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Humans「人間, Ningen」 are one of the five major races in the world of Nanatsu no Taizai.


According to the Lady of the Lake, humans were created by Chaos after giving birth to the other four races. Harboring contradicting feelings and emotions, though incomplete, humans were the perfect race that came closest to Chaos. [1]

Humans are the most populous race in Britannia with many kingdoms and other settlements established, but are also the weakest and shortest-lived of the five races.

They tend to be prejudiced by the other major races, with the Demons seeing them as worthless and sometimes as food, the Giants looking down on them for their fragility and weakness, the Fairies seeing them as greedy and a hopeless race, and the Goddesses often using them for worship and even disposable pawns against the Demons.

The Fairy Clan and Giant Clan are both mostly isolated in their homelands and make little contact with others. The Demon Clan was sealed away 3,000 years ago in the Holy War while the Goddess Clan lost their physical forms to seal away the Demons. Other less prominent races, such as the Beastmen are scattered across the land but not particularly prominent anywhere due to human persecution. The void left from the decline of the other major races left much room for humans to spread and propagate, eventually coming to rule most of Britannia's territory.

Humanity is protected by the Holy Knights, the proclaimed guardians of Britannia, trained to harness Magic for protecting the people and defending against threats to their kingdoms.


For the most part, humans within the story are identical to humans in real life, although there are some with hair colors not found in the real world or unrealistic and monstrous proportions, as is common in manga.

Powers and Abilities

Humans are generally regarded as the weakest of all races, being by far the most short-lived and fragile. This fragility, however, can be circumvented by training and there are some humans who can awaken their own innate magical powers. These humans may be able to stand on par with those of others races, though these people are the exceptions to the rule.

Certain humans can also train themselves physically to superhuman levels that are sufficient in matching or even surpassing, albeit rarely, the might of various members of other races such as the case with Rou. The former, as well as all humans in his immediate company, were able to kill many Fairy, Giant and Goddess warriors, and the stronger Holy Knights of the modern age are also able to kill lesser demons, although they stand no chance against the likes of the Ten Commandments or the Indura and their spawn.

The many human souls contained within Excalibur were also feared by the weaker Demons yet could do nothing against the auras of highest-level demons such as Meliodas, Zeldris, and their teachers and while Arthur could use the power of Excalibur to fight them off, this only worked for a short period before the backlash caught up to him due to his current strength and will not being able to wield the sword's true potential.

However, after Merlin uses the excess power of their fight against the Demon King within Lake Salisbury, she is able to allow the entity known as Chaos to inhabit Arthur as its host which in turn gave him the ability to control it, making him a terrifyingly powerful entity.

Unique to Ban, a trained human who drank from the Fountain of Youth, he became an immortal, allowing him to fight and survive battles against Demons and members of the Ten Commandments. His experiences and adapting to Purgatory, lasting for several centuries, Ban evolved to where he could fight the Demon King (in Meliodas' body), making him one of, if not the Strongest Human, aside from Arthur.


  • Humans are by far the most short-lived of the five races, and the majority of them are much weaker than the other races as well. Despite this, they are considered to be Chaos' favorite and greatest creation.
  • Humans are the only race with no innate magical abilities. Holy Knights, Mages, and Druids are exceptions to this because they have trained themselves to either control and unleash inherit latent magical power through their incredible strength and because of many years of practice, or to also control external sources of magic in the case of mages and druids.


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