Howzer vs. Taizoo is a battle fought between the Holy Knight, Howzer and the mountain bandit-turned merchant, Taizoo. It is the second battle of the first round in the Vaizel Fight Festival.


While the beginning of the battle is not shown, it is soon revealed to have resulted in Taizoo losing heavily against an obviously much stronger Howzer but continuing to fight due to his ego, despite Howzer having used only a very tiny portion of his power, knowing that if he overused his strength even a little, he would kill Taizoo. As he persistently attacks Howzer, he is requested to surrender, with Howzer also adding that if was for his own benefit; Taizoo, however, refuses to do so. Howzer states that while he does not want to use his abilities on an ordinary person, letting the battle continue any more would be bad for his opponent. When the man then charges, Howzer, using his abilities to create what appears to be a small tornado around his arms, sends the former mountain bandit flying out of the ring with a punch that is strengthened by said ability.[1]


As he is proclaimed the victor, Howzer poses, while the audience cheer[2], and then heads to where Griamor landed after his defeat against Matrona. There, he, after questioning him and Veronica for the reason the both had arrived in Vaizel[3], is told that the young man he had suspected to be Meliodas was, in fact, the Deadly Sin himself.[4]


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