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Hey, Gil! It doesn't matter where they came from... they're on our side, right?! Having even one more of them would be reassuring. Those apprentices that went missing probably ran away because they couldn't stand the harsh training anymore...!

— Howzer stating his optimistic views on the "New Generation" to Gilthunder in Dark Pulse


Howzer「ハウザー」 is the Great Holy Knight of Liones, a colleague and partner of Gilthunder, and a former subordinate of the former Great Holy Knight, Dreyfus. Along with Gilthunder and Griamore, he's part of the three brats renowned for getting into trouble during their youth.


Howzer is often depicted donning a standard set of Holy Knight armor. He has dark blond hair, usually styled into a messy quiff. In his time at Vaizel during the Fighting Festival, Howzer wears a sleeveless wrestler-type civilian outfit, along with purple pinstriped pants and brown boots. 18 months after the Holy War, Howzer became older and grew a beard on his jawline.


Howzer demonstrates a lot of self confidence and optimism, only considering the benefits of the "New Generation" of Holy Knights despite the mysteries surrounding their origin.[2] In addition, he is quite naive and stupid, dismissing Ban and Meliodas, who had entered the Vaizel fight festival under the names, "Baan" and "Meliodafu", respectively, as the  Deadly Sins, because of their obvious name changes, despite him knowing the physical traits of both.[3] After his battle with Diane, he grows more and more attracted to her every time they meet. Despite his usual easy-going personality, Elizabeth has said that Howzer does not stop once he becomes serious in a fight.

Howzer is somewhat of a fight enthusiast, eager to fight in the aforementioned tournament, and to witness the Deadly Sins' battle personally. He has also shown a shy side toward women, and does not like harming them, no matter how strong they are.

He is quite respectful as he pointed to Diane as Matrona that her top is unbuttoned and she should cover it, even though he got booed by the unhappy pervy men in the audience for it.


During his childhood, Howzer was the childhood friend of Gilthunder, Griamore, Margaret, Veronica and Elizabeth as they always played together. Howzer was taught how to be a knight by Dreyfus and became a Holy Knight after the Seven Deadly Sins were framed.


Howzer, like all Holy Knights, is extremely powerful, being able to easily defeat an army of more than three thousand along with Gilthunder. He also wields a spiraled lance with a small spur on the other end in conjunction with his abilities.[4] During the new holy war, Howzer's power seem to have increased as he was able to kill dozens of Red and Gray demons on his own. After the sixteen-year timeskip, His power has increased even further where he can take down a dragon with little effort.


  • Tempest暴風テンペストTenpesuto」: Howzer's ability enables him to form and manipulate the air into vortexes of rotating winds.[5]

Power Level

Total Magic Strength Spirit
1,910 ? ? ?

After training in Istar, his power levels are as follows:

Total Magic Strength Spirit
2,350 1,090 700 560

16 years after the Holy War, Howzer's Power Level is as follows:

Total Magic Strength Spirit
At least 7,600[6] ? ? ?


Holy Knights


Gilthunder and Howzer are childhood friends with very different personalities but they appear to work very efficiently as a team during battles. Howzer often comedically expresses envy whenever Gilthunder acts intimate with Margaret. They were close friends growing up, getting into all sorts of trouble together.


Howzer and Griamore get along well, having grown up as childhood friends. Howzer enjoys teasing Griamore about his relationship to second royal princess Veronica. Griamore claims that during their younger years, he would always get looped into whatever crazy scheme Howzer and Gilthunder cooked up and end up getting scolded by his father. However, the veracity of this story is questionable, as Gilthunder refuted it; instead claiming that he was the one who would always get dragged around by Howzer and Griamore.


Howzer knew Dreyfus ever since he was young, having been trained by him. According to Howzer himself, during this time, Dreyfus used to constantly scold Howzer and his friends whenever they would mess around the capital.


When they were younger, Hendrickson would always step in and come to the defence of Howzer and his friends whenever one of Dreyfus's scoldings got too severe. After the events of the Kingdom Infiltration Arc, Howzer departed on a quest with Gilthunder and Griamore to uncover the truth behind Hendrickson and Dreyfus's treacherous actions.

Seven Deadly Sins


Howzer met Diane at Vaizel during a fight tournament, but did not realize who she was because she shrunk during the event. When they battle, Howzer did not use his full power because he doesn't like to hurt girls and was being modest toward Diane until she showed her true strength and Howzer started to respect her. After Vaizel, Howzer started to grow feelings for the young Giant, but his duty of being a Holy Knight put him in a hard spot. He is moved by a severely injured Diane in the fight with Helbram, and musters up strength to fight for her and protect her rather than fight against her. Gowther assessed that the only reason Howzer was so closely affiliated with the Sins was Diane. Despite Howzer's feelings for her, Diane treats him as a good friend.


Howzer has developed a rivalry with King, as both often compete for Diane's attention. They are seen fighting and quarreling over her in almost all of their interactions.


Vaizel Fight Festival arc

Kingdom Infiltration arc

Istar arc

Great Fight Festival arc


  • According to the databook(s):
    • Daily Routine: Manipulation of hair
    • Favorite food: Chicken thighs
    • Charm Point: His rockabilly hairstyle
    • He has a complex about his unpopularity with girls
    • Special ability: Eating fast, sleeping fast
    • Hobbies: Drinking after work
    • Weak Point: Can’t deal with women
    • Dream/Hope: Not losing to Gil
    • Regrets: Not having realized that Gilthunder was suffering
    • The most embarrassing thing in his life: His self when he was playing the commander of the kids
    • What he wants the most right now: The best weapon
    • The person he respect the most is Dreyfus
    • A person he doesn't want to make an enemy of is Diane.
  • Veronica points out that Howzer cannot keep secrets.
  • Meliodas points out that Howzer is so skilled at using double entendre consecutively, that he does not notice it himself.
  • Howzer's parents run a blacksmith in the Kingdom of Liones and are doing quite well.[7]


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