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Howzer & Guila vs Dreyfus, Helbram, Jericho and Gilthunder is a battle fought between two renegade Holy Knights Howzer and Guila and Dreyfus, Helbram, Jericho, and Gilthunder of the Holy Knights.


During the Seven Deadly Sins' infiltration in the Kingdom of Liones, Dreyfus and his subordinates encountered Diane underneath Hendrickson's Magical Research Facility, which was Merlin's castle then battled the Serpent's Sin of Envy and won. When the Holy Knights framed Diane for destroying several buildings and attempted to finish her off, Howzer and Guila stood up for Diane, barring their comrades' path.


Seeing Howzer and Guila defending Diane, Dreyfus, Helbram and Jericho attempted to bring the two back to their side, only to be met with hostility. Just as Dreyfus brands Howzer and Guila traitors, the Holy Knights readies themselves for battle. For Howzer and Guila made their short introductions and discussed if they have any chance of victory. Though Guila confirmed that that chances of victory are zero, Howzer declares that he is not giving up without a fight, casting a condensed version of Rising Tornado on the Holy Knights and sent them flying into the air at the moment when Dreyfus was about to make a move. While inside the twister, the Great Holy Knight states that the two could not break his supremacy just by keeping him in the air and knows that they're only buying time. Howzer then orders Guila to pour all her attacks inside the twister, to which she complied. Apologetic to Jericho, Guila fired her Shot Bombs into the twister and formed Combined Technique Bomb Cyclone, causing multiple explosions which injured those inside the twister.

The Combined Technique caught the attention of Gowther of the Seven Deadly Sins who assumed Diane is there and the citizens of Liones panicked when they saw an exploding twister, believing that the Seven Deadly Sins are destroying the kingdom.

Continuously attacking, Howzer told Guila to keep firing only to be interrupted by Gilthunder who is revealed to have not been caught in the twister all this time and attempted to kill Guila from behind but was intercepted by Howzer. This allows the combined technique to discontinue and free the Holy Knights. Jericho wasn't so lucky as she fell to the ground unconscious with her skirt burned off while Helbram used two Enchantments to protect himself from the two renegades' attacks though suffered minor injuries. Dreyfus on the other hand, remained completely unharmed much to Guila's dismay. The Great Holy Knight then attempted to kill her with Pierce but Gowther saved Guila in the nick of time, carrying her in a bridal position while piercing Dreyfus with a small light arrow.


Gowther reveals himself as the Goat's Sin of Lust much to everyone's shock of the latter's true appearance. Gowther then takes over the fight and challenges Great Holy Knight Dreyfus.



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