls him lucky to be near Diane when the healing shield appeared, just like Guila, Zeal, Gowther and Jericho. Howzer smiles and notes that the Deadly Sins are too kind for their own good. After witnessing King defeating Helbram, Howzer asks King of the Sins' presence in the kingdom's capital, only for the Grizzly's Sin of Sloth to tell him of Princess Elizabeth being kidnapped. After Great Holy Knight Dreyfus attempts to behead the Fairy King from behind, Howzer expressed surprise but is relieved as King easily overpowers Dreyfus and manages to render him motionless. As King interrogates Dreyfus, Howzer is shocked by the Great Holy Knights' plot to resurrect the Demon Clan and use Elizabeth as a sacrifice, although Guila states that Hendrickson is the true mastermind behind this plan and only using Dreyfus.

Gowther using Searchlight on Howzer

Gowther revealing Howzer true motivation

While carrying a still-frozen Gowther, Howzer later tries to convince Dreyfus to join their side to stop Hendrickson from resurrection the Demon Clan even if it is temporary, but the Great Holy Knight does not respond to Howzer's request. As Howzer spoke, Gowther seemingly regained consciousness and used Searchlight on Howzer and says his words hold no deception. Howzer is alarmed due to Gowther's sudden recovery and believes that he was stabbed through the chest. Diane thanks Howzer for helping them, but Gowther mentions that Howzer isn't doing it for them, but for Diane which Howzer denied while blushing. When Dreyfus accepts the idea of the truce, Howzer is shown happy for Dreyfus and goes off with the others to save Elizabeth.

Howzer and Dawn Roar heavily injured

Howzer wounded

While on their way to save Elizabeth, Howzer and the Sins feels a large amount of power exerted with very strong force in a nearby battle. After they are joined by Meliodas, Gilthunder, and Margaret, Meliodas explains Gilthunder's cruel personality and why he had to be ruthless in the past. Howzer feels disappointed in himself as he did not know what was going on with his friend. Despite Howzer's guilt, Gilthunder does not blame his friend. Howzer finds out that Arthur Pendragon, the new king of Camelot, is now on their side. Arthur explains that he does not know his own ability and as such, he attempted to find out by fighting Hendrickson, at which Howzer comments that he is an idiot. Howzer and the others are suddenly teleported to a forest by Vivian but are sent back to Liones by a mysterious cloaked figure who is soon revealed to be Merlin, the Boar's Sin of Gluttony. After Merlin frees Elizabeth and Bartra, everyone start interrogating Dreyfus for his crime of murdering Zaratras and framing the Sins which Howzer has a hard time to accept until Dreyfus admits it was true, much to Howzer shock. Howzer later asks for help taking Dreyfus to jail to wait for his judgement until Hendrickson appears and destroys the castle. Howzer was later found wounded, but still alive, unlike 3 of the members of the Dawn Roar.

Post-Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

The day after the Hendrickson's attack and defeat, Howzer is present at the Seven Deadly Sins' ceremony while feeling troubled at Dreyfus' betray. After the ceremony, Howzer, Gilthunder and Griamore thank the Deadly Sins for sticking up for Dreyfus and Hendrickson despite what they have become, to which Merlin responds that they should seek the truth themselves. Howzer heads to Dreyfus' room with Gilthunder and Griamore, as Gilthunder finds a book relating to the Demon Clan. This immediately sparks their curiosity, thus the three leaves Liones to learn more about the connection between the Great Holy Knights and the Demon Clan. Along their way, they come to a village attacked by a Red Demon.

Istar arcEdit

Howzer protects Hendrickson from the Gray Demon

Howzer helps Hendrickson against the Gray Demon

The three bring down the Red Demon, only to be confronted with a greater menace: a Gray Demon. The new enemy overpowers the Holy Knight, and they succeed in killing it only thanks to the aid of an unexpected ally: Hendrickson, now free of the demon blood. After killing the Gray Demon, the three confront Hendrickson for his misdeed which the latter agrees it was his fault for all of their troubles, but soon reveals what happened ten years ago between him and Dreyfus when they inspected the remainders of the destroyed Danafor.It turns out that Hendrickson was shortly possessed by Fraudrin, a demon who was trapped and injured at the bottom of Danafor, who is also a member of the Ten Commandments, who he managed to release from their 3000 years old seal with the help of Hendrickson. However, Dreyfus offered his body to spare Hendrickson which Fraudrin accepted and continued to do so to this day. Hendrickson reveals that his intentions have changed and wants to free Dreyfus, to which the group agrees, making Hendrickson an ally of them in order to defeat the Ten Commandments, but they still don't fully trust him.

Howzer using Breakthrough

Howzer creates a new technique

Gilthunder and the others are soon taken to Istar, the sacred land of the Druids, to train in the Cave of Training as preparation for the fights against the revived Ten Commandments, but it soon turns out that the monsters in there are stronger than they expected them to be. However, as the Deadly Sins show up to train as well, Gilthunder is paired up with Howzer and they attempt the cave once more. Once in the cave, the two choose a Amber that holds a Clay Dragon which it is known to be immune to lightning and wind attacks. Gilthunder and Howzer end up arguing during the training, but soon work together and come up with unique attacks for them to harm the dragons. However, Gilthunder and Howzer end up failing the training again, but Jenna is still proud of them for coming up with new attacks on the spot.

Great Fight Festival arcEdit

Howzer and Gilthunder helping Elizabeth and Diane

Howzer and Gilthunder in Vaizel

After training in the land of the druids, the Seven Deadly Sins accompanied by the Holy Knights decide to participate in the Great Fight Festival, a fighting tournament arranged by Drole and Gloxinia, two members of the Ten Commandments to gather strong fighters in order to consume their souls and restore their magic power.

Upon arrival, everyone fall into traps placed in the maze and being separated. Accompanied by Gilthunder, Howzer saves Diane, Elizabeth and Hawk who were being attacked by Prankster Imps. Then, along with Gilhtuner and Diane, they defeat an Earth Crawler who suddenly attacks them. When a second Earth Crawler appears, they are all saved by a wizard named Gilfrost who freezes the beast.

After making it through the labyrinth and reaching the central arena created by Drole, the latter allocates Howzer to Solaseed, another participant of the Fight Festival, since the fights will be battled out in teams of two. However, before Howzer and his teammate have the chance to fight, the Lion's Sin of Pride, Escanor, puts an end to the Festival as he attacks Drole and Gloxinia instead of his actual opponent.

In the following battle, Howzer and his companions are held hostage by Drole to pressure Meliodas, but is stopped by the latter and Gilfrost uses this opportunity to teleport everyone expect for Meliodas back to Liones. Howzer observes with the rest through Gilfrost's crystal ball as Melidoas manages to overcome Drole and Gloxinia, but as he is then defeated and killed by the other Commandments.

Defensive Battle for Liones arcEdit

When the Ten Commandments invade Liones, Howzer and the other Holy Knights try to confront them. However, all fall victims of the Love Commandment of Estarossa, losing all their strength. After witnessing the battle between Escanor and Estarossa, Howzer declares that they must evacuate the castle. Despite Gilthunder's complaints, Howzer convinces everyone that they must protect the king and the princesses first and foremost. When the knights and civilians of the city arrive and begin to attack them due to the Piety Commandment of Zeldris, Denzel offers his body to the goddess Nerobasta to be his vessel and face the demons. Having gained some time, Howzer and the
Five Lost

Howzer recieves Grayroad's Five Lost

remaining knights attempt to evacuate the castle, but are cornered by Fraudrin and Grayroad. When Merlin breaks into the battle and is attacked by Grayroad's Five Lost, Howzer protects her by receiving the attack instead and losing her five senses. However, Merlin manages to release him without problems, thanking him for being her guinea pig. After seeing surprised the incredible display of Merlin magic that manages to overcome Grayroad, Howzer is brought along with all those present in Merlin's Perfect Cube, being astonished to see Meliodas alive. He finally witnesses the attempted sacrifice of Griamore to prevent Fraudrin from destroying the kingdom and the death of the latter at the hands of Meliodas.

During the funeral of Denzel and the other knights who died during the battle, Howzer defends Hendrickson and Dreyfus who were being assaulted by Deldrey, alluding that they are not to blame for having been controlled by the demons, only to take a rock in the head.

The day after the battle with the Commandments, Howzer is rebuked by his father for being a lazy man and not fulfilling his duties as Holy Knight. When Howzer says to take some time to help in the reconstruction of the castle and the village, his father says he received a letter for a meeting at the castle although he does not know because, to which Howzer reminds him that everything was destroyed by the demons. However, being kicked out by his father, Howzer discovers that both the castle and the town were rebuilt by Melin.

When all the Holy Knights meet, the king Bartra declares that they must appoint a new captain of the Holy Knigths for the battle against the demons. To everyone's surprise, it ends up being Howzer. Although he claims not to be the right one, the king says that his attitude during the invasion demonstrate the opposite. After getting upset because the other knights call him "substitute" captain, Howzer declares that he will do everything in his power to meet the expectations.

Current arcEdit

During a battle with a horde of demons, Howzer appears to save Jericho and Guila who were about to be incinerated by a Red Demon, creating a great tornado that defeat the demon. However, the three are captured by a Copper Demon who pretends to devour them. There, the three knights are saved by Solaseed whose body was actually being inhabited by one of the Four Archangels, who also heal all their wounds.

After the formation of the alliance between Liones, the Sins and the Four Archangels to fight the Demon Clan, Howzer attends the meeting to decide the strategy for the Holy War. When Merlin says that the "Search-and-Destroy Force" must directly confront the Demon Clan army, Howzer claims that he and Gilthunder will lead the Holy Knights for that battle. However, Gilthunder says that he will go to Camelot with the "Assault Squad" in order to protect Margaret. Before leaving for battle, Howzer tells Gil to bring Margaret back.

When the group finally encounters the demon army, Howzer dubiously orders to attack. Howzer warns his companions not to face the demons directly who surpass them in number and power, so they must break their ranks and break through. Howzer and the other knights manage to combine to eliminate a good amount of demons, but the rest still unleashes their attacks against them, but all are diverted by Deathpierce. Howzer is surprised with the power that Deathpierce received from Ludociel.

While the battle continues, Howzer and the knights are oppressed by the difference of power and resources and are forced to consider a withdrawal. There, Howzer observes with astonishment the display of power of Diane and King that manages to eliminate almost the entire army. Howzer is annoyed that the two show how much stronger they are.

In the end, the group manages to defeat all the demons, Howzer shouts happily for victory. When Guila is alarmed that several of the surviving demons were heading to Liones, Howzer reassures her by reminding her that the Defensive Force will protect the kingdom.

Howzer orders the knights to protect all who were trapped in the advance of the demon army, avoiding any unnecessary battle. King and Diane make fun of his leading attitude, causing him to get angry. When Howzer says that the wounded must take the opportunity to treat themselves, Deathpierce jumps saying that they should go after the enemy while they can. Howzer is surprised to see him without any injury, what Deathpierce claims to be thanks to the blessing of Ludociel.

While Deathpierce enters into a discussion with Elizabeth and the Archangels about the role played by the princess in the battle, Howzer suddenly notices that all her wounds have been healed, leading Sariel to reveal that Elizabeth has healed them all during the battle.

Suddenly, an individual falls on the battlefield. Identifying the power of the Ten Commandments, Howzer orders the knights to surround whoever reveals herself to be Derieri. When Estarossa appears chasing her, Howzer is alarmed to see that he is still alive. Estarossa unleashes his Black Hound on the battlefield, Howzer is saved from the black flames along with the rest of the knights by Diane who takes them all underground.

While Estarossa was in a battle against Sariel and Tarmiel, Howzer waits with the rest for the result. The knights ask him who won, what Howzer does not know, being irritated when the knights think about eating. Another of the knights asks what to do about Derieri, Howzer is unsettled to see how she and Elizabeth talk.

When Sariel and Tarmiel return having supposedly finished with Estarossa, Howzer observes alarmed as Estarossa follows them with a transformation because of having asborbed the Truth Commandment . After another encounter with the Archangels, Estarossa absorbs the Reticence Commandment, Howzer orders everyone to move away. Howzer observes how Estarossa loses his sanity as his power increases. When the Archangels are defeated and the Sins can not harm him, Elizabeth decides to surrender to him to avoid more deaths, being taken to heaven by him.

While Howzer tries to help an injured Gila, the knights say they must go to rescue Elizabeth, but Howzer tells them they can not follow them through the sky. When King decides to pursue them on his own, Howzer asks forgiveness for only being able to depend on him with the Archangels defeated . However, Sariel and Tarmiel manage to recover from their wounds, leaving Howzer in shock to see Sariel become a beautiful woman. Sariel goes on to reveal that the power of a high-ranking Goddess can cause transformations in their vessel, such as the accelerated growth of Solaseed's body. Howzer asks why Tarmiel has not been transformed, which he explains is because Arbus was already dead when he  was turned in his vessel.

Upon hearing the story of how Solaseed and Arbus became the vessels of the Arncaneles, Howzer asks if the bodies really will be right with them inside. Sariel reveals to him that if he and Ludociel continue using their Graces, the bodies of Solaseed and Margaret will end up being destroyed, alarming Howzer. Sariel and tarmiel then decide to abandon their vessels, having partially reconstructed their original bodies. Howzer asks them how they intend to face such a powerful enemy, hearing the Archangels kill him in order to end the war.

Howzer decides to continue the road to Camelot, asking King, Sariel and Tarmiel to beat Estarossa and rescue Elizabeth. 

Later, when a shower of light and dark rays begins to fall in the direction Elizabeth was taken, Howzer wonders what will happen. He tries to get Diane not to worry about King, only to discover that Diane has already left.


Howzer, like all Holy Knights, is extremely powerful, being able to easily defeat an army of more than three thousand along with Gilthunder. He also wields a spiraled lance with a small spur on the other end in conjunction with his abilities.[28]


Main article: Tempest
  • Tempest暴風 (テンペスト)  Bōfū (Tenpesuto)」: Howzer's ability enables him to form and manipulate the air into vortexes of rotating winds.[29]

Power LevelEdit

Total Magic Strength Spirit
1,910  ?  ?  ?

After training in Istar, his power levels are as follows:

Total Magic Strength Spirit
2,350 1,090 700 560


Holy KnightsEdit


Gilthunder and Howzer are childhood friends with very different personalities but they appear to work very efficiently as a team during battles.


Seven Deadly SinsEdit


Howzer met Diane at Vaizel during a fight tournament, but did not realize who she is because she shrunk during the event. When they battle, Howzer did not use his full power because he doesn't like to hurt girls and was being modest toward Diane until she showed her true strength and Howzer started to respect her. After Vaizel, Howzer started to grow feelings for the young Giant, but his duty of being a Holy Knight put him in a hard spot. He is moved by a severely injured Diane in the fight with Helbram, and musters up strength to fight for her and protect her rather than fight against her. Gowther assessed that the only reason Howzer was so closely affiliated with the Sins was Diane. Despite Howzer's feelings for her, Diane treats him as a good friend.


Howzer has developed a rivalry with King, as both often compete for Diane's attention. They are seen fighting and quarreling over her in almost all of their interactions.


Vaizel Fight Festival arcEdit

Kingdom Infiltration arcEdit

Istar arcEdit

Great Fight Festival arcEdit


  • According to the databook(s):
    • Daily Routine: Manipulation of hair
    • Favorite food: Chicken thighs
    • Charm Point: His rockabilly hairstyle
    • He has a complex about his unpopularity with girls
    • Special ability: Eating fast, sleeping fast
    • Hobbies: Drinking after work
    • Weak Point: Can’t deal with women
    • Dream/Hope: Not losing to Gil
    • Regrets: Not having realized that Gilthunder was suffering
    • The most embarrassing thing in his life: His self when he was playing the commander of the kids
    • What he wants the most right now: The best weapon
    • The person he respect the most is Dreyfus
    • A person he doesn't want to make an enemy of is Diane.
  • Veronica points out that Howzer cannot keep secrets.
  • Meliodas points out that Howzer is so skilled at using double entendre consecutively, that he does not notice it himself.
  • Howzer's parents run a blacksmith in the Kingdom of Liones and are doing quite well.[30]


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